Kroger Dress Code (Hats, Shorts, Hair, Tattoos + More)

Large retail corporations tend to have a fixed dress code for employees to make it easy for customers to locate them in-store and ask for help, and because it fosters a strong sense of identity among the employees.

So if you’re wondering about the dress code of Kroger, America’s second-largest retail chain and an employer of about 500,000 people, you’ve come to the right place. Here is what I’ve found out about Kroger’s dress code!

Kroger Dress Code?

Kroger employees are required to wear aprons and are not allowed to wear any clothing or hats with visible pictures, words, abbreviations, or logos. Kroger has no rule against tattoos and unnatural hair colors, and employees can wear khaki pants, blue or black jeans, and skirts without cuts or holes.

If you want to learn more about Kroger’s dress code policy, what kinds of pants you can wear, the company’s policy on tattoos, and other related dress code guidelines, keep on reading!

Does Kroger Have A Uniform For Employees?

Kroger employees must wear an apron while at work to show that they’re serving customers.

In April 2019, Kroger introduced a change in its employee dress code policy and mandated that all employees and associates should wear a blue apron with a rainbow heart embroidered on it.

The apron must be worn with a strap around the neck and tied around the waist at all times while an employee is at work.

Under the uniform, employees can wear their own shirts (short sleeves or long sleeves with a solid color or a tasteful pattern) with a collar.

Although some employees maintain that the apron does make them look uncomfortable and funny, and may sometimes pose a safety hazard as well, Kroger management explains that its uniform policy is not up for debate.

What Shirts Or Tops Can You Wear As A Kroger Employee?

Although employees are no longer required to wear the Kroger blue shirts, they can still wear these as long as the shirts are clean.

Other kinds of shirts allowed include appropriate Kroger logo shirts and other types of Kroger logo clothing items.

Additionally, employees can also wear business casual crew-neck shirts or business casual round-neck blouses with a solid color or a tasteful pattern.

Note that all permitted shirts and tops must not have graphics, logos, abbreviations, writings, or non-Kroger logos.

Other than that, Kroger does not allow tank tops, crop tops, camouflage, sheer shirts, and muscle shirts.

What Type Of Pants And Skirts Can You Wear As A Kroger Employee?

According to the new dress code policy, all Kroger associates and employees may wear jeans or pants of a basic color (blue, black, khaki) that are in good condition and do not have stripes, cuts, frays, or holes.

Female workers are allowed to wear plain-colored (blue, black, or khaki) skirts that do not have any cuts or holes, but capris, leggings, jeggings, or yoga-style pants are not allowed.

Additionally, Kroger does not prohibit the use of shorts, as many employees use them. However, note that all pants, jeans, and shorts must stay on the hip or waistline.

Does Kroger Allow Employees to Have Tattoos and Piercings?

Employees at Kroger are free to wear tattoos, but it is unlikely that facial tattoos are allowed, especially for customer-facing attendants.

Supervisors and other employees can wear tattoos on their arms, but it is advisable to keep them moderate and avoid getting offensive tattoos.

As for piercings, Kroger does not have any restrictive policy against the use of earrings, nose rings, and other piercings.

However, if you’re up for an interview, you might want to hide the ones that are too obvious and then find out from your co-employees whether these are permissible when you get the job.

Note that these rules may change slightly if you work with any of the subsidiaries under the Kroger Family of companies.

For instance, there are reports that employees who work at Fred Meyers are not allowed to wear any other piercings besides earrings.

Does Kroger Allow Associates To Wear Hats?

Does Kroger Allow Associates To Wear Hats?

Kroger allows associates to wear hats, but only those approved by Kroger. The rule states “approved” to indicate that the hat must not have art, prints, or logos other than the Kroger logo (if at all the hat has any).

Additionally, the hat must be clean and worn properly at all times, i.e. the bill of the hat cannot be positioned to the side or the back of the head.

Does Kroger Permit Different/Unnatural Hair Colors?

Kroger employees can wear any hair color, just like tattoos, but it is important to exercise discretion.

As long as the hair is kept tidy, and neat, and the color is appealing, the employee will not have any issues with management.

What Kind Of Shoes Does Kroger Allow Employees To Wear?

Shoes worn by Kroger employees must have closed toes and closed heels for safety purposes, according to Kroger management.

Also, people who work in all-perishables departments must wear approved slip-resistant shoes or crew-guard over-soles provided by the management.

Can You Get Fired For Refusing to Abide By Kroger’s Dress Code Policy?

Based on the terms of employment, the store management or the company reserves the right to terminate your employment upon refusal to comply with the approved dress code for all associates.

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Kroger associates and employees must comply with the approved dress code. This includes the use of aprons and items of clothing or hats without any visible pictures, words, abbreviations, or logos. Kroger has no rule against tattoos and unnatural hair colors. Employees can wear khaki pants, blue or black jeans, and skirts without cuts or holes.

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