Is Kroger Expensive? (Compared to Walmart + Other Grocery Stores)

There are many retailers dealing in groceries in the U.S.; therefore, customers have to choose the one that offers the best prices.

If you are a regular shopper at Kroger, you might be wondering whether it’s more expensive than its competitors. Keep on reading to find out more!

Is Kroger Expensive In 2024?

Kroger is cheaper than other grocery stores but in specific product categories such as produce, dairy, and proteins in 2024. This is because Kroger offers some steep discounts on such items, making them cheaper. However, overall, Kroger grocery prices tend to be a bit higher than other retail giants like Walmart and Target.

For more information about Kroger grocery prices and how they compare to the competitors, read on for more facts!

Is Kroger Low Cost?

If you want to buy grocery products at Kroger, you’ll get some items at a lower cost compared to other competitors.

Kroger offers discounts on packaged and fresh items, making them cheaper.

However, in some cases, the competitors such as Walmart sell products at a lower price than Kroger.

Is Kroger More Expensive Than Walmart?

When comparing these two brands, Walmart is renowned for its low prices; therefore, customers save more money shopping at Walmart stores.

Compared to Kroger, Walmart is relatively cheaper, especially the grocery prices.

On the contrary, Kroger outsmarts Walmart in items such as dairy, proteins, and overall produce, which are less costly.

According to research, Walmart is actually 4% cheaper compared to Kroger.

While Kroger offers steep discounts on most products such as eggs, chicken breasts, baby carrots, and green grapes, organic items are still more costly.

Kroger has a better variety of products and stocks with better name brands than Walmart despite this price difference.

Is Kroger More Expensive Than Target?

If you live in an area with Kroger and Target, you’ll notice that the Kroger store is more expensive.

However, Target only has lower prices on boxed and canned products and not on perishable items.

One of the main reasons why Kroger is more expensive than Target is because the company stocks products that are high quality.

Target does not focus its operations on the grocery department, except with the Super Targets.

They are better suited for customers looking for a one-stop shopping experience; therefore, these stores stock fewer grocery items and brands.

Is Kroger More Expensive Than Aldi?

Is Kroger More Expensive Than Aldi?

According to the results from a survey of the four biggest grocery store chains, Kroger, Walmart, Meijer, and Aldi, Aldi ranks as the cheapest.

Although Kroger offers discounts and occasional sales to keep the prices low, Aldi is cheaper in most product categories. Therefore, on average, Kroger is more expensive than Aldi.

To take advantage of low prices, you can shop at Aldi and check the occasional offers provided by Kroger.

Is Kroger More Expensive Than Whole Foods?

Kroger is relatively cheaper in most of its products compared to Amazon’s Whole Foods.

Since its establishment, Whole Foods has earned the nickname “Whole Paycheck” thanks to its high grocery prices compared to other supermarket chains like Kroger.

Over the past years, Whole Foods’ prices have been generally 10%-20% more than its competitors.

However, since Amazon acquired the brand in 2017, the prices have slightly reduced, but the price does not match up to Kroger.

Ideally, Whole Foods has costly prices because of the high quality of the brands this store sells.

Therefore, Kroger is a better alternative than Whole Foods if you need cheaper grocery items.

Is Kroger Cheaper Than Publix?

According to some customers, Kroger is relatively cheaper than Publix. Therefore, it’s a better choice if you are looking to get the best deals.

Typically, Publix is known for being more pricey than other grocery stores because it has higher-quality products.

In addition, the Publix brand of grocery and non-grocery items are of a much higher quality than the brands found at Kroger.

These stores stock the shelves daily, which improves the quality and freshness of the products.

According to a survey that compared popular foods at Kroger and Publix, it shows Kroger had lower prices on almost all products.

Why Is Kroger Expensive?

Kroger is more expensive than some of the other grocery stores because of the following reasons:

Quality Items

Compared to most grocery stores, Kroger stocks quality items, which is why the company set the prices a bit higher.

Therefore, Kroger is an ideal place to shop if you are looking for quality items that won’t go bad quickly but don’t mind the high price.

More Brand Items

Kroger has more brand items and categories than retailers like Walmart.

On top of the standard brands, Kroger also has its own private label brands, such as Simple Truth, which are purely organic.

You might need to pay more for customers looking to buy organic products without artificial ingredients and preservatives.

How Can You Buy Groceries at a Cheaper Price at Kroger?

To save money when buying groceries at Kroger, you can use the following techniques:

Use Coupons

Kroger accepts digital and paper coupons, so you should take advantage and use some of the available coupons when shopping.

If you are shopping online, add the coupons before checking out your products and making the final payment. You can add digital coupons via the website or the app.

Kroger Weekly Ads

Kroger also has weekly ads that shoppers can use to save money. Therefore, you can check for these ads if you need to buy groceries.

If you live near a store, you can ask the Kroger associates about the available sales and use that to save some money.

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Kroger is cheaper than other grocery stores but in specific product categories such as produce, dairy, and proteins. This is because Kroger offers some steep discounts on such items, making them cheaper.

However, overall, Kroger grocery prices tend to be a bit higher than other retail giants like Walmart, Aldi, and Target. Compared to Publix and Whole Foods, Kroger is relatively cheaper.

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