Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime? (All You Need To Know)

Finding family-friendly and faith-based entertainment can be difficult when mainstream media can be so violent, sexual, and profane. That’s why some families turn to Pure Flix, a streaming service that offers strictly Christian safe entertainment with wholesome content.

But how easy is Pure Flix to access? And is Pure Flix free with Amazon Prime? Wonder no more, I have the answers you seek!

Is Pure Flix Free With Amazon Prime In [currentyear]?

Pure Flix has its own app that is free to download with the Amazon Firestick, however, the service itself is not free and the movies are not available on Prime for free as of [currentyear]. Instead, customers will have to create a Pure Flix paid account, which they can use to sign in to the app on their Firesticks.

I’m going to tell you in detail how you can start watching Pure Flix on Amazon Prime, how you can get it for free (at least for a little while), and where you can find the app. Keep reading if this is something you’d like to find out!

Can You Get Pure Flix On Amazon Prime?

While you can’t access Pure Flix entertainment for free on Amazon Prime, you can use an Amazon Firestick to add the Pure Flix app to your dashboard.

Then, once you sign up for a membership with the Pure Flix streaming service, you can log into your account on the app and start watching your movies and series.

How Much Is a Pure Flix Subscription?

If you want to add the Pure Flix app to your Amazon Firestick and begin to watch the media the service offers, you will first have to sign up for a Pure Flix subscription.

Pure Flix offers two options: a yearly subscription for $69.99 (equaling $5.84 per month), or a monthly subscription for $7.99.

However, the streaming service generally offers a free trial of one week before any payment is collected.

The app itself is available through Amazon streaming devices like Firestick and is free to download. You just need to have a subscription to Pure Flix to log in.

How Can You Get Pure Flix For Free?

How Can You Get Pure Flix For Free?

Pure Flix, like most streaming services, tends to offer a free trial when you sign up.

In this case, you will most likely get a week of free access before your first payment goes through.

This is one of those situations where you will have to enter a credit card number to access your free trial so that Pure Flix can automatically bill you when the trial is over.

If there is a specific movie or series that you want to watch, and that’s it, getting the trial membership and then remembering to cancel before you’re billed is the way to go!

Are Any Pure Flix Movies Free On Amazon Prime?

Unfortunately, there are no Pure Flix movies hanging around for free on Amazon Prime.

The reason why is simple: as a streaming service, Pure Flix is going to protect its media and make sure it’s limited only to those who pay for it.

However, Amazon Prime still contains a lot of faith-based entertainment from beyond Pure Flix that you can access for free (if you’re a Prime member, of course).

Does Pure Flix Have An App?

Pure Flix does have an app, which is accessible across numerous streaming devices and services.

It’s an easy add, especially for Amazon Prime members, who can add the app to their library and access the faith-based media at any time with a Pure Flix membership.

If you don’t have a Prime membership, however, you can also stream Pure Flix using your web browser at the company’s site,

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Pure Flix makes it easy for faith-based families to access media that is in keeping with traditional Christian values.

Although it is not free, thanks to the streaming service’s app, Pure Flix is easy to add to any Amazon-based streaming device, like the Firestick or Fire TV.

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