Is Subway Bread Vegan? + Other Common FAQs

For anyone who needs to follow a vegan lifestyle, it’s always helpful to discover where to find food that fits your diet. If you’re a Subway fan, you may be curious if the bread is vegan or not.

Look no further for all the answers you need! If you’re hoping to order vegan bread or other food at Subway, keep reading for all you need to know!

Is Subway Bread Vegan?

In general, vegans agree that most of Subway’s bread selections are considered vegan. Subway’s vegan breads include the 9-grain bread, the Italian bread, and many of the wraps. Since vegans steer away from breads that might have dairy products or eggs in them, some of the breakfast bread choices, such as croissants, would be off-limits for vegans.

Still curious about the vegan bread and other selections at Subway? Keep reading for more information!

Is Subway Vegan Friendly?

Fortunately, Subway does have several vegan-friendly items on its menu, which is great news for vegans or anyone avoiding meat or dairy.

For example, one of the vegan items at Subway is its sub named the “Veggie Delight.”

Essentially, this is a customizable sub sandwich loaded with any vegetable that a customer wants.

Other popular vegan offerings at Subway include its salads, minus any cheese or meat, of course, and in some locations, the falafel.

Also, Subway’s guacamole is vegan, which is a good option for some people.

Overall, Subway does appear to be quite vegan-friendly, and most vegans can build a sub or a salad at any Subway restaurant.

What Sandwich Is Vegan at Subway?

What Sandwich Is Vegan At Subway?

In addition to the Veggie Delite sub, Subway has a few other vegan subs to choose from if someone wants a plant-based sandwich that’s not strictly vegetables.

In a few Subways in the Washington, DC area, three vegan subs have been tested.

However, it is unclear whether Subway has plans to expand these meatless options to other locations.

That said, the three meatless subs that Subway sells in these DC stores include:

  • Malibu Greek Sub
  • Italian Black Bean
  • Sweet Riblet

Regarding the Malibu Greek Sub, customs describe it as similar to a falafel-type patty.

Moreover, the Italian Black Bean sub features a spicy black bean patty, and the third sub reminds vegan customers of the texture of meat.

Another sub sandwich that some Subway locations offer is the Beyond Meatball Sub, a meatless sub that hasn’t gained popularity in the US but is still sold in the UK.

Does Subway Have Vegan Cheese?

Unfortunately for American Subway customers, US locations do not serve vegan cheese. However, for British Subway customers, vegan cheese might be available.

Overall, options such as vegan cheese are unfortunately lacking in the United States market compared to Subway locations in other countries.

What Sauces at Subway Are Vegan?

Sauces certainly add flavor to any sub sandwich, and vegans will be happy to know that some delicious sauce options fit the vegan lifestyle.

For example, Subway’s vegan-friendly sauces include the following:

  • Yellow and brown mustard
  • Oil and vinegar
  • Subway’s vinaigrette
  • Sweet onion sauce
  • Fat-free Italian dressing
  • Buffalo sauce

What Else Can a Vegan Order at Subway?

Along with the Veggie Delite and meatless sub-options at Subway, there are a few other vegan food choices you might find at your local Subway.

For example, an accessible vegan option is a bag of chips from Subway.

With that, many of the potato chips or corn-based chips that Subway carries are indeed vegan-friendly.

Also, the black bean soup, which some Subways offer, is a vegan option. There may be other seasonal soups that might be vegan, so be sure to check with your local Subway.

Keep in mind that Subway’s cookies are not vegan, so if you want something sweet, you may need to go elsewhere for a dessert if you’re a vegan.

To learn more about Subway, you can also read our posts on the sauces available at Subway, whether Subway’s Veggie Patty has egg, and if Subway has vegan options.

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