Is There a Meijer Store In California? (Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Meijer’s expansion plan involves nationwide growth by tapping into multiple markets. Additionally, the supercenter has been opening new stores now and then in various states.

If you are a Meijer fanatic in California or looking to move there, you must be curious to know whether Meijer is in California. To find out, continue reading!

Is There a Meijer Store In California In [currentyear]?

Currently, there is no Meijer in California, nor are there underway plans of opening a store there as of [currentyear]. The supermarket is only present in six states in the US, and California is not among them. Additionally, Meijer also does not offer delivery services to California but acknowledges that it has a large population with potential Meijer locations.

Keep reading to find out why there’s no Meijer in California, the potential locations for the store, stores similar to Meijer, whether Meijer delivers to California, and much more!

Is Meijer Opening A Store In California?

At the moment, Meijer has no plans to open a store in California. The supermarket is always expanding its business, but, unfortunately, California is not in the current expansion plans.

The renowned supercenter is currently concentrated in the Midwest.

Why Isn’t Meijer In California?

Meijer stores are only dominant in the Midwest states where there is not much competition from other supercenters offering similar services.

In that case, we can assume that the store is not yet present in California because it doesn’t want to enter such a highly competitive market.

Additionally, the supercenter’s strategy for growth is to look for markets where it can offer the best value for customers.

Therefore, the stores operate in the Midwest, an area that Meijer’s founders, the Meijer family, are familiar with.

When the supermarket first expanded outside of Michigan in the 1960s, it had a successful record operating stores in neighboring states.

Today, Meijer operates more than 200 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

It is also important to note that Meijer’s headquarter is in the Midwest. Therefore, it can easily manage stores within the region.

Therefore, Meijer stores have not yet spread to California or other parts of the country which are far from the headquarters’ management.

What Are The Potential Locations Of Meijer In California?

What Are The Potential Locations Of Meijer In California?

The potential locations where Meijer can set up stores include Los Angeles, San Clemente, Palo Alto, Torrance, and San Francisco.

When considering a location for a new Meijer store, several factors are taken into account. Some of the most common factors are:

  • The size and shape of parcels available to develop in the city.
  • The traffic patterns and traffic counts in the area.
  • The presence of other retail competition.
  • The demographics and population density of the city.
  • Site-specific development issues that may impact any given potential new location,   such as wetlands or other environmental issues.
  • Specific community needs and desires have been expressed by residents regarding what they’d like to see at a potential new site.

Does Meijer Deliver To California?

Meijer does not deliver to California. Meijer delivery services are currently only available in states with Meijer stores, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Where Is The Nearest Meijer To California?

With most Meijer stores located in the Midwest, the closest store to California would be the one in Lima, OH.

The other close Meijer’s store to Los Angeles is about 1,000 miles away from San Diego.

Furthermore, the nearest store is located in Las Vegas and caters mostly to visitors who live near this area and locals.

Does California Need A Meijer Store?

It might be a good idea for the Grand Rapids-based retailer to open a store in California as part of its ongoing growth efforts.

Moreover, the company’s expansion strategy currently focuses on regions within 200 miles of its Midwest operations, bulking up on urban locations. Therefore, California would be a natural fit.

While the retailer has not indicated any interest in expanding to California or beyond its current markets, the state would be a good fit because of its demographic similarities to Michigan.

What Are Similar Stores To Meijer In California?

There are a bunch of stores like Meijer in California, but their business models and services are not similar.

Therefore, some of the Meijer-like stores in California, include Walmart Supercenter and Kroger.

However, others include Ralph’s, Smart & Final, Target Superstores, and Sam’s Club.

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Even though there are no Meijer stores in California at the moment, some cities in the state are potential locations should it consider expanding. However, Meijer has not given any official statement on expansion into the state.

Furthermore, California residents can shop in similar stores such as Walmart and Kroger, as Meijer delivery services are not available as of right now.

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