Is There a Meijer Store In Canada? (Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Meijer has established itself as a significant player in the US retail sector, with deep roots in Michigan and Ohio, just a stone’s throw away from Canada.

Is it likely it may be tempted to make forays into Canada as so many US retail stores have? Please read on if you are curious to find out if Meijer has such plans!

Is There a Meijer Store In Canada In [currentyear]?

There is no Meijer store in Canada, nor does it appear that there are plans to open one as of [currentyear]. Investing abroad needs careful preparation, and Meijer feels it is not in a position to do so at the moment. However, Meijer fans in Canada can shop online and have their items shipped to them.

Stay with me to find out if you can expect a Meijer in Canada, potential locations, whether Meijer delivers to Canada, and much more.

Does Meijer Have A Store In Canada?

There is no Meijer store in Canada or anywhere else outside the United States, for that matter.

All Meijer stores are in the US, with most of them concentrated in the border states of Michigan and Ohio.

Is Meijer Planning To Open A Store In Canada?

Meijer offers its customers such awesome deals that its entry into Canada would be gladly received, but for the present, there appear to be no plans to open shop there.

All expansion so far has been directed inward, opening more stores in the regions of the United States where they had not been before.

However, establishing in Canada is a step many US retailers have taken as the first move toward investing abroad.

Furthermore, Meijer may have to do so eventually to increase its market share and remain competitive.

So, while they have no presence there yet, it cannot be said that they won’t open a store in Canada when the time is right.

What Would Be The Potential Locations For Meijer In Canada?

Almost any major town with a significant population with a suitable income is a potential candidate, and Canada has many of those.

For instance, the cities of Toronto, Montreal, and Calgary provide the demographic that Meijer needs.

In Toronto, the average income is $65,000, which reflects over 25% of the typical Meijer customer.

However, Meijer would certainly avoid an over-saturated market.

Therefore, it would keep out of regions that its competitors have already locked down unless it had another unique offering to make it competitive.

Costco, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot have already set up shop in most cities. However, given the size of the retail sector, there is still room for Meijer.

Additionally, Meijer may also be tempted to establish closer to the border to feed the synergy already created by the network of stores across the border in the US.

In that case, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal would be in contention.

Why Isn’t There A Meijer Store In Canada?

Why Isn't There A Meijer Store In Canada?

Meijer has never made official reasons for not investing in Canada or when it might invest there, so whatever reasons are given here are conjecture.

Additionally, business expansion requires significant resources in capital and labor. There are viability studies, prospecting costs, and establishment costs.

The business also should be able to keep the new venture running before it can make money.

Furthermore, it requires patience and faith and in the past has ruined businesses when entered into unadvisedly.

Therefore, Meijer may not feel capable yet of undertaking such a massive step and is still bidding its time.

Further, investing abroad, even in a country almost similar to the United States, is never easy, and there is a higher likelihood of failure.

Will Meijer Deliver To Canada?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not deliver outside the US directly. That, however, does not mean you cannot enjoy the goodness from Meijer while in Canada.

A typical hack is to have Meijer ship to a freight forwarder, who then ships to you in Canada. This service is costly, so you must be sure the effort is worth it.

Therefore, you need to open a US shipping address and have your purchased items delivered to that address.

Then, you can make arrangements to have the items shipped to you in Canada.

Next, the freight forwarding companies will help you open a shipping address with them and then ship your product.

Where Are The Nearest Meijer Stores In Canada?

The Closest Meijers, are to be found along the border within the United States, in the states of Michigan and Ohio.

However, the Great Lakes cut nearly all the Meijer stores from Canada, so it would be quite hectic to cross to shop.

What Stores In Canada Are Similar To Meijer?

Canada has several retail stores, big and small, local and national, so it would be impossible to list them all.

Additionally, in some instances, the shopping experience may not be vastly different from shopping in a Meijer.

Therefore, you may not get the brands you are used to, but you may be sure of the quality.

Additionally, big retailers include Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Safeway, Sobeys, Quality Foods, and Metro.

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Meijer has no store in Canada and, for the moment, indicates no interest in opening a store there. Even the Meijer stores across the border are not easily accessible.

Canadians, however, have the option of shopping in their grocery stores, some of which offer an experience comparable to what Meijer would offer.

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