Is There a Meijer Store In Texas? (Potential Locations, Delivery + More)

Since its launch, Meijer has been on the front line to ensure expansion to areas where its customers can easily access the stores.

Are you living in Texas and want to know if you can buy groceries at Meijer stores? If so, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out what I’ve discovered!

Is There a Meijer Store In Texas In 2024?     

There are no Meijer stores in Texas at this time as of 2024. Meijer is focused on its core market in the Midwest, with occasional expansion into new markets that they feel can support a giant supercenter. It is also not clear if Meijer plans to open a store in Texas, but the state is a potential location.

Keep reading to discover why there are no Meijer stores in Texas, the potential store locations, and if Meijer delivers to Texas.

Will Meijer Open A Store In Texas?

There are no current plans to open Meijer stores in Texas, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t happen in the future.

Moreover, Meijer’s focus is to provide the best shopping experience possible for its customers by ensuring that every store is well stocked with the products they need at a low cost.

Therefore, it must focus on being the best in the market before expanding into new ones.

Why Isn’t Meijer In Texas?

The Meijer chain has been expanding at a rapid clip lately, with the Midwest-based retailer announcing the opening of new stores in Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana.

However, why isn’t a Meijer store being built in Texas?

Therefore, the short answer would be that Meijer is waiting for the right opportunities to become available.

There are plenty of other big-box stores like Walmart and Target that are doing very well in Texas.

So, Meijer doesn’t want to just open up another store. It wants to open up a store that will do well, and the company is willing to be patient until the right opportunity comes along.

While Meijer would undoubtedly like to be able to serve you in Texas, it is not currently expanding the footprint of the company in the South Central region.

As a result, it does not have any immediate plans to build stores in Texas.

What Are The Potential Locations Of Meijer In Texas?

What Are The Potential Locations Of Meijer In Texas?

Since the Meijer chain is a private company, reliable information on its business decisions is not readily available.

However, based on the company’s previous expansion, the Texas cities’ potential for Meijer stores include Dallas, Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.

A few factors, though, limit the potential locations for Meijer in Texas.

The first one is the cost of building a store there which could be higher due to the climate. Consequently, the company will have to pay more to build the store.

The second factor is competition. There are a lot of grocery stores in Texas that are owned by chain stores such as Kroger or Walmart.

These stores can be very competitive with each other and can make it difficult for Meijer to find its place among them.

The third factor is finding suitable locations. In order to find good sites, Meijer will need to look at what other grocery stores are already in the area and see if they have any openings.

Therefore, there is no limit on how many potential locations there are for Meijer in Texas, however, these three factors might be hindering the decision to open a store in the region.

You can also try Sam’s Club and Costco for bulk items or Target for unique offerings like designer clothing lines and fresh produce options such as organic fruits and vegetables.

Does Meijer Deliver To Texas?

Unfortunately, Meijer does not offer delivery in Texas at the moment.

The store does have a partnership with Shipt, but it is only available in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. 

Where Is The Nearest Meijer To Texas?

The nearest Meijer to Texas is in Warren, Michigan, over 900 miles away.

The other nearest Meijer stores to Texas are located in Flint, MI; Akron and Columbus, OH; Evansville and Indianapolis, IN; Louisville and Lexington, KY; Madison and Milwaukee, WI.

Does Texas Need A Meijer Store?

Texas could benefit from having a Meijer store in the state because it would bring competition to the retail market.

Further, many consumers in Texas tend to be conservative in their shopping habits, making them a good fit for Meijer’s low prices on national brands and private-label goods.

In addition, Texas has plenty of big cities with dense populations and enough disposable income to support Meijer’s upscale approach to shopping.

What Are The Similar Stores To Meijer In Texas?

Texas is home to a number of different stores, similar to Meijer.

If you’re looking for something similar to Meijer in Texas, the stores that you can check include Walmart, this Supercenter is very identical to Meijer.

Furthermore, like Meijer, It has a large selection of groceries and other items like clothing, home goods, electronics, and more.

If you’re interested in something more focused just on groceries, you can check out H-E-B or Kroger. These stores are similar to Meijer as they have many of the same items and prices.

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There’s no Meijer in Texas, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to open up a location there at some point in the future. As for when this will happen, it is hard to say for sure.

Additionally, it seems Meijer has its hands full at the moment with expansion into its current market. Furthermore, the closest states to Texas where you can find Meijer stores include Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

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