Is Uber Reliable? (All You Need to Know)

Uber and services like it use the convenience they provide as one of their biggest selling points, both to new and existing customers.

However, before you make plans that hinge on this promise, you need to know whether Uber is reliable, which we’ll help you figure out in the article below, so keep reading!

Is Uber Reliable in 2024?

Uber is reliable if there are drivers available and willing to accept your request in 2024. However, in places or during times of the day where there are few drivers working, Uber becomes less reliable than usual. For riders with low ratings, Uber is also less reliable because drivers might choose to decline the trip request.

To learn all you need to know about Uber’s reliability, including why you might struggle to get a ride, how it compares to its competition, and more, read on!

Is Uber Reliable for the Airport?

Uber is usually reliable for airport rides, but a lot of drivers turn down requests involving these locations because of the hassle that it entails.

However, Uber understands this and has restrictions in place, including not giving riders the ability to schedule rides to pick them up from the airport and limiting wait times for Uber Black airport rides.

So, if you’re relying on Uber for a ride to the airport, we recommend requesting the ride early so you have enough time to make your flight if it doesn’t initially go smoothly.

Is Uber Reliable at 4 a.m.?

Whether or not Uber is reliable at 4 a.m. or another time early in the morning depends on where you live, and if there’s enough activity at such an hour to justify driver availability.

In large cities you could easily get a car early in the morning, but it’s the opposite in rural areas.

Is Uber Reliable for Getting to Work?

Uber is reliable for getting to work for most people who rely on it for their commute, but it’s best to have a backup plan in case you can’t find a ride on time.

Work commutes are one of the biggest motivators for drivers because surge pricing means that they earn more on these trips.

Are Scheduled Uber Rides Guaranteed?

Are Scheduled Uber Rides Guaranteed?

Scheduled Uber rides aren’t guaranteed because your trip is sent out as a request to drivers and they could either decline or not be available at the time.

On Uber’s website section on scheduled rides, the company explicitly states:

“Scheduling a ride in advance doesn’t guarantee you’ll be connected with a driver.”

Therefore, while Uber is often reliable, there isn’t a 100% guarantee that you’ll receive service.

Luckily, if the system can’t match you with a driver in time for the ride, you’ll be notified of it at the end of the window for your pickup.

Is Uber More Reliable Than Lyft?

In most cases, Uber is more reliable than Lyft, simply because it has a wider coverage network and more drivers, meaning it’s the one that’s more likely to get you a ride.

Because many drivers use both Uber and Lyft to maximize their chances of getting good requests, we’d need to look at another metric to determine the more popular option.

According to industry experts, Uber has over 70% market share in the US by sales, meaning that it’s the one providing the most rides by far.

In major metropolitan areas, both Uber and Lyft might have similar levels of reliability,  but outside of these regions, you’d likely have better luck with Uber.

Why Can’t I Get an Uber?

If you can’t get an Uber, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You’re in an area where there are few drivers available, such as rural regions and isolated suburbs
  2. You’re requesting a ride when there are few drivers working, e.g., late at night
  3. Drivers consider the area where you’re ordering the ride from to be unsafe, so they turn down the request
  4. Uber drivers in your area are on strike
  5. You have a low rating, making drivers not want to take your ride requests
  6. There’s severe weather conditions at the time, such as hurricanes or snowstorms, so drivers aren’t working

These factors all affect Uber’s reliability,  but you can address most of them by changing when you request a ride or where you’re located at the time of the request.

What Happens If Uber Cancels on Me?

If Uber cancels on you, what happens next depends on when the cancellation occurred and who could be considered responsible.

If you scheduled a ride in advance and it gets canceled because Uber couldn’t find a driver, then nothing will happen beyond that.

However, if the ride gets canceled because you didn’t show up to the pickup location, then you’ll get charged a cancellation fee.

Uber drivers are told to wait up to 5 minutes, 15 for premium rides like Black, before they can cancel the ride and get a cancellation fee.

However, if the driver cancels before waiting at least 2 minutes at the pickup location, then you won’t have to pay a cancellation fee.

Can Uber Be Trusted?

We can’t say definitively whether individual Uber drivers and passengers can be trusted, but the company has implemented different safety measures, including:

  1. Mandatory background checks on all drivers
  2. In-app safety features like a panic button and real-time GPS tracking
  3. A feedback system where low-rated persons are deactivated

Note, though, that Uber has previously been caught in scandals that threw its trustworthiness into question, including data breaches and predatory lending practices.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Uber charge for cancellation, do Uber drivers rate passengers, and why is Uber so popular.


Uber is reliable as long as you can get a driver to accept your ride request . Some of the reasons why Uber might not be reliable could be if you’re in a rural area, if it’s late at night (outside of most major cities), and during harsh weather conditions.

Scheduled Uber rides are reliable for the most part,  but they aren’t guaranteed if you can’t find a driver to take the request. Uber might also be considered more reliable than Lyft because it’s more popular, making it the option most likely to successfully get you a ride.

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