KFC Complaints (How to Make One, Types of Complaints + Contact Info)

KFC is a multinational company with a presence across diverse nations, so it must have a complaint management system effective for different types of customers.

So, if you’re curious about how this complaint management system works, and how to make your complaint under it, please read on for more information!

KFC Complaints

KFC has various channels for its customers in each region of operation to receive and process complaints. These can be made in ordinary ways- in person, by calling, or via online channels in [currentyear]. The company has also trained its staff to handle complaints locally. However, reviews and ratings indicate dissatisfaction with KFC’s complaint resolution system.

Read on if you would like to know more about how KFC receives and handles customer complaints, and how to contact KFC and make a complaint wherever you are!

How Do I Make a Complaint at a KFC Restaurant?

If you are still at the restaurant, you can present your complaint to the staff that serves you, or any nearby.

This is useful for complaints like undisputed errors in your transaction.

If you are discontented with the resolution and have not left the restaurant, or if you want to complain about the staff, you can ask to see the manager.

Further, each KFC area of operation has regional headquarters, to which you can escalate your complaint.

These regional corporate offices can be reached by calling customer care or online channels.

How Do I Make My Complaint If I Ordered Online at KFC?

For online transaction complaints, customers have several options through which to make complaints:

  • They can make their complaint to the KFC outlet at which they pick their online orders
  • In some regions, KFC is a participating restaurant of online shopping platforms.
  • These platforms may take responsibility for only some aspects of customers’ complaints.
  • Customers can also make their complaints by calling their region’s customer care, KFC’s contact page on the website, by email, or social media accounts.

How Do I Contact KFC to Lodge a Complaint?

Here are some of the contacts in some of KFC’s major areas of operation:

1. North America

2. The United Kingdom

3. Australia

Where Else Can I Lodge My Complaint About KFC?

Where Else Can I Lodge My Complaint About KFC?

Besides going through KFC channels, customers with complaints can go through government and private agencies.

Customers who lodge their complaints with government agencies must do so in the country where the transaction and incident occurred.

Most countries in which KFC operates have government consumer protection agencies whose contacts can be found on that government’s online portal.

In the US, these agencies include:

When the customer makes a complaint, these agencies undertake investigations and take appropriate action.

Customers can also present their complaints on various review sites, including social media, that operate in their countries.

The potential negative publicity these may generate often forces KFC to resolve complaints adequately and quickly, and institute long-term measures.

Some review sites like Resolver and Better Business Bureau also process complaints, even though they are not KFC.

If the customer deems it worthwhile, they can lodge their complaint in a court of law.

Where Do I Complain If My Incident Occurred at KFC Abroad?

KFC does not indicate if the Headquarters office in Kentucky can process complaints of incidents abroad.

However, whenever you lodge your complaints, they will be processed in the country where they occurred.

In fact, the contact form on KFC’s website requires you to fill in your zip code for ease of complaint processing.

Also, the online contact form for another region may be unavailable if you are not in that particular location.

What Happens When You Lodge Your Complaint at KFC?

KFC has trained its staff to handle as many complaints locally as possible, by establishing a structure for processing customer complaints.

That structure follows this basic template:

  • You receive an automatic notification that your complaint has been received and logged if you make it online.
  • Someone soon gets in touch with you to take the details of your complaint. Be precise and accurate.
  • You can present what evidence you have at this point. KFC keeps a record of this interaction. You should do the same.
  • An investigation into the veracity of your claims may follow.
  • Depending on the outcome, KFC may clarify its position and offer amends.

KFC tries not to antagonize you, and may offer apologies, coupons, or refunds, even if you haven’t made out your case adequately.

However, the company will not admit legal liability.

What Are Common Complaints Made Against KFC?

Here are some of the common complaints received about KFC:

  • The quality of food is a common cause of complaint at KFC. Many customers complain that the food is cold and not freshly prepared.
  • Some have also claimed that they were served bad food and, in some instances, food that was contaminated.
  • KFC has run out of food on several occasions, leading to customer outcry, recent examples being chicken and fries.
  • KFC staff has been accused of being rude, impatient, and apathetic to customer plights.
  • Several customers have complained about receiving incomplete deliveries of their orders, and the staff offering no compensation.
  • Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with how their complaints are processed, claiming that sometimes customer care does not receive calls.

How Effective Is KFC’s Complaint Resolution Mechanism?

Unfortunately, numerous review sites indicate that consumers feel that the KFC complaint handling mechanism is not effective.

For instance, Customer Service Scoreboard rates KFC’s complaint resolution mechanism as terrible. KFC ranked 777 out of 995 companies rated by the review site.

The fast-food restaurant was awarded 1.5/10 for dispute resolution, 2.2/10 for reachability, and 2.7/10 for staff friendliness.

Its final score on all points was 24.05/200 based on 1,209 reviews on the Customer Service Scoreboard.

Further, on Hissing Kitty, KFC was awarded 1.49 stars based on 917 complaints.

KFC does not fare better abroad either. In the UK, Trust Pilot awarded it only 1.5 stars out of 5.

What Are KFC’s Customer Care Hours?

If you complain in person or call in, KFC is only available during working hours, depending on the region.

Calling in and lodging your complaint in person may be quicker than other methods.

However, you can make your complaint online at any time, and someone will get in touch with you during office hours.

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KFC has invested in developing a complaint resolution mechanism. Consumers can easily launch their complaints in person at the restaurant, via call or online.

Unfortunately, some customers are still left dissatisfied, hence resorting to review sites, government agencies, and the law to air their grievances.

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