Kohl’s Clothing Return Policy (Worn, No Receipt, No Tags + More) 

Kohl’s sells a variety of clothing items for men, women, children, and babies at both its nationwide stores and online at highly affordable prices.

However, if you’ve purchased a clothing item from Kohl’s that is unsatisfactory, you may be wondering whether you can return it back to Kohl’s. Here is everything I’ve found out about Kohl’s clothing return policy!

Kohl’s Clothing Return Policy

Kohl’s accepts returns of clothing items both in-store and online within 180 days of purchase, even if the clothes have been worn or don’t have tags. Customers will be refunded via store credits if they return a clothing item without the original receipt.

If you want to learn more about returning clothing items to Kohl’s without the receipt, whether Kohl’s gives cashback on returns, and much more, keep on reading!

Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

Unlike other retailers, Kohl’s does not require you to have a receipt when making a return.

So if you’ve lost your receipt, the Kohl’s cashier will grant your return on store credit (which you can use to purchase anything in-store) instead of processing a refund on your original mode of payment.

Alternatively, if you paid with a Kohl’s Charge card or any other third-party debit or credit card, the cashier will simply look up your purchase in Kohl’s database and offer you a refund or an exchange.

Make sure you bring the exact card you used at the time of purchase and a valid government-issued photo ID to the store since Kohl’s staff will use this to verify your information. 

Can You Return Worn Clothes To Kohl’s?

Kohl’s will accept any clothing item for return within the standard 180-day window, even if the clothes have been worn.

Note that this policy applies to all kinds of clothing items – so even if you’ve bought and already used items from expensive brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, or Nike, Kohl’s will still return these items.

Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s Without The Tags?

You can return any clothing item (jeans, hoodies, shirts, dresses, etc.) to Kohl’s without the tags since Kohl’s can look up the sale of the item and trace it back to your account.

However, if Kohl’s is unable to find the transaction and identify the clothing item without the tag, it will still accept the return and issue you a refund in the form of store credit.

Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s After 180 Days?

Unfortunately, Kohl’s is not flexible when it comes to the returns window for clothing items.

So if you bring any purchase to a store after 180 days have passed, you will not be able to make a return or get a refund.

How Can You Return Clothes To Kohl’s?

You can return clothing items bought in-store at the Customer Service desk of any Kohl’s store location, making sure to bring the original receipt and valid photo ID if you want the refund to be processed to your mode of payment.

For clothes bought on Kohls.com, the quickest way to return these is to bring the items to a nearby Kohl’s store with the printed invoice from your “Orders History” to receive a refund or exchange to the card you used for payment.

Alternatively, you can also return these items via mail by following these steps:

  • Head over to your Kohls.com account and print the “Order Invoice” and the “Return Form”
  • Fill out the Return Form and place it with the clothing items and Order Invoice inside a securely packaged box
  • Ship your package to the address mentioned in the Return Form

Note that Kohl’s will not refund the shipping costs for sending the items back and will only give you the value of the clothing items.

Additionally, Kohl’s will process the refund in 7-10 days after it receives the items at its returns center.

Does Kohl’s Give CashBack On Returns?

Can You Return Clothes Without The Tags?

Kohl’s will only refund a purchase with cash if you used Kohl’s Cash credits to pay for the clothes. This also applies to any price adjustments on the clothing.

Additionally, you’ll have up to 30 days to redeem your Kohl’s Cash after you have been refunded.

Note that if you used a form of payment other than a Kohl’s Card or Kohl’s Cash, your refund will be given to you in the form of store credit.

What Happens If You Return Clothing Bought Using Kohl’s Cash?

If you’re returning a purchase made with Kohl’s Cash, you will get the Kohl’s Cash credits back once the return is processed. As long as your Kohl’s Cash certificate is valid, the original value of the amount will be returned.  

However, in case your Kohl’s Cash points have expired, you will have a 10-day window to use up your Kohl’s Cash in-store (this does not apply to online purchases). 

Is Kohl’s Holiday Return Policy Different From Its Regular Policy?

According to Kohl’s Returns Policy for the holiday season, if you have purchased any clothing items between November 1st and December 25th, you will have until January 31st to return the clothes.

However, you must have the purchase in its original packaging along with a valid receipt or your account details for a Kohl’s cashier to look up the purchase history.

If you don’t meet any of these requirements, you will not be able to return your clothing items to Kohl’s.

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Kohl’s allows customers 180 days to return any clothing items bought in-store or online, even if these do not have the tags and have been worn. Additionally, you can also return clothes to Kohl’s without a receipt, but you will receive the refund in the form of store credit only. For the holiday season, however, the clothing items must not be worn and should have the tags to be accepted for a return.

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