Kohl’s Exchange Policy (All You Need To Know)

Major retail clothing stores in the U.S. operate their return and exchange policies in different ways, with some being flexible and accommodating while others being quite restrictive.

So if you’re a frequent customer at Kohl’s and are looking to exchange an item you’ve purchased, you may be wondering – what is Kohl’s exchange policy? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Kohl’s Exchange Policy

Kohl’s exchange policy allows customers to exchange clothes, jewelry, makeup, or any other item within 180 days of purchase. Customers should visit a Kohl’s store to process the exchange and bring along a receipt (not essential), and all original packaging and accessories. 

If you’d like to learn more about how to make an exchange at Kohl’s, what the rules are for online exchanges, and whether you can exchange worn clothes, keep on reading!

Can I Exchange An Item at Kohl’s Without A Receipt?

As part of Kohl’s hassle-free return policy, customers don’t need to bring a receipt to get items exchanged at Kohl’s.

If you are not able to find your receipt, the Kohl’s staff can search your purchase history for proof of sale and put the exchange through without further inconvenience.

Can I Do An Even Exchange At Kohl’s?

If customers have a receipt/gift receipt, they will be granted an even exchange in Kohl’s for any returned items, allowing them to trade the item for any other product of equal value.

However, in case customers don’t have the receipt, they will be allowed an exchange but via a refund placed on merchandise credit rather than direct exchange.

Note that Kohl’s website is not clear about its direct policy for non-receipt exchanges, and so your experience may vary per store, depending on the discretion of the employee processing the exchange.

Can I Exchange Worn Clothes At Kohl’s?

Kohl’s will allow customers to exchange clothes that have been worn slightly as long as they haven’t been noticeably used (torn, stained, stretched out, etc.).

However, if the clothing has been overused, Kohl’s retains the right to reject an exchange. To learn more, be sure to see our post on the Kohl’s clothing return policy.

Can I Exchange Resized Rings At Kohl’s?

Customers can exchange any jewelry item at Kohl’s, including rings that were purchased and later resized by Kohl’s.

Keep in mind that Kohl’s store locations only carry size seven rings, so if you want to exchange a ring that has been resized, you will either have to send the new ring away for sizing or order one from Kohls.com.

To learn more, you can see our full guide on getting rings resized at Kohl’s.

Can I Make An Exchange At Kohl’s Without Tags?

Can I Make An Exchange At Kohl’s Without Tags?

Kohl’s allows customers to exchange any clothing, jewelry, makeup, or other items without the original tags.

As long as Kohl’s is able to locate the original purchase and the product in question is being exchanged within 180 days, there will generally be no issue.

However, bear in mind that Kohl’s retains the right to limit or decline an exchange if it finds issues with what is being returned (the level of discretion will vary across stores).

Can I Exchange An Item I Ordered From Kohls.com?

Customers can exchange anything purchased from Kohls.com, as long as it’s being exchanged within 180 days of delivery.

According to Kohl’s customer service, Kohl’s is unable to process exchanges through Kohls.com if a customer is looking to return clothing or other items they purchased online.

Instead, customers can bring their online purchases into their local Kohl’s to exchange for other items.

However, if a customer is unable to go to a store, Kohl’s will give the price and discounts of the original purchase back to be used on a new order.

In this case, customers can send the original purchase back through the mail and receive a refund.

Can I Make An Exchange At Kohl’s Through The Mail?

While Kohl’s allows returns to be made through the mail, it is currently unable to process exchanges through this method.

So to make an exchange, customers will have to bring their clothing or other items to a physical Kohl’s location.

Does Kohl’s Have A Different Exchange Policy For Electronics?

The exchange policy for Kohl’s electronics differs slightly from its regular policy.

For computers, tablets, and other devices, customers must make an exchange within 30 days of their original purchase, making sure all items are in the original packaging.

Additionally, if customers don’t have a receipt, they must have a valid look-up method for Kohl’s to access the purchase history.

Kohl’s will not issue an exchange if they cannot find the original purchase for the electronics.

Note that before making the exchange, Kohl’s asks that customers remove any personal data they may have added to their device (passwords, email, phone numbers, etc.).

If you are looking to learn about the exchange policies of other major retailers, you can see our related posts on Target’s exchange policy and Walmart’s exchange policy.

Conclusion: Kohl’s Exchange Policy

Kohl’s exchange policy requires any clothing, jewelry, makeup, or other items to be brought back into the store within 180 days. In order to make an exchange, the originally purchased item must not be overly worn or used (tears, scratches, missing pieces, etc).

Kohl’s allows its customers to exchange a purchase for any given reason, and it does not require a receipt as long as the purchase history can be accessed through its database. Note that Kohl’s cannot make online or mail exchanges at this time.

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