Kroger Shoplifting Policy (Warning: Must Read)

Every year, shoplifting incidents incur a lot of financial loss for retailers all over the country, who have had to implement comprehensive shoplifting policies to prevent and combat this.

So how does Kroger, one of the largest retail chains in the U.S., prevent shoplifting and minimize the losses caused by it? Here is everything I’ve found out about Kroger’s shoplifting policy!

Kroger Shoplifting Policy

Kroger’s shoplifting policy includes measures to both prevent and fight shoplifting incidents. The loss prevention (LP) team constantly follows suspected shoplifters, and a network of cameras records evidence for later use. Although employees follow a no-chase policy, shoplifters who are caught may be fined or even arrested by police.

If you want to learn more about the “no-touch” policy at Kroger for shoplifters, whether Kroger has any loss prevention measures, and much more, keep on reading!

What Happens If A Shoplifter Is Caught At Kroger?

If a shoplifter is caught at Kroger, not only will the item be retrieved, but the individual will also be fined some sum of money for restitution.

In other cases, since the store is identified as private property, the shoplifter could be treated as an offender and placed on a ‘no trespass list’.

Is There A No Touch Policy At Kroger?

All Kroger stores follow a “no-touch” policy, also known as a “no-chase” policy.

Under this, store employees are not allowed to chase after suspected shoplifters to avoid any kind of physical harm in case the shoplifter tries to fight back.

Instead, Kroger employees will note the ID details and license plate numbers of shoplifters who have walked out of the store and report these to the police.

After that, the police will be responsible for catching these shoplifters and arresting or fining them for their offenses.

However, according to online reports, some Kroger stores will actually apprehend confirmed shoplifters and hand them over to the police.

Does Kroger Have A Loss Prevention Policy?

Kroger has Loss Prevention (LP) professionals who help to prevent and deter shoplifting incidents in-store.

As part of the LP policy, employees walk around and constantly offer help to customers, especially those who are suspected to be shoplifting.

This keeps potential shoplifters under the impression that an employee is always watching them and so stops them from stealing any items.

In some cases, if a customer is confirmed to be shoplifting, a store employee may politely ask the shoplifter to place the items back on the shelves.

How Does Kroger Track Shoplifters?

The Theft Policy at Kroger: How Kroger Tracks Shoplifters

Kroger is known to case-build on identified shoplifters through its network of CCTV cameras installed throughout the store to monitor activities.

Along with that, Kroger has also begun the implementation of testing cameras, starting with its Cincinnati and Seattle-based stores.

These cameras are embedded in the price signs and are used to capture the buyer’s data, such as the photo, predicted gender and age, and mood, to help Kroger track shoplifters.

What Are The Fines, Fees, Or Penalties For Shoplifting At Kroger?

At a minimum, Kroger will ban shoplifters who are caught from visiting its stores, pressing criminal charges if the person violates this ban and tries to re-enter a Kroger store.

Beyond that, the kind of charge levied against you will depend on the state laws and the value of the goods you have stolen.

Most states set a limit below which shoplifting incidents are classified as a class C minor misdemeanor and dealt with through a fine.

However, if the value of the goods exceeds the limit defined by the state, the shoplifter may be persecuted in court and given a jail sentence along with a fine.

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Conclusion: Kroger Shoplifting Policy

Kroger has a Loss Prevention (LP) team at every store to monitor and deter potential shoplifting activities. In most cases, employees are not allowed to chase after shoplifters to avoid any kind of harm but to report the license plate number and other details of that person to the police.

Additionally, a network of cameras allows Kroger to collect evidence of shoplifting incidents and charge shoplifters for fines, and if the value of the stolen goods is large, possibly a jail sentence.

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