Walmart Late Policy (What You Should Do When Running Late + Points Added?)

Walmart employs almost 1.6 million associates in the US alone. So, to ensure the smooth running of operations, the company has policies in place to deter the late arrival or absence of staff.

So, what is there to know about the Walmart late policy? I did some digging, and here is everything you need to know!

Walmart Late Policy

Walmart’s late policy is based on a points system. If a Walmart associate is 15 minutes – 2 hours late for their shift, they will get deducted 1/2 a point. If an associate is late by over half of the scheduled shift, they receive 1 point, and 2 points if they do not show up. In total, Walmart associates have a total of 5 points before they face termination

Wondering exactly how the Walmart point system operates and how it affects Walmart associates? Here’s all the information I could find!

What Is The Walmart Point System?

The Walmart point system is part of the Walmart attendance policy that aims to disincentivize associates from tardiness or unexpected absences.

It was updated in 2019, with the number of points anyone employee could receive going from nine to five. Now, if an associate receives five points, they face termination.

Associates that do not show up to their shifts as scheduled will receive one point.

Additionally, those that leave shifts early might expect to receive half a point, while unexpected absences during the holiday period could result in a maximum of three points.

How To Report An Absence/Lateness At Walmart?

To report an absence or if you are running late, associates will have to go to the OneWalmart website and register their absence through the designated portal.

Or, alternatively, they can call the Walmart Associate Information Line at 1-800-775-5944 or call the local Walmart store to let the store manager on duty that they are running late.

Additionally, if you are feeling unwell, you can see our full guide on how to call in sick at Walmart.

How Long Do Points Last At Walmart?

Points do not accrue continuously over the duration of an associate’s time at Walmart.

To make the system fair and to allow for any unexpected emergencies or obligations, each associate’s points are reset after six months.

In addition, authorized absences are not counted in the points system. So, Walmart employees do not have to worry about losing their job for missing five or more shifts during a six-month period for the following reasons:

  • Pregnancy
  • Bereavement
  • Medical-related accommodation
  • FMLA leave

How Many Absences Are Allowed In Walmart?

How Many Absences Are Allowed In Walmart?

As per the Walmart point system explained above, associates will receive a maximum of three points for unexpected absences during holiday shifts.

For absences during standard trading periods, they will receive one point. An absence is defined by Walmart as working less than half of a scheduled shift.

So, depending on the types of absence, an associate may be allowed up to five before they face being fired.

Or, they could be absent from one-holiday shift and two standard shifts. If they are unexpectedly absent from two-holiday shifts, they will also face termination.

How Is Good Attendance Rewarded At Walmart?

As part of its updated attendance policy, Walmart also rewards associates for perfect or good attendance to incentivize consistency and dependability.

As of 2019, both full-time and part-time Walmart employees are eligible for increased cash bonuses every quarter.

Workers who have perfect attendance records will receive an additional 25% of their regular quarterly bonuses. Those with one or two points may also still be eligible for an increased bonus.

Walmart quarterly bonuses are distributed based on a number of factors, the main one being store performance. In 2019, the year that attendance bonuses were introduced, hourly associates earned almost $800 million in bonuses.

How To Clock In At Walmart?

Whether or not you turn up to your shift late, Walmart employees will be expected to clock in for their shift using the GTA Time Clock app.

All users of the GTA Time Clock app have to do is go to the Time Clock home screen and sign in with OneWalmart. They will be asked to enter a unique user ID and password to verify their identity.

Then, once logged in, they simply have to select “Clock In” to start their shift. Or, if they are already clocked in, they can select the “Meal Start,” “Meal End,” and “Clock Out” options as appropriate.

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Walmart’s late policy is based on a points system. Associates that arrive late to shifts or miss them completely will receive up to three points. The most they can receive is five points in a six-month period before they face termination from their role.

This policy is intended to dissuade tardiness in employees. However, the policy also rewards those that run on time, with Walmart offering increased quarterly bonuses to those with few to no points.

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