Lowe’s Business Account (How It Works, Who Can Sign Up, Discounts + More)

As a leading hardware retailer, Lowe’s sells various products and services in its stores, online, and on the app. For regular customers, Lowe’s offers several financing options through its Credit Center.

Shoppers at Lowe’s may be wondering what a Lowe’s Business Account is, how it works, and who is eligible to sign up for one. I’ve looked into it, and here’s what I’ve learned!

Lowe’s Business Account

A Lowe’s Business Account offers businesses or contractors flexible payments on purchases, as well as exclusive offers and discounts. A Lowe’s Business Account can be applied for in-store or online and requires a credit check. Also, various credit and debit cards can be applied for with a Lowe’s Business Account.

For more information about the Lowe’s Business Account, including the different types of cards available with a Lowe’s Business Account and the benefits, keep reading!

What Is a Lowe’s Business Account?

A Lowe’s Business Account is a specific type of account you can open with the Lowe’s Credit Center.

With that, the Lowe’s Business Account is the best for businesses that need flexible payments, giving the option to pay low monthly fees or in full each month.

With the Lowe’s Business Account, there are several different credit cards you can apply for.

For example, with a Lowe’s Business Advantage card, you can receive itemized invoices and have 0% interest for 60 days.

On the other hand, with a Lowe’s Business Rewards Card, it is possible to use this card at Lowe’s and other retailers where American Express is accepted.

Also, Lowe’s allows for rewards of 5% cashback on purchases at Lowe’s for the first six months and then 2% cashback after this.

Then, your cashback at Lowe’s in the form of Lowe’s Business Rewards points that can be redeemed for statement credits or Lowe’s gift cards.

Moreover, it’s possible to have a Lowe’s PreLoad Discover Card for businesses, which can be funded using your debit card, credit card, or business checking account.

With that, the Lowe’s PreLoad Discover Card allows you to organize purchases without requiring a credit check.

The final card type available is a Lowe’s Commercial Account, which shows authorized buyers, billing upon delivery, and more.

Who Can Have a Lowe’s Business Account?

Who Can Have a Lowe's Business Account?

A Lowe’s Business Account is great for businesses who regularly purchase at Lowe’s as it can help them save money on bulk buys and offer flexible financing and repayment options.

Additionally, a Lowe’s Business Account requirement is that you own and operate a business.

So, when you apply, Lowe’s requires you to provide information such as industry type, company structure, years in business, annual business revenue, and federal tax ID.

However, if you do not possess the necessary requirements for a Lowe’s Business Account, you can still apply to Lowe’s for Pros or a Lowe’s Commercial Account.

What Discounts Do I Get With a Lowe’s Business Account?

With a Lowe’s Business Account, you are entitled to a range of discounts within its stores.

For example, Lowe’s Business Account holders have 5% off every day for eligible Lowe’s purchases made in-store or online.

Also, with a Lowe’s Business Account, you have the option to pay in full or over time with no annual fee.

Finally, Lowe’s offers discounted delivery on eligible purchases for its Lowe’s Business Account holders.

What Benefits Do I Get With a Lowe’s Business Account?

A Lowe’s Business Account entitles holders to various promotional offers from Lowe’s, which can help customers save even more money.

With that, Lowe’s offers Business Account members extended return periods of up to a full year after purchase, which doesn’t apply to Lowe’s products that are return exceptions.

What Credit Score Do I Need For a Lowe’s Business Account?

To be eligible for a Lowe’s Business Account, you must have a credit score of 620.

However, Lowe’s checking your credit score while applying for a Business Account can lower your credit score.

How Do I Get a Lowe’s Business Account?

You can apply for a Lowe’s Business Account either in-store at its ProServices desk or online through its Credit Center.

To apply through the Lowe’s Credit Center, select your desired card and choose ‘Apply Now.’

With that, you can apply for a Lowe’s Business Advantage Card, a Business Rewards Card, a Lowe’s Commercial Account, and a Lowe’s PreLoad Discover Card online.

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