Lowe’s Call-Out Policy (All You Need to Know)

As a leading hardware retailer, Lowe’s can be a great company to work for if you love DIY projects. Lowe’s staff are crucial to its success, as they offer expertise and knowledge on their products and services.

If you work for Lowe’s, you may wonder about its call-out policy, including how many call-outs are acceptable and more! After doing some digging, here’s what I’ve learned about the topic!

Lowe’s Call-Out Policy

Lowe’s permits three call-outs within 90 days without a valid doctor’s note. You will be penalized if you call out at Lowe’s unless a proper doctor’s note, family emergency, or similar reason is documented. Also, you may be subject to termination if you’re frequently absent from Lowe’s without good reason.

For more information about Lowe’s call-out policy, including how you call out at Lowe’s, if you can receive sick pay, and more, keep reading!

How Many Call Outs are Acceptable at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s only permits up to three call-outs within 90 days unless you provide valid documentation, such as a doctor’s note.

If you call out at Lowe’s without reason, you will be penalized, and Lowe’s stores the information on your employee record.

Additionally, if you accrue three call-outs without a valid reason, you may be fired from Lowe’s due to poor attendance.

Does Lowe’s Provide Sick Pay To Employees?

Yes, Lowe’s employees are entitled to basic sick pay if they’re full-time and have been working at Lowe’s for over 89 days.

With that, sick days accrue at Lowe’s annually, with six days (or 48 hours) earned annually.

Also, employees can carry sick days at Lowe’s forward with no restrictions on accumulation.

However, if you do not have any sick days to use at Lowe’s, you will not be paid and may be penalized for missing work.

How Do I Call Out From Work at Lowe’s?

How Do I Call Out From Work At Lowe's?

If you are sick and need to call out from Lowe’s, it’s best to let your supervisor or manager know as early as possible so they can plan to cover your shift.

To call out at Lowe’s, contact your Lowe’s store, ask for your relevant authority, and inform them of your absence.

If you can, let Lowe’s know when you next plan to attend work.

Ideally, you need to provide Lowe’s with a copy of a doctor’s note or other relevant documentation to justify your reason for missing work so you’re not penalized.

However, if you’ve been in hospital or have a severe medical condition, it is recommended to let Lowe’s HR know as soon as possible so they can offer the relevant support.

Do You Get Penalized For Calling Out From Work at Lowe’s?

Yes, if you don’t offer a valid reason or proof of why you missed work at Lowe’s, you will likely be penalized for calling out.

You cannot call out more than three times within 90 days.

Additionally, Lowe’s can discipline you or even terminate you, depending on the extent of your absence.

How Do I Get a Leave Of Absence From Lowe’s?

If you are aware you face a long-term issue, you may be required to apply for a Leave of Absence rather than calling out at Lowe’s.

With that, it’s best to notify your supervisor or relevant authority as soon as possible once you become aware of these issues.

For example, if you inform a manager of your situation immediately, they can make some adjustments so your job is safe at Lowe’s.

Lowe’s must follow the FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) federal law act, which offers eligible employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave within 12 months.

Employees may be entitled to FMLA if they have a severe health condition or need to care for a family member with one, to care for a new-born, newly adopted child, or recently placed foster child.

Additionally, the FMLA provides job protection and health benefits, which Lowe’s complies with to offer its employees as much support as necessary.

To be eligible for FMLA, the employee must have worked for Lowe’s for 12 months and have worked for at least 1,250 hours.

Can Lowe’s Fire You For Calling in Sick?

Lowe’s will not immediately fire you for being sick or calling in sick.

For example, employees at Lowe’s can have three call-outs within 90 days before Lowe’s issues an initial warning.

Lowe’s can give initial warnings for repeated issues, including poor attendance and tardiness.

However, Lowe’s doesn’t give second warnings, meaning if you call out more times than you are permitted, you will likely be subject to termination.

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