Lowe’s Protection Plan (What’s Covered, How It Works, Time Frames, Lost Receipt + More)

When you buy a new appliance in a store like Lowe’s, a manufacturer’s warranty often comes with it, sometimes even with tools or other products.

However, some warranties only last a short while, so you may be wondering if Lowe’s offers any extra warranties. I’ve been looking into Lowe’s protection plans for this very reason; here’s what I’ve discovered!

Lowe’s Protection Plan

Lowe’s offers several different protection plans, with core protection plan benefits that apply to most plans. Also, these plans can cover major appliances, outdoor power equipment, and more. Most protection plans at Lowe’s include power surge protection, product replacement, and cost coverage for parts and labor. 

So, what’s covered in a Lowe’s protection plan? Read on to find out more, including whether the plan is refundable!

What Is Covered In Lowe’s Protection Plan?

Lowe’s protection plan has four main plan benefits, which apply to the majority of plans available.

With that, you can view specific protection plans and their benefits on Lowe’s website; however, most include:

Complete Product Replacement

If your product encounters an issue from a manufacturer’s defect (rather than accidental damage), Lowe’s will pay to replace it as long as it is under $300.

Parts And Labor

Lowe’s will cover the cost of parts and labor to repair everyday wear and tear for the product in question, which comes into effect after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

Power Surge Protection

In the event of a power surge, Lowe’s will cover the cost of parts and labor to fix your product.

Fix Or Replace It

Lowe’s will offer to pay to replace your product if it needs repairs, even for different defective items.

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How Does Lowe’s Protection Plan Work?

How Does Lowe's Protection Plan Work?

When you purchase a major, small appliance or other products at Lowe’s, you will likely receive the manufacturer’s warranty alongside it to activate.

These warranties usually last a short time, sometimes only a year, so Lowe’s offers an extended protection plan to cover your product after that warranty expires.

For example, this extended protection plan covers various issues you may encounter with your product after the warranty ends, ensuring you can use your product longer without worrying about buying a new one.

However, if you have an issue with your product that is not due to accidental damage or abuse, Lowe’s can help you with parts, labor, and repairs.

Simply make a claim on its website or by calling Lowe’s at 1-888-77-LOWES (56937).

To make any claim through the protection plan, you will need your receipt to prove the purchase.

Depending on the plan you choose, you may have a partial payment plan or a monthly payment plan.

For further information, check out the terms and conditions of each plan on Lowe’s website.

How Long Are Lowe’s Protection Plans?

The length of your protection plan depends entirely on how long you want to pay and if you continue paying it.

However, when you purchase your product, you have 30 days to buy a protection plan for that item.

If you are a Lowe’s Pro customer, you have 30 days to register the serial number for your protected item, but it will still be covered.

With that, each product plan has a different time length. For example, the duration of a standard protection plan for power tools is up to four years.

Additionally, these protection plans start when you receive your product or once the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Before you buy a protection plan, double-check all the details to be safe.

Can Lowe’s Look Up Lost Receipts?

Unfortunately, Lowe’s cannot reprint old receipts. However, depending on how long ago you purchased the item in question, you may be able to find the purchase on its system if you used a credit card.

If you have a MyLowe’s card or a Pro account, you can keep your receipts digitally on your account for several years.

The ability to save receipts digitally helps to simplify warranty claims, as you won’t need to keep your paper receipt in good condition and worry about losing it.

How Do I File A Claim With Lowe’s Protection Plan?

If you have an issue with your product, you can call 1-888-77-LOWES (56937) to schedule an appointment to inspect your product and determine what service needs to be provided.

With that, it is helpful to have your protection plan number and documents ready before your call and know your product’s brand and model number.

If you require an in-home repair, you must ensure that someone 18 years or older is present during the repair service. Otherwise, the professional will be unable to carry out repairs.

Can I Cancel My Lowe’s Protection Plan?

If you find you can no longer afford your protection plan or simply don’t want it anymore, you can cancel by mailing a cancellation request, your benefits summary page, and the terms and conditions of the plan to:

P.O. Box 100,

Rapid City,



Then, your cancellation will come into effect the same day that your request is received by Lowe’s in the mail.

Is Lowe’s Protection Plan Refundable?

Yes, Suppose you cancel your protection plan within the first 30 days of purchase.

In that case, you will receive a 100% refund of the purchase price minus the total cost of any service, labor, payments, reimbursements, replacements, parts, coverages, and benefits received under the plan.

However, if you cancel your plan after 30 days of purchase, you will receive a partial refund instead.

No matter when you cancel your protection plan with Lowe’s, there are no cancellation fees.

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