McDonald’s Manager (Duties, Pay, Is It A Hard Job + More)

Becoming a McDonald’s manager can be a gratifying job, especially if you were born a leader and love the management role, but do you know what a McDonald’s manager does?

If you’re curious about becoming a McDonald’s manager, you’re in the right place! I’ve researched the job title, and here’s everything you need to know!

McDonald’s Manager In [currentyear]

A McDonald’s manager is responsible for overseeing the location’s daily operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and managing employees as of [currentyear]. Also, managers have to do payroll, inventory, stocking when required, and train new employees. McDonald’s managers’ salary ranges from $40,000-$55,000 a year. The manager must be mature and responsible because running a McDonald’s is fast-paced work.

Do you want to know other essential details about becoming a manager at McDonald’s, such as how much the pay is? Keep on reading to find all the answers to your questions!

What Does A McDonald’s Manager Do?

A manager at McDonald’s is responsible for overseeing the daily operations at McDonald’s, including supervising employees’ work and helping entry-level employees.

Additionally, managers are responsible for training new employees, ordering supplies for the restaurant, being a part of the job interview process, and ensuring all customers are satisfied with their orders.

Moreover, the other job duties and responsibilities of a McDonald’s manager include:

  • Working full-time or part-time as needed if you’re a swing manager
  • Most store managers and assistant managers keep a full-time schedule
  • Update the timesheets and schedule for the store
  • Be the primary communicator to the regional McDonald’s office
  • Perform tasks related to payroll and process the payroll each week for your store
  • Track all shipments and supplies
  • Fill in when needed at the cash register, drive-thru, or grill when short-staffed
  • Ensure employees follow proper procedures and are working under all policies set by McDonald’s

How Much Does A Manager At McDonald’s Make?

The salary for a McDonald’s manager ranges from $40,000 to $55,000 a year, with variances due to location and store size.

On top of that, a manager at McDonald’s works salary, which means they have a set monthly income regardless of hours worked.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Manager At McDonald’s?

There are several requirements and qualifications needed to become a manager at McDonald’s, including:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Be an effective leader and experience leading teams in fast-paced environments
  • Effectively delegate tasks to employees
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Problem-solving skills both on a customer and leadership level with employees
  • Be motivated independently and without someone looking over your shoulder to guide you
  • Have an assertive personality and maturity
  • Ability to make wise business decisions
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Have organizational skills
  • Work full-time at a variety of times, including overnight, weekends, afternoons, and mornings
  • Have either US military service or one to three years with experience in customer service management
  • It’s a plus if you know a second language, although not required

Do You Need A Degree To Be A Manager At McDonald’s?

Do You Need A Degree To Be A Manager At McDonald's?

While you don’t need a degree to become a manager at McDonald’s, you will go through extensive training before starting your job as a manager.

Furthermore, the training for a manager is anywhere from four to five months, so it’s not a job you can just walk into tomorrow and start.

However, many people choose to apply for the manager job at McDonald’s who have college degrees in business management and related majors.

Is Being A McDonald’s Manager A Good Job?

People who have worked as a manager at McDonald’s have rated the job as good, especially when it comes to job security, advancement opportunities, and culture.

On top of that, becoming a manager allows you to learn how to motivate people to earn the desired outcome you want, and you can learn a lot about communicating with others.

However, some managers say that the pay isn’t great considering the number of hours that a manager could put in at their store, and more benefits would be nice, such as paid days off.

How Long Do McDonald’s Managers Work?

Managers at McDonald’s can end up putting in long hours, so expect a 40-hour workweek. However, some managers work up to 60 hours each week.

That said, a manager’s working hours depend a lot on that particular store’s needs and whether the store is short-staffed and running with a lot of new employees.

Still, most locations offer a good work and life balance in general so that you don’t get burned out and offer flexibility when it’s needed.

Do Managers At McDonald’s Have To Work Holidays?

McDonald’s requires that you work the holidays if you’re a manager, which can be difficult if you have a holiday tradition in your family that you don’t want to miss.

On top of that, McDonald’s expects managers to work weekends since that’s the busiest time for the restaurant.

What’s The Job Security For A Manager At McDonald’s?

When it comes to job security, you can’t ask for a more secure job than being a manager at McDonald’s because there’s always a McDonald’s location you can go to if you move.

That said, the job security is excellent, and with so many McDonald’s locations throughout the world, the possibilities are endless.

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Several people rate being a manager at McDonald’s as a good job that involves being in charge of payroll, inventory, ordering supplies, and overseeing the employees in the store.

Furthermore, you have to ensure food safety, that everyone follows policies, and be ready to correct employees when needed.

Also, managers need to show leadership skills, problem-solving skills, and effective communication to customers and employees.

Additionally, as a manager, you’ll handle customer complaints, comp orders when requested, and work the food line if you’re short-staffed.

Finally, a McDonald’s manager salary ranges from $40,000 to $55,000 a year depending on your location, and your salary stays the same regardless of hours worked.

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