McDonald’s Transfer Policy (All You Need To Know)

If you’re working at one McDonald’s location, but you’ve been thinking about transferring to another store, you might be wondering what the McDonald’s transfer policy is and how it all works.

You’ll find all of the details you need to know about the McDonald’s transfer policy and all related information, so keep reading!

McDonald’s Transfer Policy

McDonald’s doesn’t have a set transfer policy since a majority of stores are a franchise and owned and operated by a franchisee. This means that the specific policy details on hiring, firing, and transfers vary by store location. However, there are certain steps you can take to transfer, including talking to the general manager or applying to a different McDonalds altogether.

We know you’re trying to figure out the best way to transfer to another McDonald’s and have even more questions which we’ll answer below.

Does McDonald’s Have a Standard Transfer Policy?

Unfortunately, there is no standard transfer policy at McDonald’s since it’s largely a franchised business, and there’s no policy in the employee handbook related to transfers.

That means each franchise owner and operator can set his or her own rules when it comes to the transfer process and might not allow a transfer to a different location at all.

Can You Transfer Between McDonald’s Stores If the Franchisee Operates Multiple Locations?

A lot of franchisees have more than one store that they run, which makes transferring to another location much easier and more likely to happen.

Further, the more stores the franchisee operates, the more locations you can transfer to any time you want without much issue.

However, not all franchise owners will want people transferring between stores, so while it’s more likely to get you a transfer, it’s not guaranteed.

What’s the Best Way to Ask for a Transfer at McDonald’s?

If you want to transfer to a different McDonald’s location, the best step to take is to talk to the general manager since they talk to the franchise owner and can relay information.

However, if you can talk face-to-face with the franchise owner, then you can take up the request with them, but make sure you have decent reasons for the transfer.

How Long Should You Wait to Ask for a Transfer at McDonald’s?

How Long Should You Wait to Ask for a Transfer at McDonald’s?

A general rule of thumb is to ask for a transfer to another McDonald’s after you’ve worked for six months, especially if the transfer is for a different position within the company.

Furthermore, if you get hired on and then want to transfer within a couple of weeks, it could be seen as you being flighty and not dependable since you were just hired at that location.

On top of that, if you haven’t had enough time to get to know the company and the various aspects of the job, are you ready to commit to another store or job assignment?

Can You Work at Two Different McDonald’s at the Same Time?

It’s possible to work at two different McDonald’s at the same time, but one would need to be corporate and the other a franchisee-owned location.

However, there might be times when you’re needed to fill in at a different location if your franchise owner requests help at another store, but that’s not the same as being hired at 2 different locations.

Other Ways to Get Transferred From One McDonald’s to Another

There are a few other ways you can choose to transfer from one McDonald’s location to another, including:

  • Talking to the general manager or calling the employee number if you’re working at a corporate location.
  • Contact the Area Supervisor and ask for a written letter of release, but make sure you state why you’d like the transfer, and it better be for good reason, or it could be denied.
  • Quit McDonald’s and then wait 6 months to reapply at the location you’re interested in.

What Are Some Good Reasons to Request a Transfer at McDonald’s?

If you want to transfer to another McDonald’s store, it’s always a good idea to have your list of reasons why you want to transfer ready so that you come across as sincere and serious.

While transfer requests will vary by store and the franchise owner, there are common reasons to ask for a transfer that is generally accepted and approved, such as:

  • Better your work-life balance, especially if the current location is further away from home than you’d like to be or is too hectic with erratic scheduling situations.
  • Life changes such as moving to a different city or state or getting married might be reasons to transfer and are often accepted requests.
  • Growth and new opportunities could be available at another location, and if you want to continue moving up the corporate ladder, moving to another store could give you more experience and education in other job assignments and roles.
  • Personal life situations such as an abusive ex or a stalker or possible medical issues are often accepted reasons for transfer and are often privately asked for by the employee.

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