McDonald’s McRib (What Is It, Discontinued + More)

McDonald’s regularly re-releases food items that have been previously discontinued. Most of these items are released at random times with little warning, though they create a lot of press.

The McRib is one of the few items that McDonald’s releases regularly. It is a well-loved sandwich, but you can only get it occasionally. Keep reading for information on when it’s released and what it’s made with!

What Is The McDonald’s McRib?

The McDonald’s McRib is made from pork meat using a special restructuring process, which turns the pork into a patty-like texture in 2024. It is the only seasonal item currently at McDonald’s, as it is released every fall. While this sandwich is popular now, it wasn’t very popular when it was first released.

For more information about the McRib and when you can get it, take a look at the answers below!

Is The McRib Still Available At McDonald’s?

The McRib is a rotating menu item at McDonald’s, and it is never a permanent menu item.

However, it does come back regularly for a limited time. Usually, you can find this sandwich near the end of summer.

Still, the date is never exact. In 2021, it came back in November. In 2020, it was out in December.

Before the COVID pandemic, the sandwich was typically out earlier than either of these dates.

Therefore, whether the sandwich is currently available depends on what month you’re reading this. After being released, the sandwich is available until supplies last.

Generally, this is about a month or so, though it can vary from area to area.

Also, because this sandwich comes back every year, it is one of the few returns you can count on.

How Much Does A McRib Cost?

The price of the McRib varies from year to year. However, it is usually just over $4 for the sandwich itself and a few more dollars if you want the combo meal.

Typically, this is cheaper than many of the company’s other sandwiches. Therefore, they are often considered a budget option.

What Kind Of Meat Is The McRib?

The McRib is made from a pork patty, which primarily contains ground pork shoulder. Also, spices and other seasonings are included in the patty for taste and texture.

Despite the name, it does not actually have rib meat and is boneless. Further, there are a lot of rumors out there about the McRib. However, they are all misconstrued.

That said, the McRib is not made out of anything controversial.

Why Is The McRib Seasonal?

Why Is The McRib Seasonal? McDonald's

The McRib is surprisingly popular. However, it will never be a permanent menu item, as sales soar due to its exciting release every year.

Essentially, it’s similar to what Taco Bell accomplishes with its nacho fries. For the most part, the McRib is not seasonal for any particular reason.

Instead, they only release it once a year to keep the excitement going. That said, if McDonald’s had it available all the time, sales would likely be lower.

Does The McRib Have Bones?

Despite the name, the McRib does not have bones at all. In fact, it isn’t even made from rib meat. Instead, it contains ground pork shoulder, water, sugar, and various spices.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about chomping down on bones when you’re eating the sandwich.

Did The McRib Fail?

Initially, the McRib did technically “fail” when it was tested in a few different cities in 1980. Then, due to the success of these tests, it was released the following year, in 1981.

However, sales were quite poor, so it was discontinued in 1985. After that, it was reintroduced again in 1989.

It stayed on the menu in most areas until 2005, though some countries removed it before then. In 2006, it was brought back as a seasonal item each year, usually in the fall.

Who Made The McRib?

The history of the McRib is a bit complicated. As previously mentioned, it is made by restructuring pork into a patty-like consistency, usually y using meat from pork shoulder.

That said, the US military originally developed this process to offer troops more meat in the field.

“Meat scientist” Dr. Roger Mandigo developed this process in a lab, eventually leading to the McRib.

Also, because the US government does not patent technologies, the process of restructuring pork was made available to the public.

A short period later, the McRib was produced using this process. Therefore, no one at McDonald’s invented the McRib, as a US Army scientist thought of it.

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The McRib is a beloved sandwich that shows up seasonally at McDonald’s, usually in the fall. The exact release date varies, and it remains one of the only seasonal items at McDonald’s.

That said, releasing it seasonally provides a lot of buzz about McDonald’s, which increases sales; people rush to get the sandwich when they may not otherwise.

In the beginning, the US Army invented the process that creates the unique pork texture. However, McDonald’s then used the technology on a commercial-stage, resulting in the McRib.

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