McDonald’s Vs Hungry Jack’s (Quality, Service, Price + More)

The fast-food market has a lot of different burger restaurants, but do you know which is better when it comes to McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s?

I’m going to give you the rundown on which restaurant has better prices, food, service, and much more, so keep reading to learn whether McDonald’s or Hungry Jack’s is better!

McDonald’s Vs. Hungry Jack’s

When comparing McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s, Hungry Jack’s is better regarding prices and menu selection. Hungry Jack’s offers low-carb options and more wraps, burgers, specialty sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, and other items! However, McDonald’s has quicker service than Hungry Jack’s and more staff to serve customers.

Do you want to know even more about the battle between McDonald’s and Hungry Jack’s? For example, which has more locations and the best burger and fries? Read below to find out the answers!

Is Hungry Jack’s Better Than McDonald’s?

Canstar Blue recently did a survey that showed Hungry Jack’s is better than McDonald’s, according to a survey of 3,000 Australians.

Furthermore, the Big Jack scored higher in every category compared to the Big Mac and was rated 7.96 out of 10 compared to the Big Mac at 7.7 out of 10.

Also, the survey results showed that 36% of people were more likely to purchase the Big Jack without sides, but only 29% purchased a Big Mac by itself.

Does Hungry Jack’s Or McDonald’s Have Better Burgers?

You’ll find that the burgers at Hungry Jack’s are much better than McDonald’s because the variety of toppings and sandwiches is more extensive at Hungry Jack’s.

Additionally, the burgers are greasier and much juicier at Hungry Jack’s compared to McDonald’s, and you’re going to get a bigger hamburger patty with a better bun!

Is Hungry Jack’s Owned By McDonald’s?

Hungry Jack’s is a franchise of Burger King and not McDonald’s. Moreover, Jack Cowin owns Hungry Jack’s, a private company known as Competitive Foods Australia.

Is Hungry Jack’s Bigger Than McDonald’s?

No, Hungry Jack’s is not bigger than McDonald’s and can’t even compete in the number of locations McDonald’s has worldwide.

That said, there are 400 Hungry Jack’s locations throughout Australia, but there are more than 900 McDonald’s locations throughout Australia.

Additionally, McDonald’s has more than 39,000 locations worldwide in more than 119 countries.

Is McDonald’s Older Than Hungry Jack’s?

McDonald’s is older than Hungry Jack’s as a fast-food restaurant chain, but it’s not older than Hungry Jack’s when talking about opening in Australia.

With that, the first Hungry Jack’s opened in Australia on April 18, 1971, whereas the first Australian McDonald’s location opened on December 30, 1971.

Did Hungry Jack’s Copy the McDonald’s Big Mac?

Did Hungry Jack's Copy The McDonald's Big Mac?

McDonald’s is suing Hungry Jack’s, claiming that it ripped off the Big Mac, including the appearance and build, so the legal answer is still pending for this question.

On top of that, McDonald’s claims that Hungry Jack’s ripped the tagline from the Big Mac and its ingredients.

In 1968, McDonald’s invented the Big Mac, and it was made available to customers in the United States.

Is Hungry Jack’s Cheaper Than McDonald’s?

Hungry Jack’s has been consistently cheaper than McDonald’s on average, and when you look at the Hungry Jack’s menu prices, you can see that it’s affordable for nearly any income bracket.

Additionally, Hungry Jack’s has a Penny Pincher Menu, where you’ll find items that range from $1 to $3, so it’s comparable to the McDonald’s Value Menu.

However, some items, such as the Hungry Jack, cost more than the comparable item at McDonald’s, so you have to be careful what you order because it’s not always cheaper.

Does McDonald’s Or Hungry Jacks Have Better Service?

You’ll find that McDonald’s has better service because it offers better consistency across the board when compared to Hungry Jack’s.

On top of that, McDonald’s has quicker service than Hungry Jack’s, and most McDonald’s locations have more workers than you’ll find at your local Hungry Jack’s.

Does McDonald’s Or Hungry Jack’s Have More Menu Items?

Hungry Jack’s has significantly more menu items than McDonald’s and offers more variety in the types of burgers.

Furthermore, if you’re a fan of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, you’ll find Hungry Jack’s has a better menu and even has avocado and bacon burgers!

Also, Hungry Jack’s offers more plant-based menu items, wraps, chicken sandwiches, and many other items that McDonald’s doesn’t have.

Additionally, there are a lot of dedicated low-carb items at Hungry Jack’s, so you’re going to find something to fit your nutritional and dietary needs.

On top of that, the drink selection at Hungry Jack’s is much better than McDonald’s, with more shakes, sodas, coffee beverages, and drinks that McDonald’s doesn’t carry.

Does McDonald’s Have Better Fries Than Hungry Jack’s?

McDonald’s wins when it comes to fries, and there is no comparison, especially when Hungry Jack’s fries don’t offer the same crispy crunch.

Furthermore, McDonald’s adds natural beef flavoring into the fry grease, giving the fries a much better taste than any rival, including Hungry Jack’s.

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  1. I gave Maccas a miss after their prices cost more than going to a club or pub, Maccas used to be a place to take the kids for a cheap snack, now it would be an expensive indulgence, plus I am old and their ordering system is beyond me so I don’t feel comfortable going there, I find Hungry Jacks better suited for me the grandkids and the wallet.

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