No One Picks up Your DoorDash Order (Why & What to Do?)

Typically, DoorDash is an incredibly straightforward way to order food from all your favorite restaurants. But if you order from DoorDash, you might run into problems from time to time.

For example, what if no one picks up your DoorDash order? Is there anything you can do, and why does this happen? I was curious about the same questions, so keep reading to see what I discovered!

What Can I Do When No One Picks up My DoorDash Order In [currentyear]?

If a DoorDasher doesn’t pick up your order, you can pick it up yourself or cancel the order as of [currentyear]. If you pick the order up yourself, let DoorDash know, and you will be refunded the amount of delivery fees and tips. If you cancel the order altogether, you’ll be refunded the total amount.

If you want to learn more about abandoned DoorDash orders, why DoorDash orders aren’t picked up, and whether or not you can track DoorDash orders, keep on reading for more facts!

Why Didn’t Anyone Pick up My DoorDash Order?

There are several reasons why a DoorDash delivery driver didn’t pick up your order.

For example, some of the most popular reasons DoorDash orders aren’t picked up include the following:

  • There wasn’t a big enough tip associated with the order
  • The restaurant is exceptionally busy
  • DoorDashers are exceptionally busy
  • There aren’t enough DoorDashers available to pick up the order
  • Earnings from the order weren’t worth it for the DoorDasher

Because DoorDash delivery drivers are independent contractors, there’s no way to know whether or not there will be enough people to take the orders.

However, DoorDash is the most popular food delivery service, so it’s unlikely that there won’t be enough drivers on the road.

Also, even if someone doesn’t initially pick up your DoorDash order, you can do things to prevent it in the future.

Why Was My DoorDash Order Canceled?

If 30 minutes pass and no one picks up your order, DoorDash will automatically cancel the order and refund you.

That said, the amount DoorDash refunds you depends on how you plan to resolve the situation.

For example, if you pick the order up yourself, or reorder with a different DoorDasher, DoorDash will refund your delivery fee and additional tips.

However, if you cancel the order entirely, DoorDash refunds you the total bill.

What Should You Do If Your DoorDash Wasn’t Picked Up?

There are a few things you can do if nobody picks up your DoorDash order. First, you can choose to pick up the order yourself from the restaurant.

Second, you can opt to reorder your food in hopes that another DoorDasher will pick up the order.

According to DoorDashers, it helps to tip a higher amount, because it encourages delivery drivers to take the order.

That said, if you don’t usually tip your DoorDasher very much, it may be a reason why no one picked up the order.

Can You Pick up DoorDash Orders Yourself?

You can pick up your DoorDash order yourself. That said, if a DoorDasher doesn’t initially pick up the order, you can choose to pick up your food.

To do so, you must inform DoorDash before and after you pick up the food after the original order was canceled.

Additionally, DoorDash will refund the delivery fee and any tips associated with the order back to you.

If you don’t want to risk your order being abandoned, you can pick up the order from the start instead of selecting delivery.

That said, click on the “Pick-up” tab when placing your order on the DoorDash app. Then, the restaurant will inform you when your order is ready to pick up.

Also, choosing to pick up your order saves you a little money in delivery and service fees.

How Does DoorDash Handle Orders That Weren’t Picked Up?

How Does DoorDash Handle Orders That Weren’t Picked Up?

DoorDash waits until 30 minutes passes to inform you that your order wasn’t picked up. Then, the company offers you a refund for your purchase.

Also, DoorDash gives you the option to pick up the order yourself after the initial order was canceled.

So, if you pick up the order yourself, DoorDash will only refund you the delivery fees and tips.

Additionally, for merchants on DoorDash that experience an order that wasn’t picked up, DoorDash will pay for the total amount.

Moreover, merchants are encouraged to reach out to DoorDash’s support team at (855)-973-1040, or by following these steps:

  1. Go to the DoorDash Merchant Portal
  2. Click on the “Help” tab
  3. Click on “Account Support”
  4. Select “Payments”
  5. Provide your Order ID and a description of what happened

Can You Track Your DoorDash Order?

Whether you place your DoorDash order on the mobile app or desktop, you can track exactly where your delivery driver is at any moment.

After you complete the check out process, your order goes through three different stages:

  • In the process of being confirmed
  • The food is at the restaurant
  • DoorDasher is on their way to you with your order

However, if the restaurant delivers its own orders instead of using DoorDashers, you won’t be able to track them.

When this happens, you’ll receive a message that reads, “This store delivers its own orders.”

You can track your orders two separate ways, so lets look at these in further detail:

1. Tracking Orders On The DoorDash Mobile App

If you want to see the status of your DoorDash order, click on the “Orders” tab, and then tap on your order to view its status.

Also, DoorDash has a map feature that lets you see the restaurant, your location, and where your DoorDasher is at the moment.

Moreover, you can contact your DoorDash delivery driver directly, using the live chat button below the status bar on your order.

Finally, DoorDash provides you with an estimated arrival time for your order, which automatically changes if anything impacts the delivery time. 

2. Tracking DoorDash Orders on Your Desktop  

Even if you place a DoorDash order on your desktop, you can track the order.

To do so, click on “Order Status,” and follow the prompts to see when your order will be delivered, and where your DoorDasher is currently located.

Additionally, there’s a “Help” tab you can select if you have any other problems during the delivery process.

Why Is My DoorDash Order Taking Longer Than Expected?

Although restaurants and DoorDashers strive to get your order delivered on time as often as possible, sometimes mistakes happen.

That said, there are a few things that can cause your DoorDash order to be delayed. For example, the most common reasons your DoorDash order takes longer than expected include:

  • Your DoorDasher is stuck in traffic
  • The restaurant is considerably busy
  • There aren’t enough DoorDashers in your area
  • Your DoorDasher needed to take a detour

Moreover, if your DoorDash order arrives late, the food delivery company suggests reaching out to its customer service line.

Usually, DoorDash will provide you with a company gift card or other discounts if your order arrives later than expected.

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Occasionally, no one picks up your DoorDash order, which might be for several different reasons.

For example, if the tip on the order isn’t big enough, or there aren’t enough DoorDashers in the area, it’s more likely someone won’t pick up your order. To fix the situation, you can pick up the order yourself or cancel it and get a full refund.

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