Not Yet Shipped Amazon (What It Means + Other FAQs)

Under “Order Status” on Amazon, you might see several different messages telling you where exactly your package is in the delivery process.

In fact, sometimes you see messages that sound like your package has been delayed, and you may have wondered what “Not Shipped Yet” at Amazon means. We looked it up, and you’ll find all the answers below!

What Does “Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon In 2024?

When you see the message Not Yet Shipped under your Order Status at Amazon, it means that your order has been received but is not yet being prepared, packed, or labeled. This may be because the items in your order are being collected together from different fulfillment centers, or being moved to the fulfillment center nearest you before being shipped in 2024.

If you want to know still more about why Amazon orders are sometimes delayed and how long you should wait before contacting them, carry on reading. We have all the information you need here!

What Does It Mean When It Says Not Yet Shipped on Amazon?

When you log in to your Amazon account and click on Orders, it will take you to a listing of current and recent orders.

One message that you don’t want to see is Not Yet Shipped, even if you’re not quite sure what it means. If you think it sounds like your order is delayed, you’re right.

There are several reasons why you might see this message.

An Order Status of Not Yet Shipped could mean that Amazon has not yet started to prepare, package, or label your order.

It could also mean that the order hasn’t been scanned and sent out for delivery, or it hasn’t been picked up by the delivery service.

The next stage you should see in your Order Status is Preparing for Shipment, which means that your order is being packaged, labeled, or waiting for the next available shipment.

Should I Contact Amazon About My Order Not Yet Being Shipped?

If you see the message Not Yet Shipped next to your order, should you just wait patiently, or call Amazon and try to find out the reason for the delay?

According to Amazon, if 36 hours have passed without a status change on your order, you should contact customer service.

You can contact Amazon through the Help page on the company website. If you are logged in to your account, you will be taken to the Contact Us page.

This will list all your recent orders. Click on the order in which you need more information, and you will be taken to a contact page where you can send an email explaining the problem.

How Long Do Amazon Orders Take to Ship?

Typically, US orders should ship within a few hours to a few days. This refers to orders fulfilled and shipped by Amazon.

Private sellers on Amazon Marketplace may take longer to ship. Likewise, international orders may also take longer to ship and arrive.

Why Is It Taking So Long for My Amazon Order to Ship?

Why Is It Taking So Long for My Amazon Order to Ship?

Sometimes it takes a longer time for Amazon orders to ship. Below are some possible reasons why:

  • The order may be moving between fulfillment centers and won’t show as Shipped until it leaves the fulfillment center closest to you.
  • The items may not be ready to transfer to the shipper.
  • It may not be in stock.
  • The order contains multiple items, which must be collected together from different fulfillment centers before they can be shipped.
  • The address isn’t entered clearly or it’s wrong.
  • They are experiencing technical or other problems at the warehouse.

What Happens If an Amazon Seller Doesn’t Ship?

Amazon sellers are private sellers using the Amazon platform through Marketplace to sell their products.

If an Amazon seller is unable to ship your item because it’s no longer in stock, they will issue a refund quickly.

Why Has My Amazon Order Not Shipped After Two Weeks?

If your Amazon order has not shipped one or two weeks after you placed the order, it may be because it’s still being processed.

It’s also possible that the item was not available in the fulfillment center closest to you, and is being moved from one fulfillment center to another until it can be shipped.

The order status will show as Not Yet Shipped until the items are handed over to the shipper for delivery. 

What Does Amazon Mean by “Not Yet Shipped We’ll Email You When Available”?

When you see this message, or Temporarily Out of Stock, it means that the item is not currently in stock but is available for ordering.

Amazon will email you the expected delivery date as soon as customer service hears from the company’s suppliers.

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If you see an Order Status of Not Yet Shipped at Amazon, it may mean several different things. Usually, it’s because the order has been delayed for some reason.

If the Order Status doesn’t change within 36 hours, you should contact Amazon customer service and they should be able to help you.

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