PayPal “This Type of Number Is Not Supported” (Meaning + Potential Solutions)

PayPal is a well-known financial technology company with many users. PayPal tries its best to protect all its users through many methods, including collecting phone numbers to verify your information.

However, if you have had issues adding or changing your phone number and received an email or message from PayPal saying something like “this number is not supported,” you may be wondering exactly what that means and how to solve it.

What Does “This Type of Number Is Not Supported” Mean on PayPal?

If you receive an “error” from PayPal saying your “phone number is not supported” when you’re trying to add or edit your number, it’s because your name or address attached to your phone number doesn’t match the name or address PayPal has. If so, try another number or contact PayPal Customer Support.

Why Does PayPal Keep Saying My Number Isn’t Supported?

If you receive an “error” from PayPal when trying to add or change your phone number, it is because your name or address on your account doesn’t match what’s attached to your phone number.

Things that can cause your name to mismatch can be the following:

  • If you aren’t the “primary holder” of your phone plan
  • Spelling variations, or
  • A maiden name

Furthermore, you can try adding another phone number if you have another number in your name to solve this.

Additionally, you can try correcting the name or address in your PayPal details or contacting your service provider.

Furthermore, if you’re having trouble using your account because your number won’t work and none of the above solutions worked, you can buy a burner phone or create a virtual number through a text/call app like TextNow.

Burner phones are short-term, prepaid phones that you can buy at any store or even some gas stations.

Burner phones are usually relatively cheap and easy to use, and they will only last as long as you pay for them. Also, when you’re done, there is no lingering phone plan.

Text/call apps, such as TextNow, will give you a free virtual number that you can use just like a regular phone number.

However, these services usually require you to have wifi.

Either one of these options will allow you to obtain a legitimate phone number for PayPal.

You can also make sure each of these numbers has your correct name and address so there will be no more confusion.

Additionally, if none of these work, or you don’t want to try the burner phone or TextNow, you can contact PayPal Customer Support.

How Do I Contact PayPal Customer Support?

How Do I Contact PayPal Customer Support?

You can contact PayPal Customer Support through the following methods:

  • The “Message” center
  • “Ask the community”
  • The “Resolution Center”
  • “Call Us”, or
  • “Email Us”

To find all these options, you can go to Contact Us.

On this page, you will also see common questions and answers for PayPal that may help you find the answer to your problem.

Furthermore, you can contact PayPal through social media:

  • Facebook: @PayPal
  • Twitter: @AskPayPal

PayPal’s Customer Service number is 1 (888) 221-1161.

Can I Use PayPal Without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you need to have a phone number to use PayPal.

When you first create your PayPal account, the first step is to add your phone number, and you can’t move on from this step until you have entered one.

However, if you have already created your PayPal account and you are having issues adding or editing your number, you will still be able to use the account.

PayPal likes to have your phone number for security purposes, such as its 2-factor authentication system, and to contact you with any updates about your account.

Additionally, if you can’t log in to your PayPal account, you can use your phone number for services such as:

  • Canceling a pending payment
  • Sending money to someone
  • Checking your PayPal balance
  • Requesting money

Therefore, if your phone number is not working, certain features of PayPal won’t work, which may cause your account issues. However, you will still be able to use your account.

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