13 Biggest PetSmart Competitors (Your Complete Guide)

PetSmart is the leading pet company in the United States with a revenue of $5.3 billion, operating in more than 1,600 stores nationwide. Despite its success, PetSmart isn’t the only pet company around.

That said, I’ll tell you all about the PetSmart competitors and how they measure up to the leader in pet supplies, so read on to learn more interesting facts!

PetSmart Competitors In 2024

The main PetSmart competitor is Petco, but Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Flow, and Pet Valu are also competitors since they all sell pet products as of 2024. Pet Supermarket and Petland are decent competitors but cannot contend with PetSmart in revenue or store locations. Indirect competitors like Amazon and Walmart have become competitors to PetSmart.

Do you want to know about other competitors PetSmart has that compete more indirectly? I’ll get into all those details and more below, so keep reading!

1. Petco

Petco is the primary competitor of PetSmart because it sells nearly identical products to PetSmart at comparable prices.

Also, Petco offers other services beyond the vast amount of pet supplies, including training, grooming, and veterinary services.

Additionally, Petco made billion in revenue in 2020 from more than 1,561 stores that operate within the United States.

2. Pet Supplies Plus

Pet Supplies Plus has more than 560 stores in 36 states. Further, it’s a competitor to PetSmart, with pet supplies available for all kinds of pets and various natural foods and treats.

On top of that, Pet Supplies Plus has grooming services and veterinary services available in many locations.

In 2020, revenue for Pet Supplies Plus reached $1.2 billion, and it’s only getting more popular as time goes on because it continues expanding in the United States.

3. PetFlow

PetFlow is an online pet food retailer where you can find all kinds of food, treats, and more, so it’s a competitor to PetSmart.

Further, PetFlow does a lot of charity work, which is one reason people switch to using it for online pet food and supplies delivery.

Also, PetFlow makes around $25 million in revenue through its website, which isn’t too bad considering it’s not marketed at the level of other pet food suppliers.

4. Pet Valu

Pet Valu is a pet supply retail store where you can get toys, food, treats, and other items for household pets such as cats, dogs, and even reptiles, making it a PetSmart competitor.

However, the number of Pet Valu locations is dwindling as it’s had to close multiple stores and announced plans to close all 358 locations in the United States.

Still, many Pet Valu stores are currently operating.

In 2020, Pet Valu reported $648 million in revenue, an increase of nearly $70 million from the prior year.

10. Chewy

Chewy PetSmart

Chewy is the most recognizable online retailer for pet food and supplies. That said, Chewy is a competitor to PetSmart as more people are using online delivery services for their pet needs.

In 2020, revenue exceeded $7.15 billion for Chewy, which is a huge accomplishment.

Also, Chewy’s revenue shows that the online pet supply stores are becoming just as popular as brick-and-mortar locations.

Additionally, you can get almost anything on Chewy, including pet carriers, toys, medications, gift cards, customized pet products, and the ability to connect with a veterinarian.

11. Petland

Petland is a competitor to PetSmart because it offers a great selection of pet supplies, including food, treats, and toys, at 97 locations throughout 23 states.

Additionally, revenue for Petland was around $2 billion in 2020. Further, you can even purchase animals in the store, including cats, dogs, and birds.

12. Pet Supermarket

Pet Supermarket carries a lot of pet supplies, toys, health and wellness products, pet carriers, food, accessories, and more, making it a competitor to PetSmart.

In 2020, Pet Supermarket’s revenue exceeded $421 million from the more than 200 locations throughout seven states.

13. Target

Target is an indirect competitor to PetSmart because it offers quite the selection of pet products, including:

  • Grooming tools
  • Pet food
  • Pet toys
  • Carriers
  • Flea medication
  • Treats

Also, Target’s 2020 revenue topped $93 billion as it saw tremendous growth in its eCommerce market. Still, Target currently operates 1,957 stores located throughout the United States.

14. Amazon

Amazon is the largest eCommerce retailer, and it’s an indirect competitor to PetSmart since it sells thousands of pet supplies, pet foods, pet toys, health and wellness products, and more.

On top of that, Amazon has 110 fulfillment centers across the United States, helping it earn $386 billion in revenue in 2020, which is nearly impossible for PetSmart to compete with.

15. Walmart

Another indirect competitor to PetSmart is Walmart since the massive retail chain offers a selection of pet products for cats, dogs, fish, and even reptiles.

Currently, there are nearly 5,000 Walmart stores in the United States alone, with another estimated 5,000 stores worldwide.

In 2020, Walmart’s revenue was $559 billion, and it’s constantly at the top when it comes to revenue, with hardly any other company able to compete with Walmart in that regard.

16. 1-800-Pet-Meds

1-800-Pet-Meds is a website where people can go and purchase medications for their pet, which can be cheaper than at the veterinarian. Therefore, it’s a competitor to PetSmart.

Also, you can find flea medications and other health and wellness products on the 1-800-Pet-Meds website, and the delivery services offer convenience for many customers.

Additionally, the revenue for this specialty online pet retailer increased to $248.6 million for the year ending in March 2020.

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The biggest competitor to PetSmart is Petco, earning $3 billion in revenue, carrying similar products, and offering other services such as grooming.

Additionally, Pet Valu, Petland, and Pet Supplies Plus compete with PetSmart for business in the booming pet industry.

Also, competitors like Target, Walmart, and Amazon are indirect competitors but have a loyal pet lover customer base.

On top of that, the booming online eCommerce market with Chewy and PetFlow has become competitors to PetSmart as more people opt for delivery services.

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