PetSmart Pay Stubs (How to Get One + Other FAQs)

PetSmart uses pay stubs to help both the company and its 57,000 employees to maintain a record of work, amounts earned, deducted, and finally paid.

So, if you’re curious about the pay stubs, how to access them, what information they hold, and what the pay stubs are suitable for, then kindly read on!

 How Can I Access My PetSmart Pay Stubs In 2024?

PetSmart employees can access their pay stubs by registering and verifying their information on, or the PetSmart Pay Stub Portal. The pay stubs have information relating to the employee and employer, wages earned, and all deductions. This helps in tax computation, and when the employee wishes to apply for a loan.

Continue reading if you would like to know more about why it’s essential to get your PetSmart pay stub, where you can get it, and the information it contains!

Where Can I Get My PetSmart Pay Stub?

PetSmart employees can access their pay stubs anytime, anywhere by logging in to the certified PetSmart Pay Stub Portal.

To view your pay stubs, access the PetSmart Pay Stub Login Portal through to view your pay stubs.

Sign in using the details provided to you by PetSmart, and view your details.

Alternatively, PetSmart employees can sign on to using the log-in details provided by the company and following prompts to view pay stubs.

You can also view your pay stubs by visiting the PetSmart HR Connect, then proceeding to support.

Log in and find your pay stubs under the Payroll section.

What Is the Information Contained in My PetSmart Pay Stub?

Pay stubs generally contain the following information, though there may be slight differences depending on the category of the employee:

  • Employee’s information
  • Employer’s information
  • The dated period for which the payment is made
  • Time worked, and employees pay rate, including any overtime
  • Gross earnings
  • Withheld taxes, including the federal income tax, and any applicable state and local taxes
  • Employee’s contributions to schemes like retirement plans and pension schemes
  • All deductions to which the employee is subject

Why Is It Important to Have My PetSmart Pay Stub?

Pay stubs are important to you and to PetSmart for the following reasons:

  • PetSmart may give you a pay stub in fulfillment of its legal obligations. While Federal Labor Law does not mandate pay stubs, several states do
  • Pay stubs are good management and make filing tax returns easier
  • They are instrumental in mediating pay discrepancies between you and PetSmart if they should arise.
  • Pay Stubs are also proof of income and employment. They can be used when applying for loans or credit, or for any legal purpose for which they are needed.
  • Landlords and property management companies usually require proof to process your rental applications. Therefore, it’s essential to have them.

How Can I Access My PetSmart Pay Stub Without Going Online?

How Can I Access My PetSmart Pay Stub Without Going Online?

Certain states in the US make it possible for you to choose what format you wish your employer to avail your pay stub.

Therefore, you can ask your store’s manager to provide a printed copy of your pay stub if you reside in such a state.

Otherwise, to access the online PetSmart pay stub, you have to access the internet with a desktop or a smartphone.

Why Does PetSmart Use the Online System to Avail Pay Stubs?

PetSmart uses an online system so that employees can access their paychecks at any time without having to worry about receiving a physical paycheck or paper pay stub every week.

 It also saves costs associated with printing and storing physical copies of the pay stubs.

What If I’m Not Able to Log Into the PetSmart Employee Portal for My Pay Stubs?

Check if it’s something you can resolve without seeking assistance. If it’s a password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the bottom of the log-in screen.

If that fails, call the HR department at 1-888-738-7978 for assistance.

Who Should I Contact If My PetSmart Paystub Is Incorrect?

If your PetSmart paystub is erroneous, you should contact PetSmart’s HR through the Shared Services Information Line at (866) 263-841.

Alternatively, you can email

How Can I Keep My PetSmart Pay Stub Confidential?

The information contained on your pay stub is sensitive.

Pay stubs contain your Social Security Number, legal name, employer’s details, and essential financial information.

These particulars can be used to steal your identity to defraud you, others, or even commit crimes, which could land you in a lot of trouble.

PetSmart is required by law to safeguard the safety of this information, but you must do your bit as well.

Consequently, keep your log-in credentials confidential, and always log out – even on personal devices once you’re done.

When sending your pay stub online, ensure it’s to a secure and trustworthy recipient.

Also, it’s a good idea to send it in a secure file format like DOC, PDF, or ZIP that you can password-protect.

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PetSmart employees can access their pay stubs from various sources to know how they make their money. The pay stubs are also essential proof of income. Always ensure that the information expressed here is accurate, and keep it safe, as it is sensitive.

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