PetSmart Employee Discount (Benefits, Who Can Use, Products, Other Stores + More)

Retailers like PetSmart aim to provide a number of benefits and discounts to employees to keep them motivated and satisfied with their jobs.

If you’re applying for a role at PetSmart or are soon to start a job there, you may be wondering – what is the PetSmart employee discount? Here is everything I’ve found out!

PetSmart Employee Discount

PetSmart and Banfield’s associates receive a 15% discount on all merchandise and services to allow them to save in-store and online. PetSmart also offers free puppy training classes and free enrollment in Banfield’s wellness plan to help employees care for their pets.

If you want to learn more about where the PetSmart employee discount can be used, who can use the PetSmart employee discount, and much more, keep on reading!

How Much Is The PetSmart Employee Discount?

PetSmart employees receive a number of benefits alongside their 15% discount on all products and services.

For example, they are entitled to 50% off of the retailer’s proprietary brands, including pet food, treats, and litter.

What Other Benefits Can Employees Get At PetSmart?

PetSmart employees can obtain free enrollment for their pets in Banfield’s Wellness Plan, which provides benefits such as unlimited vet visits and discounts on medication.

Additionally, PetSmart employees can enroll in free pet training classes with their pets, including a free Doggie Day Camp session and 50% off on bathing services at PetSmart.

Who Can Use The PetSmart Employee Discount?

Employee discount at PetSmart is only valid to be used by current PetSmart employees.

As per the terms and conditions of PetSmart’s associate discount, the applicable discounts must be used by the current PetSmart employee and cannot be given to others.

Along with that, the PetSmart employee discount may only be used to purchase items or services for personal use or gifts.

PetSmart employees are prohibited from selling or being reimbursed for their purchases of goods or services.

To get the discount, employees must be present at the time of the purchase to provide relevant employee information such as their EPIN and ID.

It is also prohibited at PetSmart for employees to process their own purchases or refunds or those of friends and family.

PetSmart has stated that it expands its employee discount to friends and family several times a year.

This means that those who are close to PetSmart employees can use their discount for purchases of goods and services during that time period.

Can PetSmart Employees Get Discounts Online?

Can PetSmart Employees Get Discounts Online?

PetSmart employees can receive discounts online but must purchase through the store to be eligible for employee discounts.

If you want to purchase products online with the employee discount applied, contact customer service to create a personal account that can be used online to get discounts.

PetSmart’s customer service can be contacted by calling 1-866-263-8411 or emailing

Keep in mind that employees will be required to enter their EPIN in order to receive online discounts.

What Products Can I Use PetSmart Employee Discount For?

PetSmart offers its employees discounts on a wide variety of essential pet products.

On a basic level, employees get a 15% discount on merchandise, grooming, and purchasing live animals.

In addition, PetSmart employees can also receive a 15% discount on ongoing services, as well as a 35% discount on grooming salon tools.

Other than that, PetSmart employees can receive one 6-week Pet Training Puppy or Beginner group class at no cost.

This class must only be taken by PetSmart employees and with management approval.

Note that friends and family of the PetSmart employee may also be present at the class, but the employee must be there as well.

PetSmart also expects the employee to use their knowledge to sell at least three classes to customers without any commission payment.

Finally, the free classes for PetSmart employees must not be taken while the employee is working or if it is interfering with work schedules.

What Brands Do PetSmart Employees Receive 50% Off?

PetSmart employees are entitled to receive a 50% discount on several brands, including pet food brands such as Only Natural Pet, Nourish, and Authority.

Similarly, employees also get a 50% off Dentley’s dog treats and 50% off Exquisicat cat litter.

Note that there are additional PetSmart promotions that are run throughout the year that may entitle PetSmart employees to additional discounts other than the regular 15%.

These may include offers such as PetsHotel stays and Day Camp at the PetsHotel being available at a 50% discount.

What Do I Need For An Employee Discount At PetSmart?

To receive your PetSmart employee discount in-store, you will be required to enter your EPIN and provide a valid form of ID to receive discounts.

Only current PetSmart employees are entitled to use the PetSmart employee discount and must use it for their own purposes or as gifts.

PetSmart employees are prohibited from profiting or reselling PetSmart products or services purchased using discounts.

Additionally, PetSmart states in its employee discount guidelines that if any employee is caught misusing the discount, they may be subject to immediate termination.

Misuse of PetSmart employee discounts also may result in the employee needing to pay restitution for the unauthorized discounts.

Keep in mind that, to prevent this, employees are not allowed to process their own or friends and family transactions and discounts.

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All PetSmart and Banfield Store Associates are entitled to a 15% discount on all merchandise, products, animals, and services within the stores and online.

Employees can also receive additional bonuses on selected brands and services.

PetSmart will also annually expand their discount to be used by friends and family, but outside of these periods, employee discount is only valid for current, employed members and associates of PetSmart.

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