Publix Wrong Price Policy (Your Full Guide)

Have you ever been in a checkout line at a grocery store and had an item ring up wrong? If so, you know how frustrating it is when stores mislabel products, and sometimes, you’ll get a reimbursement for the incorrect price.

Like most stores, Publix has a wrong price policy in place just for those situations, and I’m going to explain all you need to know about that and what the Publix Checkout Promise is below, so keep reading!

Publix Wrong Price Policy

The Publix Wrong Price Policy states that if you scan an item during checkout and it rings up higher than the advertised or shelf price, you’ll get the item for free. If you have additional quantities, you’ll be given a lower price, known as the Publix Checkout Promise, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Do you want to know more about Publix’s wrong price policy? For example, why does Publix have the Publix Checkout Promise? Continue reading to learn all of the essential details!

Does Every Publix Store Have the Same Wrong Price Policy?

Yes, every Publix store adheres to the same Wrong Price Policy, known as the Publix Promise or Publix Checkout Promise, regardless of the location.

What’s the Publix Checkout Promise?

The Publix Checkout Promise allows you to get one item for free if it rings up wrong during the checkout process.

Further, the Publix Checkout Promise applies if the price is more than advertised or more than the shelf price.

However, the Publix Checkout Promise does not extend to alcohol or tobacco products.

Why Does Publix Have the Publix Checkout Promise?

Publix has the Publix Checkout Promise because it values customers by showing that profit should never come before doing the right thing.

That said, this mentality is what the founder of Publix, George Jenkins, stated years ago, and Publix tries to live up to his words to this day.

Furthermore, Publix wants you to be completely satisfied with your experience and see you come back to the store, which is why it offers one freebie of that item.

If Publix didn’t have the Publix Checkout Promise, it could mean lost business if a customer was unhappy with their shopping experience.

How Do You Benefit From the Publix Promise?

How Do You Benefit From The Publix Promise?

Publix wants you to benefit from the Publix Promise as much as possible, including you being a satisfied customer during every shopping trip.

That said, Publix doesn’t want to waste your time, which is why you’ll get one item for free and then get the additional quantities of that particular item for a lower price.

Does Publix Pull Tags as Part Of the Wrong Price Policy?

Yes, Publix does send a worker back when a customer says the product rang up at the wrong price to check the shelf price to see if an error has occurred.

Additionally, if the tag needs to be pulled to correct the error to ensure it doesn’t happen again, that’s what Publix will do to ensure the correct price is displayed.

Are Clearance Items at Publix Included in the Publix Checkout Promise?

Clearance items are a part of the Publix Checkout Promise and are given the same treatment as other items that ring up wrong as part of the Wrong Price Policy.

However, you might find that some cashiers aren’t aware that clearance items are included in the Publix guarantee, so make sure to check clearance items while they’re being scanned.

What Items Are Not Included in the Publix Wrong Price Policy?

Publix only excludes alcohol and tobacco products from the Publix Checkout Promise, so anything else in the store is included.

So, that would include non-grocery items you may purchase at Publix, as long as they have nothing to do with alcohol or tobacco.

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