Rite Aid Military Discount (All You Need To Know)

One of the boons of being in the military is all the discounts you can receive at stores. While these aren’t part of the official package when you sign the contract, military discounts are extremely common in our society.

So, if you need to pick up a few convenience items or fill a prescription, you may be wondering whether or not Rite Aid has a military discount. To find out, keep reading!

What Is the Rite Aid Military Discount In 2024?

Rite Aid does not have a military discount in 2024. Therefore, if you’re set on using a military discount, you’ll need to visit another pharmacy. However, Rite Aid does provide a variety of other discounts, including its rewards program that can provide you with up to 20% off and various other discounts.

If you’re interested in the other discounts Rite Aid offers, as well as places it offers a military discount, keep reading for more information!

Does Rite Aid Have a Military Discount?

Currently, Rite Aid does not have a military discount. However, it does have a few other ways that you can save.

For instance, Rite Aid has a rewards program and several other discounts that anyone can access.

It’s somewhat likely that the company will start including the discount in the future, so we recommend checking back regularly.

Plus, it never hurts to ask for a military discount when you’re at the store.

Also, it’s important to realize that managers have a lot of freedom at Rite Aid. Therefore, some of them may offer a military discount, even though it’s not technically company policy.

Therefore, it’s recommended that you ask about the discount at your local store.

Why Does Rite Aid Not Have a Military Discount?

Why Does Rite Aid Not Have a Military Discount?

Rite Aid has not mentioned why it doesn’t have a military discount. However, Rite Aid does not have a lot of other common discounts as well, like senior discounts

Instead, the company has its own discount program.

Therefore, a large reason why it doesn’t include military discounts is because of this program. Anyone can access it, and it allows you to receive pretty good discounts throughout the store.

However, to receive these discounts, you do have to earn points, which can be received simply by purchasing items at the store and getting your prescriptions filled.

For example, you can receive up to 20% off if you have enough points on all eligible items in the store.

Therefore, just because this store does not have a military discount, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t provide the same savings as other places.

For this reason, it’s highly recommended to consider signing up for the discount program, as it provides plenty of savings, even without a discount program.

What Pharmacies Have Military Discounts?

While Rite Aid doesn’t have a military discount, there are plenty of other places that do.

So, if you’re set on getting prescriptions from a pharmacy that has a military discount, consider visiting one of these places instead:

  • CVS
  • Walgreens

Most of these stores provide discounts for all military members – no matter what branch you’re in or what your role is. Furthermore, discounts are available every day, just not on certain days.

With that said, the amount of the military discount depends on the exact store, so it’s highly recommended to ask if the particular amount is vital.

Does Rite Aid Ever Offer a Military Discount?

It seems that Rite Aid offers a military discount sometimes.

For instance, the company may offer it on veteran’s day and other holidays that have to do with the military.

If one of these dates is approaching, you may want to take advantage of it at your nearby Rite Aid.

With that said, this does vary from location to location, so different Rite Aids have different discounts.

Just because one store has a discount does not mean the other one will, as it largely depends on the manager.

For this reason, your best option is to ask your local store if it’s currently offering any discounts.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Rite Aid price matches, Rite Aid senior discount, and Rite Aid employee discount.


Rite Aid does not have a military discount. Therefore, you’ll need to consider going to a different pharmacy if you want to use your military discount. Some stores may offer military discounts at certain times, such as on Veteran’s Day and the Fourth of July.

However, Rite Aid offers a variety of other discounts. For instance, the company has specific rewards programs that are useful for saving money throughout the store.

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