Rite Aid Prescription Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Rite Aid is one of the most common pharmacies in the United States, especially if you live in the northern United States. While the company sells many different items, it’s best known for prescriptions.

If you’ve purchased a prescription from Rite Aid, you may be wondering if you need to return it. For all the information you need, keep reading below for more facts!

What Is the Rite Aid Prescription Return Policy In 2024?

It is illegal in most areas to return prescription drugs to the pharmacy, as there are complications with redistributing them. For this reason, in most areas, you cannot return prescriptions to Rite Aid in 2024. However, state regulations do differ from area to area, so it all depends on where you live.

For more information on when and if you can return Rite Aid prescriptions, continue below to learn more on this subject!

Can You Return a Prescription for a Refund at Rite Aid?

In many cases, state laws prevent the return of prescription medications to Rite Aid or any other pharmacy.

This is not a regulation that Rite Aid is choosing – it’s one that is forced on them by the state.

Therefore, you typically cannot return a prescription to Rite Aid, even if you have not used it at all.

Typically, this is because the medication can potentially be tampered with once it leaves the pharmacy, so the store cannot reuse unused items.

Once you take it home, the pharmacy has no idea what was done with it or how it was stored. Therefore, it isn’t like another item that can simply be put back on the shelf.

With that said, different states have different regulations. Therefore, you may be able to return it in some locations.

Your best bet is to contact Rite Aid and ask. You might get lucky and live in a location that allows returns.

Can You Return Other Items to Rite Aid?

Can You Return Other Items to Rite Aid?

While you cannot return prescriptions to most Rite Aid locations, you can return many of the other items they sell.

The exact regulations differ depending on the product you’re returning, and whether or not you have a license.

If you’re unsatisfied with your order, there are several ways that you can go about returning it.

If you have your receipt, you can return any unused item to Rite Aid within 90 days for a full refund.

If you used a rewards card or phone number during the purchase, an associate can look up the purchase after 48 hours.

In this way, you don’t necessarily need your receipt.

However, if you have no receipt and didn’t use a rewards card, then things are a bit sketchier.

Usually, you can still return the item, though you will need a picture ID to do so. Then, you will be given the lowest promotional price during the last 45 days.

Typically, Rite Aid does not accept returns on used products. However, the company makes an exception for makeup.

Rite Aid understands that finding the correct shade can be difficult, so the company allows you to return makeup that is slightly used – just in case it isn’t the right shade.

Can You Return Things to Rite Aid Without a Receipt? 

There are actually many ways that you can return items to Rite Aid without a receipt. However, you cannot return prescriptions no matter what, even if you do have a receipt.

For other items, though, you can return them without a receipt.

If you used a rewards card or a phone number when you made the purchase, then an associate can look up your purchase after 48 hours.

Even if you didn’t use either of these options, you can still return items. However, you will be refunded the lowest purchase price over the last 45 days.

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Because there are state regulations involving returning prescription drugs, it’s illegal in most areas for the pharmacy to accept them. For this reason, you typically cannot return prescription drugs to Rite Aid.

The NABP does outline some strict regulations for pharmacies that want to accept prescription drugs. Therefore, in some areas, you may be able to return your prescriptions.

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