What Is Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go? (How It Works, Gas, EBT, Products + More)

Sometimes the checkout lines at Sam’s Club are flooded with members. Recently, Sam’s Club has introduced more self-checkout lanes and a feature in their app that makes purchasing items in-store faster.  

Before using Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go feature, you may have a few questions about how the app works and how to use it. All your questions are answered about the Scan And Go feature in Sam’s Club’s app!  

What Is Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go?

Scan And Go is a free feature in the Sam’s Club app that allows members to scan products while shopping in-store and make payments in the app. Scan And Go can be used in-store and at Sam’s Club gas stations; however, appliances, tobacco, and alcohol cannot be purchased with Scan And Go.  

To learn what payment methods are eligible to use in Scan And Go and how to print receipts from the app, keep on reading!  

How Do You Use Sam’s Club’s Scan And Go Feature?

Using the Scan And Go feature on the Sam’s Club app is designed to be very easy.

The first step to using Scan And Go is downloading the Sam’s Club app, which is compatible with iPhones and Androids.  

When you are in the Sam’s Club app, tap on the Scan And Go icon on the screen’s top-left area.

Then, enter your email address and password that is associated with your Sam’s Club membership account.  

As you shop in-store, scan the items you plan on buying as you add them to your cart.

If you cannot find a barcode on a specific item, or if the barcode does not scan, you can select an item from the lookup list in the app. 

Additionally, you can enter the UPC number for the item, which is the first series of numbers below the barcode.

After your shopping, you can pay directly in the app, allowing you to skip long shopping lines.  

On your way out of the store, show the Sam’s Club employee at the door the QR code for verification of your purchase.  

Can You Use Scan And Go At Sam’s Club Gas Stations?

The Scan And Go feature can be used at Sam’s Club and Walmart gas stations. After tapping the Scan And Go icon in the Sam’s Club app, scan the QR code at the gas station pump.  

Then, select the payment method you prefer to use and begin fueling your vehicle with gas.

Once this has been completed, your receipt for your fuel purchase is sent to your email account associated with your membership at Sam’s Club.  

The Scan And Go feature is a convenient way to purchase products in-store and gasoline at Sam’s Club’s gas stations.  

What Products Can Be Scanned With The Scan And Go Feature?

What Products Can Be Scanned With The Scan And Go Feature?

Almost every item at Sam’s Club is eligible to be scanned with the Scan And Go feature. However, there are a couple of exceptions, including: 

  • High-value electronics (TVs, washers, refrigerators) 
  • Tobacco products  
  • Alcohol (in certain states)  

Although there is no minimum order amount to use the Scan And Go feature, there is a maximum order total. For example, there is a $750 Scan And Go order limit.  

Additionally, you must be at least 21 years old to use the Scan And Go feature, which is verified as you show your QR code for your purchase before exiting Sam’s Club.  

Do You Have To Register To Use The Scan and Go Feature?

It is not required to register an account with Sam’s Club. However, doing so does help you access exclusive membership deals like Instant Savings coupons.  

Registering is as simple as entering your membership number and postal code; the Sam’s Club app will do the rest of the work for you!

Also, only active Sam’s Club members can use the Scan And Go feature.  

Can You Use EBT To Pay For Scan And Go Purchases?

Unfortunately, EBT payments are currently not supported on the Scan And Go feature. But you can use EBT and SNAP to buy items from a cashier at any Sam’s Club location.  

However, you can use any available Cash Rewards for Scan And Go purchases.  

Can You Return Items Purchased On The Scan And Go Feature?

If you buy something using the Scan And Go feature and would later like to return the item, the Sam’s Club app makes it simple to do so!  

Click on the paper icon on the top left side of your screen, which takes you to the receipts section of your past purchases. You can search for your receipts by date in the receipts section of the app.  

Then, to return an item, visit the Membership Desk and show a Sam’s Club associate your digital receipt from your Scan And Go purchase.  

Can You Add Items After You Check Out In The Scan And Go Feature?

Can You Add Items After You Check Out In The Scan And Go Feature?

Let’s say you get all your shopping done with Scan And Go and realize you forgot an item or 2; you may wonder if you can add items after you have paid in the app.  

Unfortunately, the Sam’s Club app does not allow you to add items after you pay. You must use Scan And Go to start a new purchase if you forget an item in your cart.  

What Payment Methods Can You Use On The Sam’s Club App?

Several payment options are eligible to use in the Sam’s Club app.

For example, the payment options you can use include the following: 

  • Debit card 
  • American Express  
  • MasterCard  
  • Visa  
  • Discover  
  • Prepaid credit cards  
  • Sam’s Club credit  
  • Walmart gift cards  
  • Sam’s Club gift cards  
  • eGift cards  
  • Digital wallet service  

Do You Have To Be A Member To Use The Scan And Go Feature?

Currently, only active Plus members and Club members at Sam’s Club can access Scan And Go and the other Sam’s Club app features.  

Does The Sam’s Club App Save Your Credit Card Information?

The Sam’s Club app makes it simple to do all your shopping. One aspect of the Scan And Go feature that makes using the app easy is that your login and credit card information is automatically saved.  

This way, you do not need to re-enter your information with every new transaction.

Additionally, Scan And Go allows you to save multiple payment methods and choose which one you would like to use when it is time to checkout.  

The only time your credit card information is not saved is if you make a transaction by scanning your membership card and not actually signing into your account.  

What Phones Are Compatible With The Scan And Go Feature?

The Scan And Go feature in the Sam’s Club app is compatible with all Apple and Android phones. Currently, Microsoft phones cannot use the Sam’s Club app.  

However, Sam’s Club reports the company is working on a version of the app that will work with Microsoft phones so even more customers can use the app.  

Can You Print Receipts From Scan And Go Purchases?

Scan And Go makes it easy to keep track of all your past receipts and even print out past receipts if you would like to keep them on file or use them to make a return.  

After opening Scan And Go within the Sam’s Club app, find the paper icon on the top left of the screen. This icon will take you to all your previous purchases, organized by date.  

To print a receipt, click on the one you would like to print and use the export button on the top right. After you export the receipt, you can print it off.

How Much Does Scan And Go Cost?  

The Scan And Go feature in the Sam’s Club app is a free service for all active membership plans, whether you have a Club or Plus membership.  

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Scan And Go is a feature in the Sam’s Club app that allows members to skip the checkout lines by scanning and paying for items within the app.  

The Sam’s Club app is currently compatible with Apple and Android devices and is available for all active members.  

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