Should I Call Walmart About My Application? (Your Full Guide)

If you’ve applied for a job at Walmart, you might be wondering: should I call Walmart about my application? Do you want to know if it’s a good idea to follow up after you submit it?

Well, I’m going to tell you everything I’ve discovered about handling any follow-up after you’ve applied for a job at Walmart, so keep reading to learn all about it!

Should I Call Walmart About My Application In [currentyear]?

There is no harm in calling Walmart about your application once you’ve submitted it and have waited for a week or two and haven’t heard back in [currentyear]. However, you don’t want to repeatedly call Walmart about your application, so make sure you’re just calling once every couple of weeks so that it doesn’t seem like you’re harassing the employees.

Do you have more questions about Walmart and the application process? If so, keep reading below, because I’ll answer all of your important questions regarding this topic!

How Long Does It Take for Walmart to Reply to Applications?

According to current and former Walmart employees, it can take Walmart up to two weeks or even a little longer to reply to applications, but it depends on factors such as:

  • Your store location
  • The specific screening process for the job or jobs you’ve selected
  • The availability you’ve selected on your application
  • The number of jobs you’ve applied for or have an interest in
  • The number of people who’ve applied for that job

How Do You Know If Walmart Accepted Your Application?

You’ll know Walmart accepted your application at the end of the application process once you’ve filled out the application and completed the required assessments for the job you’ve applied for.

Further, you’ll receive a confirmation screen at the end telling you that you’ve successfully submitted your application and will receive an email verifying it was received.

However, if you don’t get the confirmation screen or email, you may want to call the store you applied to within a day to see if management received the application.

If the store doesn’t show a record of your completed application, you may have to log back into the Walmart portal and see if you accidentally missed a step in the application process.

Is It Rude to Call Walmart About Your Application Status?

It’s not rude to call about an application as long as you’re not calling Walmart multiple times a day or week to ask about the status.

Also, when you call, you should be as polite and respectful as possible, and only call once a week so that it doesn’t appear you’re harassing the hiring manager.

You want to give your name first and the reason for calling, and then if you need to be transferred to the appropriate person, repeat those steps in a friendly manner.

What Is Walmart’s Hiring Process?

What Is Walmart’s Hiring Process?

Once you’ve filled out the application and completed all of the required assessments for the job position, you’ll receive the confirmation email that your application was successfully submitted.

Next, an associate involved with the hiring process will go through all of the applications and look at the applicants to see which people would be a good fit for the jobs they are hiring for.

The associate will look at availability, flexibility, job requirements, candidate skills, and other relevant information and then call the candidates back that best fit those job positions.

Additionally, the candidates not selected for the interview process will be contacted so you’ll know either way whether you’re moving forward in the hiring process.

You’ll set up a time and date for the interview and if the interview is successful, then you’ll move on to the next phase of the hiring process, which includes:

  • Receiving an offer
  • Completing the drug screen if required
  • Passing the background check

Further, once you’ve passed those steps, you are invited to the Welcome to Walmart orientation to familiarize yourself with the company and your specific job tasks and responsibilities.

Then you’ll begin your job after completing the required orientation, which all can happen in a week or less, depending on the job and requirements for the position.

Does Walmart Hire Everyone Who’s Interviewed?

Walmart does not hire everyone interviewed, and most of the time, there are more job applicants than jobs that are available.

Therefore, Walmart will pick the best three candidates for that job and interview them, with only one being selected for the job unless there are multiple openings for that position.

Also, Walmart typically will interview with one applicant but three different interviewers, so you should be prepared to be asked questions from more than one person.

There will likely be two rounds of interviews before you will move onto the next step, both having three people doing the interview, so be prepared for a similar interview setup to the first interview.

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There is no harm in calling Walmart about your application, but you should wait a week or two before making a phone call to follow up since it could take 2 weeks to hear back.

Additionally, you should only call once a week to check the status of your application since you don’t want to seem like you’re harassing the hiring manager. When you call, you need to be friendly, polite and state your name and reason for calling to be referred to the right person.

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