How Do You Get Hired At Walmart? (Step-By-Step)

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world and an excellent place to work since it has over 10,500 locations worldwide. But do you know how to get hired at Walmart?

Before you apply to work at the retail giant, you probably have some questions. For example, what’s the first step in applying for a job at Walmart? Look no further! I’ve looked into it and here’s everything I discovered!

How Do You Get Hired At Walmart In [currentyear]?

The first step to getting hired at Walmart is to browse the available jobs on Walmart’s Careers website as of [currentyear]. Then, you’ll need to make a candidate profile and complete the application and assessment test. Also, you must take all steps seriously in the application process and answer truthfully to have the best chance of being hired.

Do you have more questions about how to get hired at Walmart? Continue reading, and I’ll answer all of your important questions and much more!

Step One: Go To Walmart’s Website To Browse Local Jobs

If you want to get hired at Walmart, the first step is to browse the jobs that your local Walmart has available online.

Also, don’t limit your opportunities, even if you’ve never had the job experience.

On the website, you can filter based on the job, part-time or full-time, and select a radius so you can see jobs within a certain distance from your location.

On top of that, Walmart will train you to do almost any job that’s available. So, if a job sounds interesting to you and you meet the qualifications listed on the page, consider applying for it.

Step Two: Create An Online Profile

Once you’ve found a job that has piqued your interest, you can create an online job candidate profile to begin the application.

Fortunately, it’s straightforward to set up and only requires creating a login username and password.

By creating an employee profile, you can stop and save the application so you can complete it at your convenience.

Furthermore, expect to spend about 30 to 60 minutes completing the application, especially if it’s your first application through the dashboard.

Additionally, a guide will tell you the information you need to enter, such as:

  • Educational background
  • References
  • Address
  • Work history
  • Other basic application details

Step Three: Complete The Walmart Assessment Tests

Before your application is submitted, there are assessment tests for most Walmart jobs that you’ll have to take.

With that, these assessment tests can measure personality traits, problem-solving skills, reading comprehension, and other skills needed for each job.

However, the tests can be tricky since they have more than one answer that could work in the situation, so there’s no real right or wrong answer.

If this is your first assessment test, you can expect to spend about 30 to 45 minutes completing the assessment, with 60 to 70 questions total.

Step Four: Follow Up With Walmart After You Apply

After you apply to Walmart, it’s best to follow up with the store within a couple of days to verify a hiring manager has received it.

Furthermore, when you call, be friendly, engaging, and sound enthused about the possibility of coming in for an interview so that your application is moved to the top of the pile.

Step Five: Go Into The First Walmart Interview Prepared

Once you’ve received the call from a hiring manager, you’ll want to go into the first interview prepared with answers to common interview questions.

At Walmart, your job interview could be with a group of people or one person, so make sure you dress professionally, smile often, and engage in conversation with each person.

Step Six: Wait For The Call For A Second Walmart Interview

Step Six: Wait For The Call For A Second Walmart Interview

Walmart usually has a two-step interview process, so be prepared for another interview and prepare yourself for more questions from the hiring manager.

With that, if you’ve made it to the second interview, your odds of getting the job are higher. So, during the interview, it helps to point out why you’d be a better employee than someone else.

Step Seven: Pass The Walmart Background Check And Drug Test

Before Walmart hires you, you’ll need to pass both a background check and a drug test. Also, Walmart will tell you the specific details on where to take the drug test.

Once you’ve passed those two steps, Walmart will offer you a job! Then, you can accept it, and you’ll begin the orientation and training for your new career!

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired At Walmart?

You can expect it to take up to one month to get hired at Walmart.

But, typically, the hiring process can take two or three weeks depending on the job and how quickly the background check comes back.

However, if you call after submitting your application, it could make the process much quicker, especially if you express a desire to work at Walmart.

Does Walmart Hire Everyone The Hiring Managers Interview?

No, Walmart doesn’t hire everyone it interviews, and depending on the job, there might be three or four people interviewing for one position.

Are Walmart Interviews Hard?

No, Walmart interviews aren’t complicated. But, the interviews can be intimidating since there’s often a group of two or three people during the first interview.

Additionally, the questions you’re asked are similar to other jobs and similar to the assessment tests you take during the application process.

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Getting Hired At Walmart?

There are several tips that will increase your chances of getting hired at Walmart, including:

  • Be flexible on your availability and willing to work as much as possible, such as weekends, mornings, and afternoons
  • Apply for multiple positions to increase your odds of being hired
  • Take the assessment tests seriously and do the best you can on them
  • Talk to a manager after submitting your application
  • Focus during the interview and be as friendly and charming as you can

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To get hired at Walmart, you first need to go online to browse jobs in your area, find one that interests you, and then create an online profile to submit your application.

Additionally, there will be an assessment test you have to take before applying, and it’s essential to take this seriously and answer to the best of your abilities.

After that, call your local store and speak to a hiring manager to ensure they received your application, and then wait for the interview.

Then, put your best foot forward during the two-step interview process, dress nicely, smile often, and be prepared for a multitude of questions.

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