Does Walmart Hire Part-Time? (Positions, Pay + More)

If you’re looking for a part-time job to make a little extra money, you might be wondering if Walmart hires part-time workers in their stores?

So, if you’d like to find out if Walmart hires part-time, and which jobs you could apply for if you just want a few hours a week, keep reading to learn all about it!

Does Walmart Hire Part-Time in 2024?

Walmart hires part-time for certain job positions such as cashier, front-end services, greeter, and stocker. Walmart is always hiring, and if they need workers, they will be willing to hire someone that can only work part-time. Furthermore, part-time workers have plenty of opportunities to gain additional hours every week and can be eligible for benefits. 

Do you want to know more about part-time work at Walmart, such as what the shifts are and how it works? If so, read below to learn all of the important details!

What Positions Does Walmart Hire Part-Time?

Walmart hires for a lot of positions in their stores as part-time, including the following:

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Cashier
  • Greeter
  • Retail merchandiser
  • Associate Optometrist
  • Retail associate
  • Warehouse associate
  • Freight handlers
  • Order fillers
  • Stocker
  • Unloader
  • Online order filler and delivery
  • Health & Wellness associate
  • General merchandiser
  • Front end services

There are other job positions that Walmart may hire you for as a part-time employee, especially during the peak holiday season when they need to hire thousands of additional workers.

However, Walmart is making an effort to move part-time associates to full-time status to give employees more and better opportunities, so part-time job openings may be more limited.

By the end of 2022, Walmart hopes to have two-thirds of its workforce moved to full-time.

How Long are Part-Time Shifts at Walmart?

Part-time shifts at Walmart are typically four hours long, although you may be asked to work additional hours.

As well, most part-time employees work three days a week at four hours each, so you’re guaranteed 12 hours per week, but opportunities exist to get over 30 hours a week.

If you have other obligations, you can talk to your manager and ask that your hours be changed to 2 or 3 days at eight hours each instead, and some managers will be glad to accommodate you.

What Does Walmart Pay for Part-Time?

What Does Walmart Pay for Part-Time?

The pay for part-time employees at Walmart is not the same as full-time employees, and part-time employees earn less on average, but your hourly wage will depend on the job.

Furthermore, you can earn anywhere from $8 an hour to $28 an hour at Walmart, although most job positions will pay $10 to $18 an hour.

What is Considered Part-Time Hours at Walmart?

At Walmart, you’re considered a part-time employee if you work below 35 hours a week. Additionally, if you work over 30 hours per week for the first 60 days of your job, you’ll become eligible for benefits.

Benefits include health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, employee discounts, and many other Walmart employee benefits!

On average, a part-time employee will get between 12 and 27 hours per week, but those that are good at their jobs will be given opportunities to work more.

Is Walmart a Good Place to Work Part-Time?

Employees have mixed feelings on whether Walmart is a good place to work part-time, with there being several factors that influence whether it’s good or bad.

Management can make the job a headache regardless of what your status is at Walmart, but if you have good management you’ll find that Walmart is a great place to work part-time.

Additionally, Walmart is good for teenagers in school, since most part-time workers will get 12 hours a week at four-hour shift intervals, so you’re not going to be working long hours.

Senior citizens also enjoy working at Walmart part-time, such as being a cashier or greeter, since it’s something to do to get out of the house and it’s not too demanding of a job.

However, since Walmart pays part-time workers less than full-time workers, it can be a bad place to work if you’re trying to make a living off of part-time work.

One great aspect of working at Walmart part-time is that you’ll still be eligible for benefits, which is something a lot of other companies do not offer to part-time employees.

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Walmart hires part-time for a lot of different positions, including stocker, cashier, front-end associate, order filler, pharmacy technician, greeter, and other hourly job positions.  

However, Walmart is making an effort to get more employees to full-time status and is hoping that by the end of 2022, two-thirds of employees will be full-time, which could result in fewer part-time positions being available nationwide.

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