Streamlabs PayPal (Do They Accept It, How to Link, Donations + More)

Streamlabs is a software company most popular for its live-streaming services. Streamlabs users can accept payments such as donations.

If you use Streamlabs, you may be wondering if you can use PayPal to accept donations on Streamlabs and how to connect PayPal to Streamlabs. I researched Streamlabs, and here is what I learned!

Does Streamlabs Accept PayPal In [currentyear]?

Streamlabs does accept PayPal in [currentyear]. Originally, Streamlabs had a PayPal Legacy option, and only people with PayPal accounts could send money directly to a streamer. However, Streamlabs now has PayPal Integration, which allows streamers to accept donations directly to their PayPal accounts through credit cards; donators don’t need to have a PayPal account anymore.

If you are interested in learning more about how to link your PayPal account to Streamlabs, how Streamlab donations work, and more, read on!

Does Streamlabs Use PayPal?

Fortunately, Streamlabs does accept PayPal. Streamlabs originally has “PayPal[LEGACY]” as an option, but now it has a new PayPal feature called PayPal Integration

Streamable’s original PayPal feature, PayPal Legacy allows anyone with a PayPal account to donate to someone’s “stream.”

Additionally, the funds are processed directly through PayPal and never held by Streamlabs.

Moreover, the new feature, PayPal Integration, allows you to now accept credit card donations directly to your PayPal account.

This means that now anyone can donate to your “stream” using PayPal, but they don’t have to have a PayPal account themselves.

How Do I Receive Donations from Streamlabs using PayPal?

To receive donations from Streamlabs through PayPal Legacy, you need to have a PayPal account that is connected to your Streamlabs account.

To connect your PayPal account to your Streamlabs account:

  1. First, log into your Streamable account
  2. Second, go to “Donations Settings”
  3. Then, click “PayPal [LEGACY]”
  4. Last, enter your PayPal email address, and any other information it asks for

Moreover, once your PayPal account is connected to your Streamlab account, anyone with a PayPal account can send you donations, and it will be processed directly to your PayPal account.

Additionally, you can connect Streambel’s new feature PayPal Integration, which will allow anyone with a credit card to send you donations directly to your PayPal account.

To set up PayPal Integration:

  1. Begin by logging into your Streamables account
  2. Then, go to “Donation Settings”
  3. Next, click the “blue panel” that says “PayPal”
  4. Following, enter your PayPal email address and the country you live in and click “Next”
  5. Then, you need to “Describe your business,” you need to enter all the information it asks for and click “Next”
    1. You will have to enter information like the name of your business, website, etc.
  6. Finally, click “Go back to Streamlabs” and your account is set up

Additionally, when you’re done and you go back to “Donation Settings,” you should see “Connected” on the side of the “blue panel” that says “PayPal.”

How Do I Withdraw Money from Streamlabs?

How Do I Withdraw Money from Streamlabs?

Fortunately, you don’t have to withdraw any money from Streamlabs when using PayPal.

Any donations you receive through PayPal process directly into your PayPal account, and are not helped by Streamlabs at all.

Therefore, to withdraw your money, you will have to withdraw it from your PayPal balance.

Furthermore, when withdrawing money from PayPal, you have two 2 options- Standard transfer or Instant transfer.

To withdraw money from PayPal online:

  1. First, log in to your PayPal account
  2. Next, go to “Wallet”
  3. Then, click Transfer Funds”
  4. After, click “Transfer to your bank account”
  5. Then, choose the bank account you want the money to go to if you have more than one connected to your PayPal account, and click “Next”
  6. Next, enter the amount you want to transfer and click “Next”
  7. Finally, review the details and confirm the transfer

Additionally, to withdraw money from PayPal using the app:

  1. Begin by logging into your account
  2. Second, click “Dashboard”
    1. It looks like a square made of blocks
  3. Then, click “Transfer”
  4. Next, enter the amount you want to transfer
  5. Last, review the details and click “Transfer Now”

Is It Safe to Use PayPal on Streamlabs?

Fortunately, it’s safe to use PayPal on Streamlabs, because the money is processed directly through PayPal, and is not held by Streamlabs at all.

Additionally, the only information that is shared is your PayPal email/username.

Furthermore, to keep your information more safe, you should create a PayPal email that does not contain your real name.

Your best option is to create a PayPal business email/username to use that does not contain your full name.

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Streamlabs does accept PayPal, and it now has two PayPal features available- PayPal Legacy and PayPal Integration. Additionally, your money is processed directly through PayPal, Streamlabs does not touch it so it’s safe to use.

Furthermore, PayPal Legacy was the first option that allowed only people with PayPal accounts to donate to streamers. Moreover, with PayPal Integration, anyone can donate directly to your PayPal account with a PayPal account or credit card.

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