Subway Dress Code (Hoodies, Shoes, Hair, Tattoos + More)

Working at Subway is an excellent option for most people, especially if they lack work experience. So, if you or someone in your family just got hired at Subway, knowing the dress code of your new place of employment is very important.

If you have been wondering what exactly you can and cannot wear or other appearance-related questions about Subway, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve looked into the matter, and here’s everything I discovered!

Subway Dress Code

Employees of Subway must wear a Subway shirt which the manager at Subway will provide. Also, employees must wear a Subway visor, either black or khaki pants, and an apron. Subway asks that workers are neatly groomed and wear non-slip close-toed shoes as well.

If you’re still curious about the dress code at Subway and have more questions, keep reading for more information!

Can You Wear Hoodies at Subway?

While Subway’s official employee manual doesn’t specify whether employees can wear hoodies, it’s safe to assume that they’re not permitted since Subway workers must wear a Subway shirt.

Having said that, if you have questions about whether you can wear a hoodie or a jacket while at work, check with your Subway manager.

Furthermore, each Subway franchise might have different specific rules regarding the dress code.

If I Have Tattoos, Do I Need To Hide Them While Working at Subway?

As tattoos continue to be more and more common, employers loosen up their policies on visible tattoos. That said, Subway’s stance seems to leave this up to the store manager’s discretion.

Therefore, any visible tattoos should be tasteful, with nothing obscene or offensive about them, which is probably true of most places of employment.

Can You Have Facial Piercings at Subway?

While there does not appear to be an official policy on facial piercings at Subway, some individual Subways might reserve the right to ask employees to limit their piercings.

For example, some Subway franchises specify that their workers only have one ear piercing per ear and no other piercings.

However, the official Subway employee handbook does not state this exact policy.

To be on the safe side, if you don’t know whether you’re allowed to wear multiple facial piercings, it’s a good idea to verify with your store’s manager.

Can I wear Leggings To Work at Subway?

Subway asks that its workers wear pants of more structured material, such as black jeans material or khakis. However, if in doubt, again check with your manager.

Furthermore, leggings probably will not pass dress code requirements, but they might be allowed in certain instances.

Moreover, it is not entirely clear from the Subway employee manual whether or not leggings are permitted.

Can You Wear Fake Nails To Work at Subway?

Can You Wear Fake Nails To Work At Subway?

This policy may vary from store to store, but overall, fake nails are likely allowed as long as the employee keeps them trimmed and clean.

However, keep in mind that you will be wearing gloves while handling food at Subway.

How Do I Wear My Hair at Subway?

All workers will be required to wear a hat or visor while working, but you might be unsure whether you can wear your hair down or not.

According to at least one franchise’s job policy, hair longer than the collar must be pulled back into some sort of braid or ponytail or worn up under the hat to prevent hair from getting into food.

What Makeup Is Acceptable While Working at Subway?

Makeup is acceptable for workers to wear while working at Subway.

However, always keep in mind that you will be handling food and serving it to customers, so anything that might fall onto food would be unsanitary.

Can I Wear Black Jeans To Work at Subway?

Yes, black jeans are permissible as part of your uniform at Subway. But do keep in mind that they should be regular-length pants and not too distressed or faded.

What Shoes Can I Wear To Work at Subway?

Footwear is essential in any restaurant setting due to spills and other hazards that come with the job. At Subway, the policy is that shoes worn must be close-toed, non-slip, and comfortable.

Additionally, the color of your shoes may be up to the discretion of your store manager, so make sure you check with them. However, black shoes are usually a safe choice.

Can I Wear Crocs at Subway?

No, Subway doesn’t permit its employees to wear Crocs, which may be because they are not proper non-slip shoes. Also, the holes in Crocs might not be the safest in a kitchen setting.

Are Shorts Permitted For Subway Employees?

The Subway Employee Manual only mentions the wearing of pants for all workers. So, it’s safe to assume that shorts are likely not allowed for Subway workers.

On the other hand, one Subway franchise apparently allows its workers to wear shorts during certain months of the year.

So if in doubt, again, check with your store’s manager to find out the rule on wearing shorts.

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