Subway Sick Policy (All You Need to Know)

Known as Subway Sandwich Artists, employees at Subway are known for creating fresh, healthy fast-food choices for their customers. As part of the Subway brand, there are over 400,000 Subway employees currently in operation.

But, workers may be wondering what the Subway sick policy is, how they can call in sick, whether there are consequences for calling in sick and more. I’ve done some digging, and here’s what you do if you need to call in sick at Subway!

Subway Sick Policy

You can call in sick at Subway, ideally at least two hours before your shift, and you should arrange for someone to cover so your store is not left short by your absence. Subway does not pay sick pay, and if you call in sick, you need a doctor’s note. Otherwise, you face receiving a strike.

For more information about the Subway sick policy, including how many times you can call in sick, whether you can get fired for calling in sick at Subway, and if you need a doctor’s note, just keep reading!

Can You Call in Sick at Subway?

Yes, Subway will permit workers to take time off if they are sick.

That said, Subway recommends that if you know you cannot come to work due to illness, contact your supervisor or manager as soon as you can to inform them.

Ideally, you should call in at least two hours before the start of your Subway shift to inform the relevant authority that you will not be there and allow the appropriate time to find someone to cover your shift.

Also, Subway recommends you find a co-worker or other employee to cover your shift before you contact Subway, as this makes the process easier.

According to current Subway employees, you can request as much sick time as necessary at Subway as long as you give your manager plenty of notice and others are available to cover your shifts.

How Do I Call in Sick at Subway?

How Do I Call In Sick At Subway?

To call in sick at Subway, call your branch and ask for your manager or supervisor.

Inform them, ideally at least 2 hours before starting your shift, that you are unwell and will not be able to come in.

Additionally, it would be best if you had a doctor’s note to verify your need for sick time. Otherwise, you may be penalized and receive a strike.

Finally, Subway recommends that you contact other employees to see if anyone can cover your shift, as this is more likely to allow you time off.

Does Subway Offer Sick Pay?

Sadly, Subway does not offer sick pay for time off. Workers have noted online that if you call in sick to Subway, it will not pay you for the shift you missed.

Can You Get Fired For Calling in Sickat Subway?

If you call in sick at Subway, you are required to provide a doctor’s note to justify your need for time off.

If you do not provide a doctor’s note to Subway, you may receive a strike on your record, impacting your employment.

With that, Subway will terminate you if you receive three to four strikes on your record.

So, if you call in sick three to four times at Subway without the necessary notice or proof, it may lead to eventual termination.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Note For Subway?

If you have requested a sick day at Subway, it’s best to obtain a doctor’s note so you do not get unnecessary strikes on your record.

If you require several days off from Subway due to illness, it may be worth contacting your HR or senior management to inform them of your circumstances and provide proof, such as a doctor’s note to validate your time off. 

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