Subway Target Market (Age, Gender, Salary + More)

Subway is one of the most popular and most recognizable names in the fast-food industry. That said, it’s well known for its excellent quality sandwiches and its fast and convenient service.

While most people know about Subway, have you ever wondered who its target market is? I’ve done some research on Subway’s target market, and here’s what I’ve found out!

Subway’s Target Market

Subway’s target market is mainly middle-class males and females between the ages of 16 to 30. Additionally, it mainly targets healthy eaters who live in urban and rural areas. Also, larger urban locations are more likely to see new menu items compared to rural locations. Further, over 52% of all Subway locations are found within the United States.

Read on to learn more about Subway’s target age range, target market locations, target salary bracket, and more!

What Age Range Is Subway’s Target Market?

Subway’s target market includes people between the ages of 16-30. However, the age range extends further than this due to the popularity of the brand.

More recently, Subway has been targeting children and families by offering healthier snacks for kids, including promotional material for kids’ films and TV shows on its packaging, and training the staff to improve their interactions with kids.

Also, Subway targets students, as there are multiple Subway locations on college campuses.

Where Is Subway’s Target Market Located?

Most of Subway’s target market is located in the United States, with a total revenue of around $10.2 billion in 2019. Moreover, Subway targets rural and urban locations in the United States.

With that, around 48% of Subway locations are located outside of the United States.

What Is Subway’s Target Salary Bracket?

Subway’s target salary bracket mainly includes middle-class people, ranging in annual income from around $50,000 to $74,900 per year.

However, Subway attracts customers from all walks of life, including those in higher tax brackets and those in lower tax brackets, including students.

For example, the upper to middle classes are most likely to go to Subway due to the price being at the higher end of the fast-food market.

But, Subway is constantly releasing new coupons and promotions to attract people in those lower income brackets.

Which Gender Does Subway Target More?

Which Gender Does Subway Target More?

Subway aims to target both males and females to come to its restaurants.

Generally, men eat more fast food than women, so you can assume that men generally eat more Subway than women.

For example, a study by the CDC states that 46.5% of men ate fast food on any given day between the years of 2013-2016, compared to 43.3% of women.

Further, both men and women find Subway appealing for different reasons, whether sandwiches, salads, cookies, or more.

What Are Subway Customers Looking For When Ordering at Subway?

Subway customers choose to eat there because they want to save time and eat a bit healthier.

That said, the company is quick to take your order, toast and prepare the sandwich, add toppings and sauces, and have you eating within minutes after ordering.

So, it saves so much time compared to other options.

Additionally, Subway targets healthy eaters with a range of healthier protein options, a salad instead of bread option, and a variety of freshly chopped vegetable toppings.

Clearly, Subway customers don’t mind paying more for a generous portion of food with fresh ingredients. Still, Subway offers coupons for those who want to save some money.

How Does Subway Cater To Its Target Market?

At Subway, there are roughly 38 million total food options to choose from, showing just how many different offerings there are for customers.

There are both filling items on the menu, like a footlong sub, and lighter snack foods, like a salad, to cater to people during various times.

Also, Subway has an app you can download that offers multiple coupons and special promotions for your local restaurant.

What Kind Of Lifestyle Do Subway Customers Have?

Subway likes to target busy people with active lifestyles. For example, healthy gym-goers, busy full-time parents, and working professionals who need a quick and tasty meal often flock to Subway.

Moreover, Subway attracts teenagers and younger adults very often to its restaurants, as the convenience of the food is perfect for them.

What Degree Of Loyalty Do Subway Customers Have?

Subway customers usually have a high degree of loyalty to the company, which is why Subway has regained customers who were previously unhappy with the brand.

Additionally, the brand is so quick and convenient that it maintains a loyal customer base.

Some customers are also switchers, meaning they were fond of another restaurant and then moved to Subway because of the freshness, quality, and generous portion sizes.

What Factors Are Most Important To Subway Customers?

Subway customers enjoy the excellent customer service, fast service, healthy items, and delicious food that Subway has consistently maintained since its inception.

With that, Subway staff always maintain a clean environment in the restaurants and make sure that all ingredients are freshly prepared for the customer.

Additionally, customers love Subway’s huge range of choices, from the different bread to the various proteins, cheeses, toppings, and sauces.

How Many People Does Subway Serve?

Subway serves around 5,300 sandwiches every minute, 320,000 sandwiches every hour, and 7.6 million every day from over 41,000 locations worldwide.

How Do Subway Customers Feel About the Company?

Even though Subway serves 7.6 million sandwiches a day, there are some things customers aren’t happy with.

For example, Subway customers feel delighted with the customer service and the taste of the food.

However, customers feel that the company should further improve the freshness of its items, such as frozen chicken and beef.

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