Can You Buy Subway Bread? + Other Common FAQs

Subway is well-known for its fantastic six-inch and foot-long sandwiches, with its signature bread drawing customers back. Customers can spice up their sandwiches with a variety of breads from Subway.

So, you may be asking, is there a way to buy Subway bread and take it home? If you’ve often wondered about purchasing Subway bread a la carte, read on to learn more!

Can You Buy Subway Bread?

Subway does not allow you to purchase bread without buying a sandwich. However, one workaround will enable you to purchase just bread if you ask for a veggie sandwich without the veggies. Additionally, while Subway used to bake its bread on-site, it currently uses an off-site facility to process its loaves.

So, you can’t buy a loaf, but you can purchase the bread alone as a sandwich without toppings. Continue reading below if you want to learn other interesting facts about Subway bread!

Why Can’t You Buy Subway Bread Outright? 

As Subway is currently structured, you have to purchase items from the menu, and bread is not a menu option.

So, customers can’t buy bread because it doesn’t have an SKU number and a register setting to track sales.

For this reason, you can only buy the bread alone by purchasing it as a veggie sandwich and removing the toppings.

Of course, another way to remedy this would be for Subway to obtain an SKU number for the bread to place it on the menu as a purchasable item.

What Types Of Bread Does Subway Offer?

Subway provides several kinds of bread in-store as a base for its numerous sub sandwiches. With that, Subway’s bread is produced in a gluten-free facility, and varieties include:

  • 9-Grain Wheat
  • Multigrain Flatbread
  • Italian
  • Parmesan Oregano
  • Italian Herbs & Cheese
  • Flatbread

While Subway doesn’t bake its bread in the restaurant, the franchise does strive to order bread promptly so it’s fresh.

Additionally, while the bread is manufactured in a gluten-free facility, it’s prepared on shared equipment and may not be 100% gluten-free.

Can You Find Bread Similar To Subway Bread in Stores?

Can You Find Bread Similar To Subway Bread In Stores?

While you could come reasonably close, there just doesn’t seem to be a genuine substitute for Subway-style bread in most stores.

However, some fans of Subway sandwich bread have stated that Amoroso’s Italian Rolls come pretty close.

Conveniently, you may be able to find a local bakery that offers bread or hoagie-type buns that are great for making subs.

But, buying baked bread might be expensive as freshly baked bread from specialty stores can be pricey.

Can You Make Homemade Subway Bread?

Yes, you can find a ton of recipes online that offer easy-to-make versions of Subway’s most popular bread. For instance, one recipe mimics Subway’s Italian herbs and cheese bread.

Additionally, you can search for Subway copycat bread and locate numerous recipes shared by at-home chefs looking to recreate Subway’s signature sandwiches.

Who knows, you may find the process fun and even educational for the whole family.

Is Subway Bread Made Fresh?

A few years ago, Subway used to bake its bread fresh every morning at the store. In 2021 however, Subway began baking bread at an off-site gluten-free facility.

In addition, all Subway restaurants have traditional flatbreads, multigrain, and Italian base sandwich loaves, but a few other types are also available.

For this reason, your local chain may have these varieties for sale:

  • Hearty Italian
  • 9-Grain Honey Oat
  • Jalapeno Cheese
  • Monterey Cheddar
  • Parmesan Oregano
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Rosemary & Sea-Salt
  • Rye and Gluten-free bread

If you crave one of the specialty loaves, call your local Subway restaurant to see if the bread is readily available.

Is Subway Flatbread Made Fresh?

As with regular Subway sandwich loaves, flatbreads are also made off-site. Even so, Subway guarantees the bread is purchased shortly after baking to ensure its freshness.

Interestingly enough, these artisan-style flatbreads are among the best pieces of bread offered at Subway.

If you want a nice, tasty sandwich, you can’t go wrong with one of Subway’s flatbreads.

Can You Toast Subway Bread?

Almost every style of bread offered at Subway can be toasted upon request by all Subway franchises.

With that, many customers choose this option because they either want to melt the cheese on their sandwich or simply enjoy a crunchier texture.

Additionally, toasting the bread can assist in keeping the bread from getting too soggy if you decide to take the sandwich home and save it for later. 

What Are Subway’s Sandwich Bread Lengths?

Subway sandwiches primarily come in six-inch and 12-inch varieties.

Despite a previous lawsuit claiming Subway’s 12-inch sub wasn’t really that size, you can rest assured knowing the footlong sub is indeed one foot.

Will Subway Ever Sell Its Bread To Customers?

A petition on called FreeTheBread is practically begging Subway to sell its bread to customers.

While the petition only has 26 supporters and is now closed, it does beg the question of whether Subway will try to find a way to profit from selling loaves to customers.

Unfortunately, the issue relates to profit, as selling bread alone may not make a whole lot of business sense in the long run.

For example, it would take hundreds of daily bread purchases to make just the venture worthwhile.

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