Target Appliance Return Policy (All You Need To Know)

Target is a popular destination for customers who are looking to purchase high-quality appliances at affordable rates, selling everything from mini waffle makers to large refrigerators.

However, what if you purchase an appliance from Target and find that it doesn’t fit in well with your home or lacks some of the features you wanted? Here is what I’ve found out about Target’s appliance return policy!

Target Appliance Return Policy

Target accepts returns of appliances within 90 days of purchase with a valid receipt or returns barcode, with Target Circle Rewards members and RedCard users getting 120 days. Regular-sized devices can be returned to stores or by mail, whereas heavy appliances must be collected by Target’s pick-up service.

If you want to learn more about which appliances require a scheduled pick-up, whether Target accepts opened appliances, and whether you can return appliances without a receipt, keep on reading!

How Do I Return Appliances To Target?

You can return appliances of manageable sizes to a local Target store within 90 days of purchase or delivery, bringing along a valid government-issued photo ID for verification purposes.

However, you should not attempt to return large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and ovens in-store (see more below).

Regular appliances such as microwave ovens, air fryers, toasters, coffee makers, blenders, and electric whisks should be taken to the Guest Services counter in the original packaging.

Target sells appliances from a variety of top brands such as Samsung, Fisher & Paykel, Singer, Black & Decker, LG, Haier, Ninja, and many more.

Some of these brands might have modified return policies, overriding the 90-day returns window or requiring the appliance to be sealed. Check your receipt to take note of any such modifications.

Note that you must bring a valid receipt to return store-bought appliances.

To return an online purchase in-store, you must generate a return barcode from the return process using your online account before heading to the store.

You will receive either a refund or an exchange for the total amount which you can expect to see in up to 5 days. Additionally, in-store refunds are issued using the same method you paid with.

Does Target Pick Up Appliances For Return?

Target offers a pick-up service for appliance returns, with customers advised to schedule pick-ups for heavy or oversized appliances for safety reasons.

To schedule a pick-up, you’ll need to contact Target’s Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680 with the order information at hand. The employees will work with you to plan a pick-up with one of their carriers.

Can I Return Appliances To Target Without A Receipt?

Unfortunately, you cannot return an appliance to Target without a receipt. However, Target has plenty of solutions to help tackle returns without receipts.

To receive a full refund or exchange with the original price point, you will need to provide proof of purchase which can be done in several ways.

For instance, if you paid with a third-party credit card such as American Express, Discover, Visa, or MasterCard, your transaction might be recorded on the store computer.

Cashiers can follow the same process with Target RedCards (debit, credit, or MasterCard). Additionally, check payments can be verified if you bring a blank check from the same checking account.

According to Target’s policy, customers who cannot verify their purchase will only receive a merchandise return card loaded with the current sale price of the appliance.

Can I Return Opened Or Used Appliances To Target?

Target Appliance Return Policy

The best way to guarantee approval of your return request is to return appliances unopened with seals intact.

However, if you have opened the box, the device should be in perfect working condition.

If you receive a machine such as an air fryer, washing machine, or grinder that arrived broken or was damaged during delivery, you can call Guest Services to request a replacement or a full refund.

Can I Return Appliances To Target After 90 Days?

According to Target’s official returns policy, you will not be able to return an appliance to Target after the 90-day returns window is over. However, there are several exceptions to this policy.

If you are a Target Circle Rewards member or paid for the appliance using any Target RedCard, you will have an additional 30 days to return the appliance, i.e. a total return window of 120 days.

Also, since the decision to accept a return is at the discretion of each store’s manager, you may be able to return an appliance after 90 days if everything is in perfect condition and you have the receipt.

How Are Appliance Refunds Processed At Target?

Customers who paid for an appliance with cash will be reimbursed with cash straight away.

Target RedCard users will receive funds within 1 to 3 days whereas third-party cardholders (Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, etc.), should allow up to 5 days to get the funds.

Online refunds are processed using the same card you paid with once the return has arrived at a Target returns center. Note that you should allow 5 additional days for Target to inspect the appliance.

Additionally, customers who paid with PayPal will receive funds in the form of a Target gift card.

How Do I Return An Appliance To Target By Mail?

To return an appliance to Target by mail, follow these steps:

  • Log on to your online account using a desktop or handheld device to access your purchase history
  • Specify which machine you’ll be posting back and select ‘return an item’ with a practical reason for your decision from the drop-down menu
  • Choose whether you’d prefer to receive a replacement or a refund
  • Enter your shipping address and submit the form
  • Attach the printable mailing label to ensure free shipping no matter the weight (only relevant to manageable appliances)
  • Drop the parcel at any UPS location

Target will begin processing your return once it has received it, and transfer the refund once the appliance has been inspected.

To see the returns process for other items, you can see our guides on the Target headphones return policy, the Target furniture return policy, and the Target DVD return policy.


Appliances can be returned to Target within 90 days from the delivery or purchase date. You can return manageable-sized devices such as coffee makers, toasters, and microwaves in-store or by free mail.

However, large appliances must be collected by Target’s carriers. Total refunds and exchanges worth the original price are issued when a receipt or return barcode is provided.

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