Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash (Your Full Guide)

Home Depot offers a lenient returns policy to its customers, allowing them to make returns without any proof of purchase and offering Store Credit in exchange.

If you’ve received Store Credit for a return at Home Depot, you may be wondering – can you turn Home Depot Store Credit into cash? Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Can You Turn Home Depot Store Credit Into Cash?

Unfortunately, customers cannot turn Store Credit into cash at Home Depot. Home Depot gives out Store Credit instead of a refund when an item is returned to the store for a return without a receipt. Customers are restricted to using the Store Credit in-store only.

If you want to learn more about why you can’t turn your Store Credit into cash at Home Depot, how to check your Store Credit balance, and much more, keep reading!

Why Can’t I Exchange My Home Depot Store Credit For Cash?

The Store Credit card issued by Home Depot when an item is returned to the store is non-transferable, meaning you cannot turn it back into cash.

Along with that, it is also tied to the customer’s photo ID, which is checked when credit is redeemed in-store.

Home Depot usually issues Store Credit when a return is made that does not qualify for payment in the original form.

For example, if valid proof of purchase is not provided, or for a return of an item purchased with Store Credit.

In such cases, Store Credit cannot be transferred to cash as the credit is issued as part of an exchange for an unwanted item.

The credit is tied to the return, which was not valid for repayment in the original form.

Note that Store Credit at Home Depot has recently been linked to the customer’s photo ID to protect against the selling of Store Credit online.

Because of this, you cannot sell your Store Credit for cash either.

Can I Use My Home Depot Store Credit Online?

Home Depot Store Credit cannot be used online to make purchases.

This policy was implemented by Home Depot to protect customers from buying fraudulent Store Credit online.

Can I Use My Store Credit At Any Home Depot Store?

Can I Use My Store Credit At Any Home Depot Store?

Home Depot Store Credit can be redeemed at any Home Depot store, provided you bring along your valid photo ID linked to the card.

A government-issued photo ID is required during this process to prevent fraudulent activity, including return fraud and the online sale of Store Credit cards.

How Do I Check My Home Depot Store Credit Balance?

The only way to check the balance of your Home Depot Store Credit is to go into the store and have a cashier check the balance on the card.

Keep in mind that you cannot check the balance of a Home Depot Store Credit card online.

Previously, customers could contact Home Depot via phone to find out the balance of their Store Credit, but this option is no longer available.

Can I Use Home Depot Store Credit To Buy Gift Cards?

Customers cannot use Home Depot Store Credit to buy Home Depot gift cards.

Instead, gift cards can be purchased at Home Depot using cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and PayPal.

Additionally, note that Home Depot Consumer Credit Cards cannot be used to purchase Home Depot Gift Cards as well.

Home Depot Gift Cards operate through a third party, meaning Home Depot does not have the final say over how the cards can be purchased.

This may be the reason Store Credit cannot be used to buy Home Depot Gift Cards.

How Do I Turn My Home Depot Gift Card Into Cash?

Home Depot Gift Cards cannot be returned and cannot be exchanged for cash.

So if you possess a Home Depot gift card, your only options are to use the gift card or exchange it with someone else (who wants to use it) for cash.

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Home Depot Store Credit cannot be exchanged for cash. Additionally, Store Credit cards are linked to individual customer’s photo IDs, meaning the Store Credit cannot be used by anyone else.

Home Depot allows Store Credit to be used in any of its locations, provided you bring a valid photo ID with you. To check the Store Credit balance, you must go into the store as this can no longer be done online.

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