Twitch Chat Not Working (List of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Is Twitch Chat not working and you’re trying to figure out how to potentially fix the issue? Do you have other questions about Twitch Chat?

Well, I’ve been researching all about fixes for Twitch Chat not working and wanted to share them with you below, so keep reading to find out what I’ve discovered!

Why Is My Twitch Chat Not Working In 2024?

If Twitch chat is not working, you could try to disable all add-ons and browser extensions you have running. Additionally, you want to try to disable your ad blocker to see if that fixes the issue because ad blockers interfere with Twitch chat regularly. Restarting your browser is also another good potential fix for this issue in 2024.

Do you want to know about additional fixes for Twitch Chat not working, and have more questions? If so, read further because I’ll get into so much more below!

1. Disable Add-Ons & Extensions

Add-Ons and Extensions are handy to have in your browser, but they can cause a lot of interference with programs, including Twitch chat.

Therefore, if you’ve found Twitch chat not working, you need to disable all extensions and add-ons that you can, and disabling some of them may require a browser restart.

2. Disable Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are notoriously behind the reason why Twitch chat isn’t working, regardless of which adblocker you are using or on which browser you have an ad blocker.

3. Disable VPN

Having a VPN enabled can interfere with Twitch chat, so if you’re running behind one, you should try to disable the VPN and reload the Twitch page to see if that will fix the issue.

4. Restart Your Browser

A browser restart can fix several issues, including if Twitch chat is not working, and it’s easy to restart your browser and get back up and running within minutes.

Additionally, there could be webpages slowing down your browser, or you could have corrupted files, which can sometimes be cleared by restarting your browser.

5. Switch Browsers

Your browser could be why Twitch chat isn’t working, so if you have another browser on your PC that you can try out, switching browsers and trying to load the chat would be a good idea.

For example, if you normally run Twitch in Google Chrome, try to download and install Firefox and load up Twitch through there to see if that’ll fix the problem.

However, you don’t want to add anything to the browser you’re trying out, so don’t download themes, add-ons, or any extensions, and run the browser fresh from the install.

6. Clear Browser Cache

You want to try to clear out your browser cache to see if that will fix Twitch chat not working, and it’s simple to clear your browser cache, regardless of which browser you are using.

For example, if you’re using Firefox, you can clear your cache quickly by following the steps below:

  • Open “History” in the Menu
  • Select “Clear Recent History”
  • Choose the timeframe you want to be cleared
  • Check the “Cache” box
  • Hit “OK”
  • Refresh the Twitch page

7. Restart Your Device

Rebooting your device can be a potential fix if Twitch chat isn’t working, and restarting will also improve performance, clear cache, and can fix some glitches happening on your computer.

8. Refresh the Webpage

8. Refresh the Webpage Twitch

While it seems like it wouldn’t help much, there are times when just refreshing the Twitch page can fix your Twitch chat, and it could be a display issue preventing it from appearing.

Furthermore, if there was a hiccup in your connection, and the page didn’t load all of the way, refreshing the page can be a good way to ensure that it loads correctly.

9. Sign Out & Back Into Twitch

Signing out of Twitch and back into Twitch can resolve the chat not working, and it will work regardless of whether you’re in the app or on your PC.

10. Disable Proxy Settings

If you have issues with Twitch chat, you also need to disable your proxy settings to see if you can fix the chat not working that way, and it could improve Twitch streaming on your PC.

11. Update Your Browser

If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your browser, it could need to be updated to run properly as there could be bugs or glitches in the version you’re using, disabling the chat.

12. Check Your Internet Connection & Reboot Router

If you’ve noticed Twitch chat not working and have also had issues with the stream loading properly or buffering, you should check your Internet connection.

Furthermore, you might have a weak WiFi signal, so you’ll want to reboot your router and see if that fixes the issues.

Why Is Twitch Not Opening?

There could be issues with the version of Twitch you’re using, so make sure you’ve updated to the latest version.

Additionally, it could be a problem with your device, so you can try to reboot it to see if Twitch will open after you’ve restarted.

Why Is Twitch VOD Chat Muted?

Twitch will automatically mute parts of videos that contain copyrighted content such as audio or unauthorized audio, so if you stop hearing sound briefly, that could be the reason.

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If Twitch chat is not working you can try to switch browsers, disable add-ons and themes, disable your VPN, update your browser, or disable proxy settings.

In addition, checking your Internet connection and rebooting your router might be a potential fix, and you also want to make sure you’ve disabled ad blockers, which could interfere with chat.

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