Twitch Notifications Not Working (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are your Twitch notifications not working and you’d like to try to fix the issue as quickly as possible so you can keep up with your favorite streamers?

Well, I’ve been researching this topic and have found several potential fixes that could help you if your Twitch notifications aren’t working, so keep reading to learn all about them!

Why Aren’t My Twitch Notifications Working In 2024?

If you’ve discovered Twitch notifications not working, then you can try to change notification settings for the channels you’re subscribed to, and make sure live notifications are enabled. Additionally, you also can try to switch browsers to see if that fixes the issue or restart the device you’re using. Resetting your email address may also fix the problem in 2024.

If you want to know additional potential fixes for Twitch notifications not working, read below as I’ll go into more details and possible fixes, plus answer your biggest questions!

1. Change Notification Settings for Each Channel

If you’ve found Twitch notifications not working for a particular channel, then the first thing to try would be tochange your notification settings for the Twitch streamers you follow.

Furthermore, it’s simple to change your notifications by following our guide below:

  1. Open Twitch
  2. Go into “Settings”
  3. Select “Notifications”
  4. Select “Notification Settings”
  5. Expand “Per Channel”
  6. Enable the notifications for each channel using the toggle switch and enable the types of notifications you want, including live streams, posts, and comments

2. Ensure Live Notifications Are Enabled

You may want to double-check and ensure that live notifications are enabled if you’re having trouble with the live notifications not working.

To illustrate how quickly you can check live-up notifications, just go into the Notifications for that channel and make sure the toggle is switched on for the “Live” category.

3. Switch Browses

Sometimes switching browsers can solve your problem, and it could be because of a setting on your browser or another issue of a bug if your browser just updated.

For example, if you normally use Google Chrome to alter settings or watch Twitch, use Firefox or Microsoft Edge instead, change settings, or just use Twitch and see if you get notifications.

4. Restart Your Device

While you might not think about it, restarting the device that you’re using to watch Twitch may solve the problem of Twitch notifications not working.

5. Reset Your Email Address

There are times when resetting your email address will solve the problem of Twitch notifications not working if you’re not getting email notifications.

To reset your email address, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go into your “Profile” by clicking on your profile image
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Security & Privacy”
  4. Find your email section
  5. Click the pencil icon to edit
  6. Change the email address
  7. Select “Save”
  8. Verify that email address
  9. Go back to Twitch and edit your email to the previous email address
  10. Select “Save”
  11. Verify your email address again

6. Reinstall the Twitch App

6. Reinstall the Twitch App

If you’re having issues with Twitch notifications not working, you also could try to reinstall the Twitch app on your device to see if that solves the issue.

However, you need to make sure you remember your login credentials because uninstalling the app will delete your username and password and you’ll need to re-enter it.

Additionally, you’ll want to go into the “Settings” and check your “Notifications” once you’ve reinstalled the app to make sure it’s set up correctly.

7. Disable & Re-Enable Smart Notifications

Disabling the Smart Notifications and re-enabling them can fix the issue if Twitch notifications are not working on the app.

Furthermore, the process is easy if you just follow the steps below to disable Smart Notifications:

  1. Open the Twitch app
  2. Go into “Settings”
  3. Select “Notifications”
  4. Toggle off “Smart Notifications”
  5. Toggle on “Smart Notifications”

8. Update the Twitch App

If you’re using the app and not getting the notifications, then you may want to try updating the app to see if that fixes the issue.

Just go into the app store you use on your device, search for “Twitch,” and open the details of the app. If there is a new version of the app available, you’ll see the option to “Update.”

Further, just select “Update” and then wait for the download and installation of the new version to complete and it may fix the issue.

9. Clear Browser Cache

If you’re using Twitch on the PC, tryclearing out your browser cacheto fix Twitch notifications not working, and it’s easy to do by pressing “Shift + Ctrl + Delete” at the same time.

From there, just select “Cookies and other site data,” as well as cached images and files. Select “Clear Data” and then reload the Twitch page to see if that works.

10. Reset Your Browser

Resetting your browser could also fix this common issue, which will put all of your browser settings back to factory, so it should be a last resort.

To illustrate how to do this on Google Chrome, we will tell you the steps to take below:

  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Go into “Settings”
  3. Go down to “Advanced Options”
  4. Expand the section and go to the bottom
  5. Select “Restore” to restore the settings
  6. Select “Reset Settings”

How Often Are Twitch Notifications Sent?

Twitch Notifications can be sent at different times depending on which notifications you have turned on, how many streamers you follow, and other preferences.

However, if you are a streamer and want to send out “Go Live” notifications, you can only send them once every four hours.

What Are Twitch Smart Notifications?

Smart notifications on Twitch allow you to get your notifications where you’re at, which means if you’re on Twitch, then those notifications are sent on-site.

However, if you’re not on Twitch at the time, then you’ll get those notifications in your email or on your mobile device.

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If Twitch notifications are not working, then you could try to use a different browser, reset your browser, or clear your browser cache.

Additionally, you can try to disable and re-enable notifications to see if that works, you can go in and alter your email address, or you can update the Twitch app and it may fix the issue.

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