Uber Eats Privacy Policy (Can Drivers See Your Details + Other FAQs)

Uber Eats has grown into one of the most popular food delivery services in the world and the preferred choice of millions.

At this size, the company has access to data from all these users, and it might be concerning to some. If you’re interested in Uber Eats’ privacy policy, I looked into how the company handles this information!

What Is Uber Eats’ Privacy Policy In 2024

Uber Eats privacy policy states that the company collects information like your location and financial data to facilitate orders and deliveries as of 2024. Uber Eats keeps data “for as long as necessary,” but you can change some of this information and delete it. You can request a copy of your user data from Uber Eats.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Uber Eats’ privacy policy, including what drivers see, how your personal data is handled, and more!

How Secure Is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is secure because the app uses encryption, especially where credit and debit cards are involved.

So, when you enter your payment information, it gets encrypted instead of being saved as text so that even when someone gets access to your account, they can’t see it.

Further, many cases where people get hacked or scammed through Uber Eats usually come down to the fraudsters tricking the victims into giving up their information.

What Data Does Uber Eats Collect?

Uber Eats collects the following information from drivers and customers:

  1. User profile data, including names, email addresses, and phone numbers
  2. Background check and identity verification data such as driver’s licenses and social security numbers
  3. Location data
  4. Financial data such as banking info
  5. Device data, including IP address, operating system, preferred language, and mobile network information

What Does Uber Eats Do With Your Data?

Uber Eats uses your data for the following purposes:

  1. Provide services: information such as your banking info will be used to facilitate the core services on Uber Eats.
  2. Enhance safety and security: identity verification information such as social security numbers are used to boost safety on the platform.
  3. Customer support: information linked to your account, such as your email address and banking details, can be used in customer support, e.g., to complete refunds and report issues.
  4. Research and development: Uber Eats tracks usage data to determine how to tweak the platform for better results.
  5. Facilitate communication between users: contact details such as phone numbers are used to connect delivery drivers and customers.
  6. Marketing: Uber Eats tracks your usage data to determine which promotions to send you.
  7. Communications: outside the app, your contact details, especially your email address, are used for non-marketing communications, alerts, and updates such as receipts.
  8. Legal proceedings and requirements: Uber Eats uses user data to look into disputes and claims required by law.
  9. Automated decision-making: this includes looking at various factors to determine dynamic pricing, which drivers to offer your order to, flagging suspicious activity, etc.

Can Uber Eats Drivers See My Number?

Can Uber Eats Drivers See My Number?

Uber Eats drivers can’t see your number. Rather, when someone contacts you from Uber Eats, the system uses a two-way masking system.

Further, this means that random numbers are generated for both participants in the conversation, so neither can see the other’s real phone number.

Can Uber Eats Drivers See My Name?

Uber Eats drivers can’t see your full name; they only see your first name as you entered it when you signed up.

Can Uber Eats Drivers See My Address?

Uber Eats drivers can see your address because it’s one of the pieces of information included in the offer.

For example, what gets displayed as your address is what you set as the dropoff location for the order and not necessarily where you live.

Moreover, if you’re worried about giving away your address, you could place orders for pickup instead of delivery.

Also, Uber Eats gets rid of addresses after the order is delivered, but if the driver took the extra steps to enter it into a separate service such as Google Maps, they might still have access to it.

What Do Uber Eats Drivers See?

When Uber Eats drivers get an offer, they see the following information:

  1. Restaurant for pickup
  2. Address for delivery
  3. Distance to travel
  4. First name of the customer
  5. How much they’d make on the order (this is only broken up when delivery is complete)

Can You Track An Uber Eats Driver?

You can track an Uber Eats driver because one of the terms of their job is that they need to have GPS enabled when working.

That said, to track a driver within the app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the receipt icon at the bottom of the page
  2. Select “Upcoming”
  3. Find the current order and tap “Track”

Additionally, if you can’t track an order from Uber Eats, it means that the restaurant is doing delivery as opposed to the company’s drivers.

Can I Delete My Uber Eats History?

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your Uber Eats history without deleting your whole account.

Therefore, whether you go through the data deletion process yourself or via customer service, it will ultimately delete everything.

What Information Can I Delete From Uber Eats?

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information you can delete from Uber Eats without deleting your whole account.

Still, you can request a copy of the information Uber Eats has gathered about you, and some of it can be edited if needed, including addresses and payment details.

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Uber Eats has a privacy policy that says the company collects information such as your phone number, location, and banking details.

Fortunately, Uber Eats uses a two-way masking system to hide phone numbers and encryption for personal account details, but drivers still see your address.

If the restaurant isn’t personally doing delivery, you can track an Uber Eats driver.

Unfortunately, you can’t delete your Uber Eats history without deleting your whole account, but you can request a copy of the data the company has on you.

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