Verizon Accessory Return Policy (All You Need to Know)

Did you purchase an accessory from Verizon but want to return it and have questions about the Verizon Accessory Return Policy?

If so, read on below because I’m going to get into all of the details of the policy, including how long you have to return an accessory to Verizon!

What Is the Verizon Accessory Return Policy in 2024?

The Verizon Accessory Return Policy states that you have 30 days from the purchase date to return accessories and get your money back or make an exchange in 2024. You’ll need to have the original receipt with you to return an item, and the item must be in like-new condition with all parts of the package together, including the box.

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Accessory Return Policy, such as if you can return items to a different store? Well, keep reading below to find out all you need to know!

Is There a Restocking Fee for Accessories at Verizon?

There is no restocking fee associated with returning an accessory to Verizon, regardless of whether you return the item in-store or through the online method.

However, if you purchased the accessory through an authorized Verizon retailer, such as Best Buy, you must return the accessory to that store and not a Verizon store.

How Do I Return Verizon Accessories?

If you’d like to return Verizon accessories, you’re going to need to have everything together before you make the return, which includes:

  • The accessory you’re returning
  • The original box or package for the accessory
  • Your receipt
  • The item must be in like-new condition to qualify for a return, so if there is damage to the accessory, you are unable to return it to get your money back or exchange it

Additionally, you can return an accessory within 30 days if you purchased it from a Verizon store, through the phone with customer service, or the Verizon app or website.

If you’d like to start the return process online, log in to your My Verizon account, and then select “My Orders,” find the accessory you’d like to return, and select “View Details.”

You’ll see the option to “Start Return,” and just click that to begin the return process for an accessory.

However, if you purchased the accessory from a Verizon store, you should return the accessory to that same store location.

Before you return the accessory in-store, you want to ensure you have the entire contents of the package and the original receipt, regardless of whether you want to exchange it or get a refund.

When Does Verizon Issue Refunds for Returned Accessories?

When Does Verizon Issue Refunds for Returned Accessories?

Verizon will issue a refund once you’ve returned the accessory, either in-store or Verizon has received the item if you shipped it back.

However, the time it takes to get your money back depends on how you paid for the item and how you returned the item.

For example, if you paid for the accessory with a credit card, refunds take up to 3 weeks to process and go into your account, even if you return the item in-store.

Additionally, if you’ve purchased the accessory with cash or a check, it could take up to 7 weeks to receive your money back if you shipped the accessory back.

Also, you’ll receive an instant refund if you paid in cash and choose to return the accessory to the store you purchased it from, as long as you’re within the 30-day window.

If you’ve chosen to have the item billed to your account, then it can take up to two billing cycles to get the credit on your account for the returned accessory.

Can You Return Something to a Different Verizon Store?

You can return a Verizon accessory to a different Verizon store than what you purchased the item from, but you still need to have your original receipt with you to process the return.

However, if you purchased the accessory through the phone, the online website, or the app, you’ll need to follow the procedure for returning an item and cannot return it to a store.

Do I Need to Wipe My Accessory Before Returning?

If the accessory you’ve purchased can store data, you should wipe the data off of the accessory before returning your item to the store for privacy reasons.

Do I Need a Receipt to Exchange a Verizon Accessory?

You will need to have your original receipt with you if you’d like to exchange the accessory for a similar item, and the accessory has to be in like-new condition to qualify for an exchange.

However, you’re only allowed to make one exchange, so make sure the new accessory you’ve picked out is the item you want or need, because Verizon will not offer additional exchanges.

Can You Return a Screen Protector to Verizon?

Verizon will offer to exchange the screen protector if you go in within the 30-day window, but the company will not offer you a refund on the screen protector.

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Verizon’s Accessory Return Policy indicates that you have 30 days from the time you purchased the accessory to return it if you’d like to receive a refund or exchange the item.

However, you need to have the accessory, its box or package, and an original receipt with you to get either your money back or make an exchange.

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