Verizon Bereavement Policy (All You Need to Know)

If you work for Verizon and have suddenly had a loss in your family, you might be wondering what the Verizon bereavement policy is, and whether it applies to your current situation.

Well, I’ll tell you everything I’ve discovered about the Verizon bereavement policy below, so keep reading to find out all of the important details!

What Is the Verizon Bereavement Policy In [currentyear]?

Verizon has a Bereavement Policy that states that you’re allowed to take time off work if you’ve suffered a loss in your immediate family, which includes siblings, children, and parents. This extends to all Verizon employees, whether you work at a corporate location or somewhere else in [currentyear]. Further, Verizon can give you extra time off if travel is involved.

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Bereavement Policy, such as what you need to do if you need to request time off because of death? If so, continue reading to find out!

Does Verizon Have a Bereavement Policy?

Verizon does have a company-wide Bereavement Policy in place, which is for both corporate employees and employees of Verizon store locations.

What Family Members Fall Under Verizon Bereavement Policy?

The Verizon Bereavement Policy states that you can only take time off work if the person that died was an immediate family member.

For example, the person must have been a child, parent, spouse, domestic partner, grandparent, sibling, or anyone else living in your house at the time of their death.

Does Verizon Have to Approve Time off Under the Bereavement Policy?

Verizon will require that you fill out the paperwork or other documentation associated with bereavement leave, and have it approved before you can take time off.

Furthermore, you can access the paperwork you must fill out beforehand through your supervisor or Human Resources Department.

Does the Verizon Bereavement Policy Require Proof of Death?

While there is no company policy stating that Verizon will need proof of the death of your loved one before you can take bereavement, your supervisor might request proof before approving it. 

Also, proof can come in many forms, such as an obituary, death certification, or other confirmation of the death of your loved one.

The proof must be delivered to Human Resources, although your supervisor might ask to see it first before you hand it over to the department.

How Much Time off Does Verizon Give for Bereavement Leave?

Do How Much Time off Does Verizon Give for Bereavement Leave?es Verizon Prepaid Lock Its Phones?

Verizon can give you up to 5 days off for bereavement if the person that died was a close family member.

However, the standard amount of time off is 3 days, although if traveling is involved, such as to another state for a funeral, Verizon will give you 5 days off, according to employees.

Does Verizon Pay You for Bereavement Leave?

Verizon does pay you if you need to take bereavement leave, regardless of whether you need 2 days off, or you need the full 5 days off to travel to the service.

Does Verizon Offer Bereavement Leave Immediately?

If you’ve just begun your job at Verizon, you’ll be happy to know that Verizon does offer bereavement leave on day one of your job, since the company offers benefits the day you start.

Therefore, if you’ve only been working for Verizon for 2 weeks, and someone close to you dies, then you can request bereavement leave at that time with no waiting period required.

Does Verizon Bereavement Leave Cover Spouse’s Family?

Verizon’s Bereavement Policy states that the immediate family member must be blood-related to you if you’d like to take time off, according to former and current employees.

For example, this policy means that if the father of your spouse dies, then you likely will not qualify for bereavement leave, since it’s not your blood or biological relative.

Does Verizon Bereavement Policy Cover Pets?

Unfortunately, Verizon’s Bereavement Policy does not cover pets, only humans.

However, you may contact your supervisor or Human Resources Department and ask if you’re allowed to take a day or two off to deal with the loss of a pet.

There is no guarantee that you’ll receive bereavement leave for a pet, and if you are approved for time off, it’s likely to be unpaid, unless you have personal time you’ve accrued.

Can Verizon Fire You for Taking Bereavement Leave?

Verizon cannot fire you if you’ve filled out the paperwork for bereavement leave and had it approved, although you’ll have to come back to work after you’ve used your 3 or 5 days.

Therefore, you should come into work when you’re scheduled to come back, but if you need additional time off to deal with the death, you should seek out Human Resources.

You also can contact your supervisor, and have a conversation with them about the situation to see if you can take any more time off, or be covered under the Family Medical Leave Act.

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Verizon does have a Bereavement Policy, which states that you’ll receive up to 5 paid days off to deal with the death of an immediate family member. Additionally, it’s up to the supervisor whether proof of death is required before approving the request.

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