Verizon FIOS TV Not Working (List of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Do you have Verizon Fios TV, but have discovered it’s not working and would like to know the best ways you can fix this problem?

Well, I’ve been researching why your Verizon Fios TV might not be working, and have found several solutions that might help you out, so read on to learn the best tips to fix this issue quickly!

Why Isn’t My Verizon FIOS TV Working In [currentyear]?

To fix your Verizon Fios TV, you should first check to make sure the television and set-top box are plugged into a working power outlet in [currentyear]. You also need to check the cords to ensure all cords are plugged in and are not damaged. Checking the batteries in the remote is also a good idea.

Are you looking for more fixes for your Verizon Fios TV or have other questions? If so, continue reading below to learn even more solutions to this common problem!

1. Check the Power Outlet

The first fix for your Verizon Fios TV would be to check to make sure your television is plugged into aworking power outlet.

Furthermore, if you run it on a surge protector, you want to make sure the surge protector is plugged into a working outlet, and you can do this by plugging another device into the outlet.

2. Check Your Surge Protector

If your television is plugged into a surge protector, you’ll want to make sure that the surge protector is turned on and in good working condition.

Therefore, you can either make sure the other items plugged into the surge protector are working, or you can plug something into the surge protector to ensure it’s getting power.

3. Check Your Cords

You want to check your cordsas a potential fix for the Verizon Fios TV not working, and check the cords to make sure they aren’t loose and that the cords have a secure connection.

Additionally, you want to check your cords for damage, because if the power cord to the television has frays, holes, or other damage, it could cause the television to not get power.

4. Check the Remote Batteries & Put Them Back In

If your Fios TV isn’t working, you should check the batteries in the remote control to make sure they haven’t become dislodged, which could interfere with the remote powering the television.

You can take out the batteries and put them back in to see if that solves the problem or if they have become dislodged inside of the remote.

5. Change Remote Batteries

Changing the remote batteries is a potential fix for your Verizon Fios TV, especially if you are still using the batteries that originally came with your remote.

6. Check the TV Input Source

6. Check the TV Input Source Verizon

Check the input source on your Fios TV to make sure that you’re trying to connect to the right input, such as HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

Furthermore, if you aren’t sure which HDMI is for the television, unplug the other HDMI cords, such as to the gaming console, so it only leaves the HDMI to the TV hooked up.

7. Turn Your Set-Top Box off & Back On

You may want to resync your set-top boxwith your television to see if that fixes the problem, which can be done by unplugging both devices, waiting a minute, and plugging them in.

However, when you do this you want to turn your cable box on first, and then turn the television on to allow the synchronization process to start.

8. Check for Outages

Verizon may be experiencing outages, which could cause the issues with your Verizon Fios TV not working, so you can use Down Detector to check for outages or problems.

Also, if there is an outage, there isn’t much you can do except wait for Verizon to fix the problem.

9. Contact Verizon

You may choose to contact Verizon if you’re still having issues, as the problem might be with a cable going from outside your house to inside your house, or it could be account-related.

For example, you could have a defective cable box that is causing the issues, and a technician might have to come out to look at it to verify what the problem is and how to fix it.

Why Is My Fios TV Blinking?

If your Fios TV is blinking, then you will need to check your HDMI cord to ensure it’s plugged in all of the way or switch to a different HDMI cord if you have one, since it could be damaged.

Additionally, you want to check the settings for your television and your receiver if you have one since the issue could be with a setting on one of the devices.

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To fix your Verizon Fios TV, you want to make sure that the television is plugged into a working power outlet and check your surge protector, too. You will also want to check the cords to make sure they’re secure and plugged in properly, but check for damage that could cause issues.

Other issues could be fixed by resyncing the cable box with the television, seeing if an outage is going on, checking remote batteries, or checking the input source for your Fios TV. 

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