Verizon Mobile Data Not Working (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Is your Verizon mobile data not working, and you’d like to find ways to solve this problem so you can use your data while on the go?

Well, I’ve researched this topic thoroughly and have found several potential fixes, so keep on reading to learn what I’ve discovered!

Verizon Mobile Data Not Working In 2024

If your Verizon mobile data is not working, you should check to make sure nothing is hindering your connection, such as buildings or equipment, and that you are in a coverage area as of 2024. Further, you can try to restart your device to see if that fixes the issue or disconnect and reconnect to mobile data.

Are you wondering about other potential ways to solve Verizon mobile data not working? If so, don’t stop reading yet because I’ve got even more solutions for you below!

1. Check Your Location & Objects Hindering Your Connection

There are times when your location might be causing the problem, including objects that could be hindering your mobile data signal.

For example, if you’re inside of a building, you can try to go outside to see if the mobile data begins working again because buildings and equipment can interfere with the signal.

2. Check Coverage Area

If you’re looking to fix Verizon mobile data not working, you should check your location and make sure you’re within the Verizon coverage map.

Furthermore, if you live in a rural area, you might find that your signal cuts in and out easily, which means your mobile data might work one minute and then stop working the next.

To fix this problem, you will need to move into a location within the coverage area, including moving to another part of your house or going uptown if you live in a rural area.

3. Restart Your Device

One of the most common and basic tech fixes for issues such as Verizon mobile data not working is to restart your device.

Additionally, restarting your device can clear out memory issues and the cache and improve your device’s overall performance.

4. Turn Off WiFi

If you have WiFi turned on, then it will interfere with your device and the ability for your Verizon mobile data to work correctly.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the WiFi connection has been turned off and that it’s not automatically trying to connect to any WiFi network if you want to use data.

5. Toggle Airplane Mode On & Off

Toggling Airplane mode on and back off is one potential fix for Verizon mobile data not working, and it’s easy to do through the quick drop-down or by going into “Settings.”

6. Turn Mobile Data Off & Back On

6. Turn Mobile Data Off & Back On Verizon

You can try to fix this issue by turning your mobile data off and back on, which can solve the issue if there’s interference or another disruption in the connection.

However, you want to wait about 30 seconds before turning mobile data back on to give the device enough time to reset.

7. Turn VPN Off

If you have a VPN on your device, this could cause interference with your mobile data working, so try to turn off your VPN and see if that will correct the issue with mobile data not working.

8. Take Out & Reinsert Your SIM

Your SIM card is essential for your phone to work correctly and connect to the Verizon network, so if you’ve discovered Verizon mobile data not working, it could be your SIM card.

For example, the SIM card could have popped loose, and the gold connectors could have lost the point of contact. So, power off your device and take out your SIM card.

Furthermore, leave the SIM out for a minute, check it for damage, and then reinsert it into your phone and turn it back on to see if mobile data now works.

9. Reset Network Settings

Resetting your network settings can fix Verizon mobile data not working, and it’s easy to reset these settings through the “Settings” section on your device.

Also, you’ll need to select “Network Settings” and then look for the button to reset the settings and click on that.

10. Know Whether You’re In 4G Or 5G Coverage

If you’re trying to use your Verizon mobile data and find it’s not working, you’ll need to ensure you’re connecting to the right frequency for your location and device.

For example, to use 5G, you need to be in a location where 5G is available, so if you’re outside of that zone, your mobile data may not work.

Additionally, your device must support the type of connection you’re trying to achieve, so if your phone is not compatible with 5G, you’ll need to ensure you’re connected via 4G LTE.

11. Check Down Detector For Outages

Lastly, the issue might be with Verizon and not you or your device, so use a website such as Down Detector to see if Verizon is experiencing outages that could impact mobile data.

However, there is nothing you can do if there is an outage, and you’ll have to wait for Verizon to fix the issue, such as with equipment, coding, or a server, before mobile data will work again.

Why Is Mobile Data Not Working?

Often, the issue could be an error from Verizon or a glitch, and rebooting your device will solve the problem.

Furthermore, if mobile data is on but not working, restarting your device should be one of the first things you should do to try to fix the error.

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If you want to fix Verizon mobile data not working, you can try to restart your device, make sure you’re in the coverage area, and have WiFi off to use data.

Additionally, you can try to toggle Airplane mode on and off, make sure you’re using the right frequency for your devices, such as 4G or 5G, and take out and reinsert your SIM card.

However, the issue could be an outage with Verizon, therefore, use a website like Down Detector to check for network outages and then wait for Verizon to fix those outages.

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