Verizon Video Calling Not Working (List Of Potential Fixes + FAQs)

Are you trying to place a video call with your Verizon phone but have found Verizon Video Calling not working? Do you want to know how you can fix this problem quickly and easily?

If so, continue reading because I’ve been thoroughly researching this topic and have found multiple fixes that might help you!

Verizon Video Calling Not Working In [currentyear]

To fix Verizon Video calling not working, you’ll have to make sure you’ve enabled it on your device and enabled it on your Verizon account as of [currentyear]. Additionally, you can try to restart your device to see if that fixes the problem. You may need to grant access to your camera so that Verizon can access it.

Do you have even more questions about Verizon Video Calling not working or want additional fixes to try? Keep reading below to find out even more helpful tips and tricks!

1. Enable Video Calling On Your Phone

You can try to fix Verizon Video Calling not working by enabling video calling on your phone and making sure your phone can support video calling.

Furthermore, it’s easy to enable video calling by going into your Verizon Settings and making sure the toggle is switched over to allow for video calls.

2. Make Sure Video Calling Is Enabled On Your Account

If you don’t have access to Verizon Video Calling, it could be because it wasn’t enabled on your account or restrictions on your Verizon plan that prevents you from making video calls.

For example, you can go into your My Verizon account or contact Verizon to ensure that the feature is available on your plan and other restrictions preventing it from working.

3. Restart Your Device

One of the most common ways you can fix almost every tech issue is to restart your device, which can clear memory issues, glitches, and other problems causing apps to malfunction.

In addition, it will make your device run better and could improve the Verizon Video Calling experience.

4. Grant Verizon Access To Your Camera

You will need to go into your “App Permissions” and grant Verizon access to your camera if you’d like to use Verizon Video Calling because the feature won’t work without it.

5. Enable Mobile Data

Verizon Video Calling not working could be because you’ve disabled mobile data, and the feature needs data to run.

That said, enable mobile data on your device if you have not already done so.

6. Turn Off WiFi

Since you need to be connected to data to use Verizon Video Calling, you will need to turn off the WiFi connection to connect to the feature.

Furthermore, you want to make sure that the phone doesn’t try to automatically reconnect to the wireless network if you’re planning on making a video call.

7. Check Your Cellular Connection

7. Check Your Cellular Connection Verizon

You’ll need to make sure that you have a strong cellular connection if you’d like to make a Verizon Video Call.

So, make sure you’re in a good location with an excellent connection to place the call.

For example, buildings, especially metal, can interrupt your cellular connection, so move to a different location if you notice your cellular connection is weak.

8. Reinsert SIM Card

Verizon Video Calling not working could be due to an error with the SIM card, such as it losing contact internally, making it unable to connect to the Verizon network.

Therefore, one way to fix this issue would be to take out the SIM card and reinsert it into your phone and wait a few minutes to see if you can get the feature to work.

9. Charge Your Phone

If you have a low battery on your smartphone, it could cause certain apps to not work correctly, such as Verizon Video Calling, so charge your phone and try to make a video callafterward.

10. Allow Advanced Calling

To use Verizon Video Calling, you need to have Advanced Calling enabled on your smartphone, and it’s simple to enable by following the steps below:

  • Go to the “App” icon
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “More”
  • Find “Advanced Calling” and click on that
  • Select “Allow” for advanced calling

11. Contact Verizon

If you’re having issues with Verizon Video Calling not working, you can try to contact Verizon Customer Service to see if there is an issue with your account causing the problem.

Additionally, the techs at Verizon could have other fixes for solving this problem if your phone is a Verizon phone or it could be a defective device.

12. Hard Reset Your Phone

The last resort to fixing Verizon Video Calling not working would be to hard reset your device, erase all of the data and settings on your device and restore it to factory settings.

Therefore, transfer videos, pictures, and files, before you go through with a hard reset, so you don’t lose your data, and then follow our steps below to reset your device:

  • Go to your “Settings”
  • Select “General”
  • Find “Factory Reset” at the bottom
  • Select “Erase Everything”
  • You may need to enter your password to proceed
  • The reset can take five to ten minutes to complete

Once completed, try to make a video call again and see if it goes through once you’ve connected to the data network.

Is Verizon Video Calling Free?

Verizon does not charge you to make a video call, so it’s free to use as long as your phone and account support the feature.

Why Is My Video Call Greyed Out?

If you’ve noticed your video call is greyed out, this could be due to software problems if you’re on an Android device.

Additionally, it could be an issue with your network or with Verizon, so try to reset your network settings first, and then contact Verizon if the problem persists.

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To fix Verizon Video Calling not working, you can try to restart your device, disable WiFi and enable data, reset your network settings, and grant access to your camera.

Additionally, you may want to make sure you have the capabilities on your phone and Verizon account to make video calls and that Advanced Calling is turned on.

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