Verizon Rehire Policy (All You Need to Know)

Did you leave or get fired from Verizon, and want to know the Verizon Rehire Policy?

Well, I’m going to tell you everything I’ve discovered about the Verizon Rehire Policy below, so continue reading to find out the specifics of the policy!

What Is the Verizon Rehire Policy In [currentyear]?

Verizon’s Rehire Policy is that you can be rehired by the company, but only in certain situations, and only if you’ve voluntarily resigned from your job and were not fired by the company. There are only limited situations that Verizon will rehire an employee, and it’s up to the discretion of management whether or not to rehire in [currentyear].

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Rehire Policy, such as if you have to wait to be rehired for a certain amount of time? If so, read below to find that answer and so much more!

Can You Get Rehired After Being Terminated at Verizon?

You cannot be rehired after you’ve been terminated per Verizon’s Rehire Policy, according to current and former employees, and the reason for termination doesn’t matter.

Does Verizon Have a No Rehire Policy?

Verizon does not have a policy against rehiring old employees. However, it’s not a common practice to rehire old employees, and it’s up to the manager or supervisor at the store.

Can You Get Rehired After Resigning from Verizon?

Some situations would allow you to be rehired by Verizon if you resigned, but it depends on the situation and circumstances around your resignation.

For example, if you were a great worker and never had any disciplinary actions against you, and had to leave for a personal reason, you may be rehired by Verizon.

Can You Get Rehired at Verizon If You Received Severance?

Unfortunately, if you received a severance package as part of your resignation, you’re likely to not be rehired by Verizon from what former employees have said.

Do You Have to Wait to Be Rehired at Verizon?

There is a waiting period for being rehired by Verizon, according to the Verizon Code of Conduct, which states that you have to wait six months from the time you left to be rehired.

What Is the Verizon Rehiring Process?

What Is the Verizon Rehiring Process?

If you’ve left the company over six months ago, you may try to reapply for a position at Verizon, and you can apply directly or through a staffing agency or other vendor.

Furthermore, you can apply for a job at Verizon as a contract worker or independent contractor, but be prepared to go into detail about why you left Verizon to begin with.

If you left Verizon on good terms, such as leaving because you were going back to school and just didn’t have time, or you were a very good worker, you have a better chance of being rehired.

Can You Get Rehired at Verizon Immediately?

There are limited situations where you could be rehired by Verizon not soon after you’ve left the company, but it depends on why you left and why you should be rehired.

Additionally, Human Resources would have to approve the rehire if it was before the six months, and it would take a compelling reason to get the approval from Human Resources.

Will You Still Keep Your Seniority If You’re Rehired by Verizon?

You can keep your seniority and benefits if you were rehired by Verizon after a layoff, but it would only be if the rehire occurred within the first 6 months.

However, Verizon tries not to rehire employees during this time, even if it was a layoff so that the company doesn’t have to pay out the vacation time, wages, and other benefits for that employee.

What Makes You Eligible for Rehire at Verizon?

If you were part of a layoff or downsizing, you’d be in the first group of people eligible for rehire at Verizon, as long as you were a good employee.

In addition, employees that left who were valuable to Verizon, such as an employee with special skills or knowledge, would also be more likely to be rehired.

However, just because you were a great employee and didn’t have any write-ups in your file, doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be rehired by Verizon if you left on your terms.

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Verizon does rehire in certain situations, including where an employee was part of a layoff or downsizing, but most rehires don’t occur for the first six months after leaving the company.

However, Human Resources may approve and give written consent for a rehire before the six months has passed, depending on the situation, such as if you had special skills or training.  

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