Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone Policy (All You Need to Know)

Verizon is one of the most popular wireless carriers, but have you recently lost your phone or had it stolen from you, and wondered what the Verizon stolen and lost phone policy is?

If so, keep reading, because I’m going to tell you everything I’ve learned about the stolen and lost phone policy below!

What Is the Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone Policy In [currentyear]?

The Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone Policy allows you to suspend your service for 30 days so that you can find your phone or get a replacement device, and during this time, you’re not billed for any services from that device. If you cannot find your phone, you need to contact Verizon immediately to begin the suspension process as of [currentyear].

Do you want to know more about the Verizon Stolen & Lost Phone Policy, such as if you have to pay off a stolen phone? If so, keep reading below to learn all of the details!

What Happens If I Lost My Verizon Phone?

If you’ve lost your Verizon phone, the first step you should take is to try to find your device, but if that doesn’t work, then you need to suspend your service immediately to stop unauthorized use.

Your service will be suspended for up to 30 days before the service is completely disconnected, so you must get a new phone as soon as possible to keep your number.

Will I Still Get Promotions If My Verizon Phone is Lost or Stolen?

Suspending your service does not stop your Verizon promotions, which means that you’re not granted any extensions on your promotions if you have found your phone weeks later.

For example, if you have a promotion that gives you $20 off your phone line for 2 months, and it took you 6 weeks to find your phone, you will only have 2 weeks left on your discount offer.

Unfortunately, the monthly credits or other promotions will not change, even if you’ve reported your device as stolen or lost under any circumstances.

Will Verizon Give Me a New Phone If Mine is Stolen?

You can get a new phone if your device is lost or stolen if you’ve signed up for Verizon Mobile Protect, Total Equipment Coverage, or another phone insurance program.

However, you’d have to file the claim through Asurion’s website before you could get a new phone for free minus the deductible, and you’ll need the Device ID during the claims process.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have Verizon insurance, you’ll have to replace the device yourself by either purchasing a new device at the full retail cost, or buying a certified pre-owned device.

You can also choose to activate another device if you have an old phone you’d like to use in the meantime.

Do You Have to Pay off a Stolen Phone at Verizon?

Do You Have to Pay off a Stolen Phone at Verizon?

If you have Verizon insurance, you’ll receive a new or pre-owned device, but then have to pay on that device under your Device Payment Agreement with Verizon.

Therefore, you’re still paying off the stolen phone, but don’t have to worry about also paying for the replacement phone you had to get.

You only have 30 days to get your replacement device and reconnect it to your line or find your old device and have services started back up before you lose your number.

However, if you go past those 30 days, you’ll have to pay the Early Termination Fee for your contract, on top of the Device Payment Agreement amount still owed for that device.

How Many Times Can I Report a Lost or Stolen Device at Verizon?

You can report a lost or stolen device as many times as it’s happened to you, but Verizon only allows for one suspension of service per line on your account every 12 months.

Therefore, you should always be cautious about your phone to prevent repeated theft or loss of your device, because services won’t be suspended for repeated offenses.

Does Verizon Bill You When Your Phone Is Stolen or Lost?

If you’ve contacted Verizon and suspended your line, you’re not billed for anything during this 30-day suspension, except for device payment or subscription charges.

Furthermore, Verizon will open an investigation if there are unauthorized charges on your account.

Also, you’re not responsible for those charges until the investigation has been completed.

Can Verizon Lock a Stolen Phone?

Verizon can suspend the services to that phone that was lost or stolen, and when this happens, the device will no longer be able to connect to the Verizon network, but it’s not a lock.

Also, the device will still have the ability to connect through Wi-Fi, which means your device can still be accessed, including the apps, messages, and contacts on your device.

Can You Keep the Same Phone Number If Your Device is Stolen?

You’ll be able to keep the same phone number if your device has been stolen, but only if you reconnect your service before the 30 days is up.

Whether you purchase a new phone, get a replacement through Asurion, or connect an old phone to your Verizon account, you’ll lose the number if it’s past 30 days after suspension.

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Verizon’s Stolen & Lost Phone Policy includes the fact that you can have your line suspended for 30 days to prevent unauthorized use and charges on your account. You are only allowed to have one lost or stolen suspension of service per year, or else you will incur charges on your line regardless.

Furthermore, if you have phone insurance, you can get a new phone or pre-owned device for just the deductible price, but you have to reconnect the line within 30 days to keep your number.

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